In Smolensk opened development center for children with disabilities

On the basis of psychological SOGBOU Center — medical — social support for the first time in the Smolensk region was opened only in our region Lekoteka for special children.

A year ago, held a "round table" where experts identified the need to establish such a center for "special" children as Lekoteka. During this time, do the repair, re-equipped rooms, purchased unusual specific play materials and manuals, trained specialists.

— Throughout the Smolensk region, opened the first and so far the only Lekoteka. This special "field" for special children. It will help get kids from

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Willingness first complex Ust-Srednekanskoy plant reached 97%

Willingness first complex Ust-Srednekanskoy hydropower plants, which in the Magadan region leads RusHydro up in 2012 reached 97%. Commissioning of two hydroelectric stations in 2013.

Ust-Srednekanskaya plant — being built hydroelectric power station on the Kolyma River, is the second stage in the Kolyma HPP. It is located 9 kilometers from the mouth of the river Srednekan, a tributary of the Kolyma. Construction of Ust-Srednekanskoy plant started in 1991. Design and construction documents developed by JSC "Lengidroproekt." Installed capacity 570 MW (4 hydraulic capacity of 142.5 MW each).

The first start-up complex with capacity 169 MW

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In the Ryazan region have commissioned the first two buildings of the new breeding complex

The village Vakin agricultural enterprise LLC "Agro Vakinskoe" raises complex robotic dairy cows by 3420. At present, the construction of two new buildings. In one of them will house purchased in Denmark 960 Holstein cows. The first batch has already arrived on the scene, waiting for the rest of next week.

Until the end of the year in the village of Vakin to be commissioned three platforms, designed for 480 heads each, maternity ward and two dairy unit. On a complex set modern robotic milking machines that will be able to serve for one milking 60 cows.

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The first bus Continental, made in Kaluga

Here — the first tire "Continental", made in Kaluga. Conveyor from which it descended, gathered a few weeks ago. However, the plant itself and the production of tires was not completed much earlier.

The participants of the story: Vladimir Popov — Kaluga region, Minister of Economic Development, George Rotov — LLC "Continental Kaluga," the Director-General.

Eugene Karikh, Channel Expert   

SSJ-100 flew for the first time in China

Today, for the first time a new generation of Russian airliner Sukhoi Superjet-100 (SSJ-100) began flights on scheduled flights to Asia. SSJ-100 went from Yakutsk to Harbin.

Journey time takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. And on Saturday night for the first time will be piloted aircraft and even on flights on the Yakutsk-Beijing. Flights to Beijing and Harbin airline "Yakutia" performs once a week.

The first aircraft SSJ-100 arrived in Yakutsk, in December of last year, the second — in January 2013. They were already flying on regular routes from Yakutsk to Novosibirsk and

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Omsk Oil Refinery: photo


Omsk Oil Refinery — subsidiary company "Gazprom Neft", is one of the most modern refineries in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

In 2012 the Refinery increased the volume of oil refining by 5% compared to 2011 — up to 20.95 million tons. The depth of oil processing in 2012 was 88.83%, the rate is one of the best in the industry. In 2012, "Gazprom Neft-Omsk Refinery" produced 4.7 million tons of gasoline. The share of high-octane gasoline — 88%. Production of gasoline 4 and 5 environmental grades increased

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Prison: In the second half we were stronger, Dinamo

Midfielder "Rostov" Dragan Prison commented on his team’s game in the match of the 27th round of the championship against Russia in Moscow "Dynamo", which ended in a 1-1 draw.

"For our fans, we fought today and played to the end. What a nice goal scored! But missed, though, what a shame. But I think that the fans can be happy today we played the meeting. Today we wanted to show the fans that we can play well. So now remains to be three rounds in which we need to address as best you can to win.

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The competitiveness of PD-14 engine is beyond doubt!


One of the priority projects of the Russian state program "Development of the aviation industry in the years 2013-2025" is the project of "Engines for aircraft MS-21", which is the lead developer of "Aircraft Engine". About how to implement the task of creating competitive production aircraft engine we are talking with the deputy chief designer, chief designer of the engine family PD Perm Design Bureau Igor Maximov.

— Igor, what results in 2012 do you consider most important?

— Significant milestone, not only last year, but the project "Engines for MS-21" on the

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As Russia surprised the world

(Photo by Sergei Ptichkin / WG)


In Abu Dhabi ended11th International Salon of weapons and military equipment IDEX-2013. He confirmed: our weapons are still in the price. But the true cost of his first demonstrated here in Abu Dhabi in February 1993.

That year, entered the national history as a rather vague. Public attention was focused on the domestic political crisis, so much of what was happening outside the country unnoticed. Meanwhile, twenty years ago had been two interesting developments directly related to military technology and military forces.

The United

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In pictures: Ka-52 Korenovsk

Press-service of the Korenovska (Krasnodar Territory) reported, that the February 19, 2013 in the 393rd Sevastopol military airbase Russian Air Force, stationed at the airfield Korenovsk, received the first new combat helicopter Ka-52. We are talking about the car bearing the number "42 Red" (serial number 06-01), the number of manufactured by JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress ", which assembly to January 2013 is to" Rostvertol "in Rostov-on-Don . assembly of the first two Ka-52 helicopters with tail number "41 Red" (serial number 05-05) and "43 Red" has been completed "Rostvertol" February 1, but the first in Rostov

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