In the river Korsakovka dying fish


* 8/15/11 * heavy oil on the water surface film, the river suffocating smell of ammonia. Scanned the area from wholesalers and to the mouth, the length of the fish at all, big and small, literally squirm.

Trying to breathe atmospheric air poking his mouth out of the water. All along the river you can see how torn fish hits the stones thrown ashore. Painful to watch! The river bottom is strewn with dead fish. Honestly, as seen writhing in pain. And the already filthy river to impossible, from the bridge on May Day to the mouth of the

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Death of fish in the River Pearl River. Video


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15.08.11.Poslednie few days, residents living along the coast of the River Pearl River in Louisiana saw a terrible picture of the death of fish in the pond, which greatly frightened them.

For many people living here, it is not only beautiful scenery area, it is a lifestyle.

"We feed our families a few times a week, all that supply us with the river, whether it be a frog, fish or animal, and the fact that we do catch stocks for the winter, said Michael Mitchells, but now our way of life is in question, and

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In Japan, an extinct species of salmon found

It is learned that in Japan, near Mount Fuji, was found salmon, which were thought extinct for more than 75 years ago. Kunimasu (Oncorhynchus nerka kawamurae), is a subspecies of the redfish. This fish can be found only in the land of the rising sun. The only difference from Kunimasu redfish is that Kunimasu lives and makes reproduction only in lake waters. Redfish in turn perfectly lived in the oceans and fresh waters.

According to the data types of fish have died in the late 30's — early 40-ies of the 20th century. The reason was the increase in

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In Georgia, in the Kura River killed fish


* 08/16/2011 * Tbilisi 8:38:49 in the Kura River in Tbilisi today, killing a large number of fish.

The water surface was covered completely pops the fish that fishermen and special services throughout the day before from the water. According to experts and fishermen, they can not remember such a case of mass death of fish in Kure.

Cause of death of fish has not been determined — it will be known after the appropriate laboratory testing. The Agency of Natural Resources of Georgia highlight two preliminary version — this poisoning of water or oxygen deficiency in the

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In pond fish dying en masse Lozowy


17.08.11.Massovaya carp deaths recorded on August 17 in a natural pond near the village Lisowski Lozowy Kharkiv region. This was announced by the Chief of the Interior Ministry website of Ukraine in Kharkiv region. Went to the scene investigative team and representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological station. For the examination of sampled water and fish. Preliminary conclusion is that there was a fish kill due to siltation of the pond and the lack of oxygen.

Sergei Tarasenko


Vinogradovschine to mass death of fish. Photo


* 8/14/11. * Last Saturday, near the village Fanchikovo in Little Tisza Tisza tributary fisheries inspectors discovered massive fish kills.

As they said at the scene there was a terrible, acrid stench, and the whole area was covered pond brown film. When looking at the terrible picture could not believe that a week ago, this place was a neat little water pond, where even children were swimming. Now it looks more like a swamp.

Besides the dead, because even the frogs do not have survived. Killed dozens of fish heads. The announcement came from the local residents, the scene

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26.04.12.Gibel fish in the South Urals. Video


Updated May 10

In the Trinity area of the Chelyabinsk region killed five tons of carp.

Posted on 05/03/2012 by user 74vpered1

26.04.12.Uralsky Neverova village in the Chelyabinsk region is on the brink of ecological disaster due to the sluggishness of the local officials. 1.5 tons of dead fish floated to the surface of the lake Kul Kul.

The fifth day in the area can not be. Creepy smell extends over several kilometers. Water in a single pond in the area turned into poison.

— We came to the village on Saturday and then on

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In Alchevsk killed fish ponds


7.06.11.V reservoirs Alchevsk (Lugansk region) again massively dying fish. It is reported by "Week". According Alchevsk keeper Oleg Tsarkov, second Orlov Alchevsk pond fish dying en masse.

Fish in the pond began to die as early as the weekend, is now on the surface of the reservoir float dozens of dead carp and krasnoperok. The local population says that the cause of the plague — unauthorized discharge of sewage into the pond nearby colony. However, the huntsman is not willing to confirm or deny this information. According to Oleg Tsar'kova, now they're just trying to figure out what exactly

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On Sakhalin experienced massive sea salmon


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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August 23 (New Region, Olga Radko) — Zamor about three tons of salmon in the river occurred Sheshkevicha Sakhalin. The incident occurred in the river near the village of Riverside Sheshkevicha Korsakov.

According to the ichthyology, fish died due to lack of oxygen in the water that is currently quite high. "On the eve freeze here came a record number of salmon", — said Konstantin Derkachev fisheries inspector.

As explained by the head of the Fisheries Agency Sakhalin Kolotushkin Paul, after the official conclusion of the members of the regional committee of scientists to

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Volga shore strewn with dead fish


Volgograd 10.08.11.Kak tell us who came today to relax on the beach at the Panorama, they were spotted carcasses of dead fish, handed down the waves to the shore.

According to people, dead fish was nailed to the bank about 10:00 am. -Personally, I dropped from the coast, where bathing my children are 11 large fish, — said one of the guests.

Cause of death of fish remain unknown. According to witnesses on the fish was not noticeable signs of visible damage. Of Volgograd rumors that mass fish kill was the result of the use of chemicals in the

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