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The Marines have fulfilled the landing on the island by parachute

The personnel of the air assault marine units of the Caspian flotilla ran the program jumps in the winter training period, during which the first precision landing on the space only a limited area was worked out on an island on the river Volga.

Landing was carried out from a height of 800 to 1000 meters with the AN-26 aircraft flying at a speed of 300-400 km / h.

This was reported Press Service Southern Military District.

Also, when making jumps paratroopers conducted exercises to destroy manpower imaginary enemy to flight. Firings were

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In the Stavropol Cossacks came the first settlers of Kyrgyzstan

Migrants from Kyrgyzstan — 18 Semirechensk Cossacks, including two pre-school children, came to the village in April Sengileyevskaya Stavropol Territory for permanent residence. This is STRC "Stavropol" reported yesterday in the press service of the Federal Migration Service of Russia on the edge.

To reduce the time of their migration registration and help the Cossacks in the future preparation of documents management hosted a reception of the first settlers of Kyrgyzstan directly Sengileevsky.

Arrivals were given documentation of their immigration status, said the spokesman.

Head of the Russian Federal Migration Service

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CTZ completed the development of a new modification loader PK-46


In design and technology department wheel technology Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant has completed the creation of a new modification of the front loader middle-class PC-46 with six-cylinder in-line diesel engine series T 6T370.

The first two prototypes of the new front-end loaders CTZ will be collected in the first half of 2011

6T370 engine was developed under government contract and complies with the European standard for road construction engineering machinery Tier-2 (similar to Euro-4). The engine is equipped with:

* Electronic fuel injection «Common Rail», * Particulate filter * Afterburner in the exhaust system

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Cheerful Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod region)

Gorodets clearly stands out from the typical number of regional centers. The first thing that comes to mind when you come to Gorodets: people want to live here. They settled here a long time. They like the place where they live. They will not want to leave.  The first state, one experiences, once in Gorodets — shock. Eyes just run away from a lot of clean neat colorful wooden houses decorated with rich carvings.

What is it that attracts? Sincere heart pleasing feeling of livability. Homes in good condition, clean and tidy. But most importantly —

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Dress rehearsal of the Victory Day parade on Red Square

Dress rehearsal of the 139 th Military parade was held on Red Square in Moscow, under the leadership of Chief of Ground Forces Colonel General Vladimir Chirkina. It was attended by more than 11,000 soldiers from military units and military educational institutions of the Armed Forces, other ministries and departments, 101 pieces of modern military equipment, as well as 68 aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Air Force.

After 3 hletnego break in rehearsal parade was attended by students of Suvorov and Nakhimov military schools, and students Aksaisky Cossack cadet corps involved in the parade

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Annunciation shipyard launched the diving boat

In Blagoveshchensk in the shipyard launched the first diving boat project 14157 for the Pacific Fleet.

Ship of 80 tons is almost ready, now being prepared for swimming. The boat of this kind at the plant was constructed for the first time. The two ships for the needs of the Navy ordered the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The contract for the plant is not known, but it is said that the price of one of the large boats.

The boat was laid on the stocks of the plant April 27, 2012.


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The main road of the country held elections!

Moscow, April 24

The winners of the national award "CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA 2013". For the title of best in the 23 classrooms and three special categories "Favorite brand", "New Year" and "Model of the Year" by users »fought 385 models, officially presented in Russia at the time of the start of voting. This year, the opinion on which models are worthy of the prestigious title "Car of the Year" in their respective classes, were of 1,369,941 people across Russia.


Best in class "Minivans" recognized as domestic LADA Largus van.

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Planes — just super

Russian aviation industry offers a new generation of aircraft projects

In our country the main plane is projected twenty-first century — the MS-21. This is our first airplane, the wings of which are almost entirely made of composite materials. In the future, composites will be widely applied in all planes — military and civilian. We are currently testing several prototype fifth-generation fighter. For the fighters of the future is created missiles also a new generation.

This and many other correspondents of "RG" talked with the president of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan.

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In Lugansk region started the first set of gasification


"The first set of gasification is in Lugansk. It was developed by a local company and was designed by scientists of the city. Complex capacity of 1.8 MW. All necessary equipment is made in the field of machine-building enterprises. Gas, which produces coal gasifier, will cost the price is less than half the current the price of natural blue fuel. Additionally, with the help of a special installation, it is possible to produce electrical energy from it, "- said the press service said.

Also, the Office noted that more than 70% of coal, which is

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