True Stories

Spring 42nd … …Sevastopol. Neighborhood. Early morning. Sunrise.

20 meters from the line of our trenches in neutral — two. She and her. Snipers. The first senior — brunette with the Kiev region. The second is 8 years old and younger blonde burning of Moscow.

They called each other and LyudOk LizOk.

In less than a month ago, the first husband died. Also sniper, by the way. Sitting, you know, hugged his wife, and then a shell … Her his wife — nothing but a peasant seven penetrating shrapnel and hand blown off.

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Europeans love Lada

Since the beginning of the year in Europe was delivered 1,200 cars Lada cars against 676 for the same period in 2012. The share of deliveries of Lada cars also increased in total exports to 6.4% against 4.2% in the first quarter of last year. The bulk of deliveries accounted for cars Lada 4×4 — 86% of the exported vehicles.

The volume of deliveries of finished Lada cars in the CIS countries for three months in 2013 also increased — by 12% compared to the same period last year. In this case, due to the significant

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In Kiev, collected the first tram Chestnut

Soon will travel to Kiev new tram. The first three sections tram "Chestnut" collected KP "Kievpasstrans." The price of it, the press service of the company, about 10 million USD.

In Kiev, collected the first tram "Chestnut"

According to Yuri Bombanderova, chief engineer KP Kyivpastrans in the driver’s cabin and cockpit air conditioning system will be installed. There is a video surveillance system and monitors, which will be on the alert for ostanovkah.Spetsialno Chestnut has developed a new control panel tram.

Chestnut equipped for people with special needs — is extendable ramp and

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The UMMC (Sverdlovsk region). Started production of a new generation of electric trains Swallow

Under a tripartite contract concluded by JSC "Russian Railways", the Group of Ekaterinburg and concern Siemens, the company will release the UMMC 1200 cars. The assembly of passenger trains "Swallow" (series 2ESG) will lead LLC "Ural Locomotives."

May 25 in the body shop welded the first 25-meter body of the wagon trains of extruded aluminum. After pressing the red button welding began simultaneously from both sides. The process took about an hour.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva / WP

Body shop, the test unit and a warehouse built for the year as part of the contract for

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Barnaul SAS summed up the first quarter

"Barnaul Car Repair Plant", part of the group of companies "TALTEK," summed up the results for the first quarter of 2013.

During the reporting period the company sold 733 cars. The number of wagons produced more than in the first quarter of last year to 5.6. The positive dynamics of capital and depot repair of cars up to 270%.

Revenue from product sales in the first quarter of 2013 exceeded the level of the same period last year by 4.7 times. The increase in revenue due to increased production volumes.   Being trained specialists in

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Wireless trolley appeared in Bratsk

Bratsk became the first city in the Irkutsk region, where public transport trolley filled with wireless. Unusual for Siberia vehicles purchased under long-term target program "Development of transport service within the boundaries of the municipality of the city of Bratsk in 2010-2012." 

The auction for the purchase of the first trolleybus was held in late November 2012. It won JSC "Sibeltransservis" from Novosibirsk, the mass production of trolleybuses on lithium-ion batteries. The cost of one trolley was 8.6 million rubles, including 4.5 million — at the expense of the city budget, 4.1 — at the expense of

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The 100th Flight Russian knight!

The 100th anniversary of flight, "Russian Knight"!

article by Alexander Samsonov abbreviations)

May 26, 1913 made the first flight of the world’s first multi-engine aircraft, "Russian Knight" engineer Igor Sikorsky. Young engineer created this machine as a prototype for further exploration. It could accommodate both two and four motor. The plane was originally called "Grand" or "Big Baltic", and after some modifications was named — "Russian Knight". 

August 2, 1913 plane set a world record for duration — 1 hour 54 minutes. This aircraft, surpassing in size and take-off weight

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New trams for Moscow

May 21 officially presented the new city tram — low-floor, modern, comfortable.

While in the city, arrived only the first batch of 33 cars of model 71-623-02 produced at the Ust-Katavsky wagon factory. In total there will be 67.

Even at first glance, these cars are different from the composition of rail rolling stock. And not even so much modern look and glazed windows throughout, but above all — the number of doors. If the "old" cars were three of them — next to the driver in the middle of the cabin and in the

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At the end of HeliRussia-2013

At the end of HeliRussia-2013

Last week, Moscow hosted the sixth international exhibition of helicopters HeliRussia. The scale of this show year-on-year rise, although this is not shown in all areas. For example, this year’s event was attended by 205 companies from 18 countries (including 165 Russian) — only four firms more than participated in HeliRussua-2012. However, even with this slight increase in the number of participants continues to grow salon. For example, this year the event has been held in two halls of the exhibition center "Crocus Expo", but not in the same as

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The first in the Kuban viticultural resource center opened under Temryuk

In the Resource Center of the "Amber" will be taught not only the graduates of schools Temryuk district and region, but also agribusiness growers, farmers, and other individuals.

4 years ago Legislative Assembly approved the regional target program "Improving and strengthening the organizational structure and material-technical base of the system of primary and secondary vocational education of the Krasnodar Territory" for 2010-2014. The task was to create the province’s 25 resource centers. Center "Amber" in the village of Veselovka became the thirteenth, but the first in the province viticultural areas.

"Amber" from the regional budget

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