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Cows and pigs, new cattle-Maritime

In Primorye, made major investment projects in the field of agriculture.

Thus, in the province continues to build breeding complex for 1,800 head of dairy cattle. Already The first stage of the project for the construction of a farm for 900 cows.

Ltd. "Hapke Green Agro" (the first stage of the complex on the 900 heads of cattle breeding)

The initiator of the project, LLC "Hapke" Green Agro "in 2017 plans to complete the commissioning of three livestock farms on 1,800 animals each, with a total livestock of dairy cows — 5400 goals. The total

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The first flight Orenburg

March 19 is one of the new aircraft "L — 410" regional airline "Orenburg" made the first technical flight from Orenburg — Orsk — Orenburg. The first passengers were Governor — Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg region Yury Berg, Vice-Governor — Deputy Chairman of the Government’s financial and economic policy Natalia Levinson, the staff of the Regional Government, and journalists.

 At the airport, the city of Orsk — the branch of SUE "Airport" Orenburg "named after Yury Gagarin’s first passengers met the head of the city of Orsk Victor Franz, the first deputy chief of

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Became known details of the first combat use of the Su-34

The new front-line bomber Su-34 was used in combat and showed "good results", according to «Air International».

Sukhoi Su-34 was first used in combat, when last year made several sorties against alleged concentrations of militants in Dagestan and Ingushetia, according to the Blog BMPDwith reference to the March issue of the journal «Air International».

Details of the operations and the type of high-precision weapons still remain unknown. However, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense described the results of the application of new aircraft as "generally good", stressing that in the context of forest

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The crew of the ISS for the first time worked hand descent to Mars

Evgeny Tarelkin (left) and Oleg Novitsky (center) with his colleague Kevin Ford

An experiment to test the manual controlled descent from orbit to the surface of Mars was held for the first time with the participation of astronauts returned to Earth after a six-month stay on the ISS, told reporters the chief scientific management — Deputy Chief of Cosmonaut Training Center (CTC), Boris Kryuchkov.

"For working manually controlled descent to Mars was used one of the two available in the CPC centrifuges CF-18. Descent centrifuge simulated under the influence of overload, as in real space flight.

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Il-76MD-90A began to factory test

The perspective of the military transport aircraft Il-476 (Il-76MD-90A) 18 March 2013 embarked on a program of flight tests of the factory first flight of the program was held in Zhukovsky near Moscow. During the test on March 18 freighter was in the air for an hour and 55 minutes and performed a flight at an altitude of two to ten thousand feet.

During the first flight under the production test was performed testing the strength characteristics of the Il-476, automatic control systems, navigation systems and complex "glass" cockpit. According to the commander transporter distinguished test pilot

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Izhorskie reactors in price again

The enterprise has completed the next phase of large-scale investment program

The investment program, conducted at the plant, which has become one of the industry is not only the symbol of the northern capital, but also the whole of Russia, will allow the company to maintain its leading position in the field of nuclear power plant equipment and petrochemicals. On the production of the current topics in the press to write for some reason is not accepted, but is not it interesting that one of the flagships of engineering reborn: the old shop turned into modern industrial

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Michael Osinov: The start in the Premier League have earned in the class.

Rostov midfielder Michael aspen in an interview with Sport-Express talked about the difficult journey back to the Premier League. [Cut] — What season is considered the best for yourself — or the year before that, when scored 12 goals in the Premier League? — 12 goals in the Premier League is probably more valuable than a 16 in the first. Yet choose this season — and in it we have won first place, returned to the elite, and the best player is worth something. Well, 16 goals for the season I had not scored, though some of them from the

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The first EVA 48 years ago :) Made us!

March 18, 1965 The first spacewalk, study the possibility of staying and working man in space.

The photographs of extravehicular activity (EVA) Gennady Padalka and Yuri Malenchenko perform the experiment "Sphere".




Russian captain Nemo/19 March — Day of the Seafarer — Sub-Mariner


Dying, he said to his son: "At my grave not go. For you I ever went to sea …"

Old PhotoIn winter 1525 on the banks of the Moscow River martial people of Grand Prince Vasily beheaded Beklemishev Ivan, a former ambassador to Poland and the Crimea — "for bold words against the Emperor." They say it happened against Moskvoretskaya towers of the Kremlin, and since then she called Beklemishev (There is another explanation — as if from the tower belonged to the Kremlin courtyard Boyar Beklemisheva. (Hereinafter — approx. Aut.)).

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At the Moscow Shipyard began construction of a new series of pleasure boats

OJSC "Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair factory" (MSSZ) build in the spring of the following year for "Passenger Port" (a trademark of Capital Shipping Company, ARC) new pleasure boat, the agency "Transport today" with the ceremony of laying the lead ship.

According to the General Director Dmitry Balykova SSK, the company placed an order for two brand new passenger ship, but in the future he plans to order at the factory at least 10 such vessels. CEO of CCK did not specify the sources of financing the purchase of ships, as well as the cost of one such ship.

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