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In pictures. The An-70 in the new color

April 9, 2013 at the Kiev airport Svyatoshino production plant "Antonov", the first flight of the second (and only cash) prototype military transport aircraft An-70 (serial number 01-02, Ukrainian registration UR-NTK) after repainting it at the production plant " Antonov "in a dark-gray monochromatic color, corresponding to the present standard of the Russian Air Force.

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The second prototype of the An-70 (serial number 770102) was built on the Kyiv Aviation Plant "AVIANT" (now Serial plant "Antonov"), and first flew on December 8, 1996. From July 2010 to August 2012

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Kurumoch Airport (Samara region) increased passenger traffic on

10% in the 1st quarter of 2013

International airport "Kurumoch" (part of the holding "Airports of the Regions") summarizes the work in the first quarter of 2013. In January-March, "Kurumoch" served 389,934 passengers (an increase compared to the same period last year 10%). In the first quarter of flights were made on 46 lines, in April and October 2013, the route network will grow to 61 destinations.

 The most popular among people in the region remains the Moscow area, and ridership continues to grow on it. Within three months of 2013, compared to

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In Ingushetia, opened the first stage of Russia’s largest flour mill

One of the country’s largest flour mills being built in Ingushetia Karabulak. April 10 opening of the first phase of a new venture.

Construction of the plant — the investment project is an agricultural company "Saturn-1." Power plant — processing 2.4 tons of grain production and 1,800 tons of flour per day. The estimated value of the company, whose construction began in 2011 — about 5.5 billion rubles. So far disbursed 3.3 billion.

Flour mills originally 360 people find jobs, with full production start — up to 1500 people.

On the day of launching the first

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Dolmatovo — 60

[Img =] On Saturday, Oleg Dolmatovo 60 years old. "Times" recalls vivid life coaching football and now the head coach of the "Rostov". November 29 Oleg Dolmatovo 60 years old. His life would be no exaggeration to call the football story of a Real Man, which will be the leitmotif of selfless dedication, hard work, professionalism and selflessness. [Cut] Dolmatov football career began in Krasnoyarsk, where after the end of Youth "Youth" played for the local "Motorist". Since 1967, he played top teams (Major League) for the Alma-Ata "Kairat". "I noticed quite by accident — recalled Dolmatov. — I

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In Labinsk (Krasnodar Territory) will open a soybean processing plant

The first phase of the plant for deep processing of soybean Labinsk will be operational in early 2011. The design capacity — 40-45 thousand tons per year, including about 28 thousand tons of standard soy products (texturates and oil), about 8 tons of food products and 7 tons of high food and industrial proteins. The second phase will be commissioned in 2012-2013. The plant will be the first Russian enterprise of a full technology cycle for the production of edible soybean proteins using aqueous alcohol extraction. The cost of the plant is 69.8 million dollars. To date, investment in the

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110th anniversary of the first plant in Russia White Coal was celebrated in Yessentuki

In Essentuky held celebrations to mark the anniversary launch HPP "White Coal". The festival organizers made the administration of the city.

All residents were invited to the first hydroelectric plant in Russia "White Coal", which is on the branch of JSC "MRSC of North Caucasus" — "Stavropol" and declared a World Heritage Site. Today is a museum, which in 1997 received the status of the memorial. The Mayor of Larissa Pisarenko in his greeting drew attention to the fact that today’s holiday — this is only part of the planned commemorative events, prepared in honor of

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Russia’s first hybrid E-mobile showed the public

Today, December 13, Moscow hosted the presentation of "the iron" of the three prototypes absolutely private domestic hybrid cars to them. oligarch Prokhorov — cross-coupe, mikrovena and van. Start their mass production is scheduled for July 2012.

The idea of creating a cheap city car appeared at the Belarusian-Russian holding "Yarovit Motors." At the beginning of the year was presented the concept, and then to support the project announced billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and led them to "ONEXIM Group". The official start of an ambitious initiative was given on April 12, and six months later the Belarusian designer Vladimir

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Zaitsev showed the first version of the new uniforms

Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev showed reporters a first version of a school uniform for the first-fourth grade, developed his model home, it will cost 3 to 3.5 thousand rubles.

The kit will include pants, pleated skirts and tunics for girls, blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests, sweaters and cardigans. The collection is made in gray and blue colors with white and red trim, transfers"Interfax".

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Superelite without viruses

Innovative technology to grow virus-free seed potato is embedded in the Company "hothouse"

There have been several studies of test potatoes grown in the gardens of the Omsk region, and came to a sad conclusion: almost one hundred percent of the infected three especially dangerous for this crop viruses — X, Y and S. Also potatoes sick for such a formidable cultural disease such as spindle tuber viroid (SWCC). Unfortunately, called viruses circulate as active in the industrial potato. Perhaps only a few percent of infected tubers less. Meanwhile replaced varieties are not guarantees high yields, are

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Received money for the Russian instruments for EkzoMarsa

Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences received public funding for equipment for the project "EkzoMars", said at a press conference on 8 April, head of the Research Department of the planets and small bodies of the solar system IKI Oleg Korablyov.

The first phase of the project is scheduled for January 2016. It is expected that the device will be a Martian orbit two sets of Russian equipment. The first — an upgraded version of the lunar neutron telescope. Now map the spread of water on Mars has a resolution of 300 by 300 kilometers,

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