In the Chelyabinsk region by launching our new reproductive pig farm

New breeding complex in the village of Kamenka Uvelskogo district — unique to the Russian company. It will be the first speaker is the level where will produce a certain breed of pigs for future growth in other parts of the agricultural holding "Ariant". Breeding animals, which are grown in loudspeaker, and then will be sold not only in the South Urals, but also throughout the country. "

Construction of new pig farms in the villages Kamensky and Berezovsky and reconstruction of the existing Krasnogorsk pig — the terms of the investment program of agricultural holding "Ariant",

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AvtoVAZ began mass production of Lada Kalina-2

AvtoVAZ starts mass production of the new "Kalina". It is expected that prices will become known "berry" model.

At the ceremony start production Kalina present AvtoVAZ president Igor Komarov, Samara Region Governor Nikolai Merkushin and top managers of Togliatti.

After launching a series of new items at the landfill EC AvtoVAZ will be the first mini-test "Kalina". The long test drive for journalists kicks off on Friday, May 17, on the Samara region — Tatarstan — Ulyanovsk region.

This month, "Kalina" will be presented in the colors of "phoenix" (dark gray) and already

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SuperJet-100 spring will receive its first passengers


In Ulyanovsk after painting by the manufacturers of the two aircraft — Sukhoi SuperJet-100 and Tu-214 presidential special aircraft division. The last stage of the production took place at Ulyanovsk aircraft factory. This sleek and planes find their final appearance. Finishing touches are applied by hand — brush. Prior to this giant machine stains special unit that creates an electrostatic field. As a result, the paint lays down exactly, and in aircraft wings can look like in the mirror. The largest shop samoletopokrasochnom countries already dressed in corporate colors of three hundred aircraft, from tiny single-engine "corncob" to

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Svanidze: I do not pretend to be objective

April 28 St. Petersburg visited Nikolai Karlovich Svanidze with his lecture "Why are so fond of Stalin and other villains of Russian history."

Great Motherland Party (NORAD) and the Trade Union of Russian citizens (CDP) could not stay away. Our representatives came to the meeting wearing T-shirts, "For the Motherland! For Stalin! "With a photo of Joseph Vissarionovich in dress uniform.

But first things first …

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With 79% growth in Voronezh region, meat production in the first quarter of 2013

79.2% growth in Voronezh region the production of meat and meat by-products in the January — March 2013 compared with the data for the first quarter of 2012. In March of meat production in the region as compared to March 2012 increased by 70%. Overall, in January-March Voronezh enterprises produced 24.5 thousand tons of meat and by-products. This was reported in the press service of the Federal State Statistics Service.

The volume of poultry meat production in the first quarter of this year amounted to 15.7 million tonnes — 4.4% lower than in the

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The first championship of WorldSkills Russia-2013

In the spring of 2013 (April 27 to May 1) in Togliatti (Samara region) held a National Championship WSR — 2013 is a dress rehearsal for the young Russian professionals WSI before the World Championships in Leipzig in July 2013. Similar competitions were conducted on a national scale for the first time.

In this project, 310 young professionals that have passed qualifying round, between the ages of 18 and 25 of the 44 subjects of the Russian Federation competed in 22 nominations (competencies): welding, Cook case, hairdressing, Architecture, tiling, bricklaying, web design, system administration, auto mechanics, joinery,

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Of crane: results for the first quarter of 2013

During the first quarter of 2013, the plant "crane" produced 533 units of truck crane equipment under the brand name "Ivanovec." This is 45.6% higher than last year’s volumes over the same time period.

Like last year, the highest growth rate showed a crane "Ivanovec" series "AK" carrying capacity of 25 tons. During the reporting period, 292 units were produced in this series, which is 3 times higher than in the first quarter of 2012.

New testers aircraft T-50

A few days ago in the course of work on promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) was a significant event, clearly showing the current progress. For the first time in the history of the project prototype T-50 was flown by test pilot is not the company "Sukhoi" or employee of the Gromov Flight Research Institute, and military test pilot who served in the State Flight Test Center.

According to an official of the company "Sukhoi", April 25, from the airport Flight Research Institute. MM Gromov (Zhukovsky) first flew a prototype fifth-generation fighter T-50, in the cabin

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The new greenhouse complex in Novosibirsk region

Near Novosibirsk, near the town of Ob and earned a new region’s largest greenhouse complex. Its construction began less than six months ago, but in the end of January here promise to gather the first harvest.

Feature complex in its scale (first stage is 4.24 m, it is more than two times greater than the greenhouse complex "Emelyanovsky") and a high degree of autonomy and automation. The company has its own boiler and water wells with water treatment system. This can significantly reduce costs.

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In Irkutsk, built a new surgical unit at Children’s Hospital

In Irkutsk completed surgical case Ivano-Matreninskoy Children’s Hospital — the oldest children’s hospital in Siberia and the Far East. 

Construction of the new building was conducted on the federal and regional budgets as part of a "Surgery Center and neonatal intensive care." A network of 10 medical centers of federal importance, will provide specialized care to babies with abnormalities of the heart. Ivano-Matreninskaya Hospital became one of the centers, as in several areas in the provision of highly specialized medical care is a leader in the Irkutsk region, and in the Siberian Federal

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