Mass mortality of squid in Australia


February 25. Experts do not know what caused the death of thousands of squid in the River Derwent this week.

Starting Tuesday, a lot of dead and dying squid dart were found on the beach and in the water in Austin Ferry Berrideyl. Locals say they had never seen the like.

Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) confirmed on Thursday the discovery of many more dead squid downstream. This is the third case of the death of aquatic animals in the Derwent in the last two weeks.


At the beginning of this week in Windermere Bay near Claremont

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Fish kills in Iran


14.01.11.V Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea is registered massive fish kills, said the deputy chief of the Office of Conservation of Iranian province of Gulistan Mohsin Dzhafarnizhad.

Mass death of fish in the Caspian Sea on the west bank registered Gulistan Province. Ashore released a large number of dead mullet. Information about this can be found at

"Were made from samples taken from the dead fish, and now we are waiting for their results," — said Dzhafarnizhad.

Gulistan Province is located in north-eastern Iran. Center of the province is the city Gurgan.

Recently, in various

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Kostroma rivers continues to massive fish kills


04/11/2011 18:04 Scary footage shot by amateur fishermen on the river Kostromke near the regional center.

From the well done in the ice fountain splashed the lost fish. Roach and perch suffocated due to lack of oxygen in the water. The decaying fish accumulates under the ice. Poisoning the water body rotting.

Massive fish kills occur in Kostroma rivers each year, starting in February. The only way to save the fish is the injection of air compressors under the ice. But the purchase of compressors or the local authorities nor the conservation structures have no

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Fish kills in lyubotinskom pond

22.07.11.V Upper Starolyubotinskom (it near Lyubotin) pond fish died. According to the Kharkiv gosekoinspektsii, killing more than a ton of fish: 13 000 261 crucian carp 165 and one carp. Ichthyological home service governance environment has estimated losses: 3,000,000 808.65 thousand UAH.

Ekoinspektsiya conducted studies of water in the pond, the source of wastewater is not found in the water samples exceeded hazardous substances is not fixed, the oxygen content are also normal. Sort out who is to blame for sea fish will Kharkiv Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office — the website of Kharkiv ekoinspektsii.

Editor:Pauline Mirer


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Fish kill in the Voronezh region. Video


13.10.11.Ona dushitsya in the crush at the springs, helplessly gasping for air, and killed hundreds of pounds every day. Fish in the pond painfully dying, say experienced fishermen. They watched the agony of each year, and, as noted, this occurs mainly in autumn.

Contrary to popular wisdom, the fish from the pond can easily catch even a child. Moreover, fishing rod and do not need enough to scoop up the water with a shovel, and the catch will be a success. Local men so fishing records set. Victor Gorlov resident Gribanovka:

"For one strayed take out 30-40 pounds

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The death of marine life in the South China Sea


Massive fish kills occurred in the South China Sea. August 2011. Photo from

* 08/28/11 * The maritime zone Inshatan near Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province of southern August 26 was an unusual phenomenon — on the shore littered with thousands of dead sea creatures, including a deep-water fish, shrimp and crabs.

According to the Chinese edition of "Southern City", in the early morning fishermen discovered that the entire coastal zone literally covered with dead fish.

However, they did not panic and started to collect the nets of dead sea creatures in their cages.

Maine fisherman named said

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Death of fish in the lake, Berkeley, USA. Video


25.08.11. Hundreds of dead fish were found in Lake Berkley after park visitors smell of decaying fish. Within days, most of it, mostly carp washed up on shore. The rest of the fish swimming in the water, according denver.cbslocal

Not long ago, in part conducted draining of the lake in order to improve communications, construction of retaining wall along Highway 70 and create a buffer against noise. It was originally planned to move the fish to another location. Park workers keep under control the level of oxygen. However, for some unknown reason, hundreds of fish died before they

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In the Volga fish dying en masse. Video


18.08.11.Zhiteli Volgograd in recent months was seriously concerned about the environmental state of the Volga. Increasingly, vacationers began to see that the river is literally littered with dead fish. Mainly, as the experts, goldfish dies. What is the reason the massive fish kills?

Photos, which show carcasses of dead fish made by residents of Volgograd. For several weeks, a similar pattern was observed dozens of citizens who travel on the Volga beaches. Kill fish, according to fishery biologists, led a range of reasons. Mostly — it is a consequence very short flood. The water is only slightly flooded

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In the river near Belgorod Razumenko killed fish


* 8/19/11 * 18 August, around 16:00 pm in the river near the fault-collector Razumenko municipal treatment plants found about 100 pounds of dead fish.

This was stated by the head of the Department of Municipal Economy Belgorod Yuri Nikulin.Po to head the department, danger to residents there. Now experts are trying to find out the reason why there was a sea of fish.

"Today, early to make conclusions about who was responsible for the death of fish. But there are a number of circumstances which indicate that it is not to blame for the death of fish

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Fish kill in Kemerovo

8.06.11.V Kemerovo region opened a criminal investigation into the contamination of the pond, which was lost because of the fish.

According to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kemerovo region, a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under Part 2 of Art. 250 of the Criminal Code (pollution, contamination of water, if these acts have caused massive death of fish).

According to the investigation, from April to early May 2011 the staff of sewage pumping station, which belongs to one of the municipal enterprises, sewage dumped into the pond in the

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