Near Kerch on the coast washed 1500kg bull. Photo


22.07.11.Segodnya July 22 were released zamornogo bull on the Azov Sea coast near the village of Spa Leninsky district.

It is reported by the Crimean territorial department Azovgosryboohrany.

Zamornaya fish thrown on the waterfront sites, a total length of about 7 km. The total number of fish discarded more than 1500 kg. Fish and water samples sent for analysis to YugNIRO.

Informed environmental prosecutor's office and the local authorities. Steps are being taken for cleaning and recycling. Zamornaya situation caused by the high temperature of the water and related weather conditions.

Source: TRC Breeze



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Mysterious fish kills in Verhnesysertskom pond


Externally pond looks clean, then why it is dying fish?

22.07.11. From Monday to the shores of the pond Verhnesysertskogo waves brings dead fish.

Residents of the village Upper Sisert now bypass the pond. Some local believe that such a massive release of fish perished happened after a night of thunderstorms broke out from Monday to Tuesday. They object to the fishermen: Ghibli fauna began appearing earlier in the day on Monday.

Residents can not understand how such a plague? On the bank of the pond are elite cottages, recreation and government dacha. Body of water is considered

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In the Dnieper again dying fish


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21.07.11.Neskolko days ago in the river, near the islands near Kremenchug fish again began to die. This was "Telegraph" reported chitateli.Informatsiyu confirmed our main urban ecology.

— Repeated annual situation — fish kills in Kremenchug and Dneprodzerzhinsk reservoir. Brown algae blooming process began on Sunday, the same day near the island Shelomay recorded deaths fry — said Gennady Demekhin, head of the environmental safety of the executive committee.

— Although to date, according to gorSES, the oxygen level in the water is not so low that fish breath.

According to SES, today, July 21,

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Fish kills in lyubotinskom pond


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22.07.11.V Upper Starolyubotinskom (it near Lyubotin) pond fish died. According to the Kharkiv gosekoinspektsii, killing more than a ton of fish: 13 000 261 crucian carp 165 and one carp. Ichthyological home service governance environment has estimated losses: 3,000,000 808.65 thousand UAH.

Ekoinspektsiya conducted studies of water in the pond, the source of wastewater is not found in the water samples exceeded hazardous substances is not fixed, the oxygen content are also normal. Sort out who is to blame for sea fish will Kharkiv Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office — the website of Kharkiv ekoinspektsii.

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Fish mortality in the Netherlands


21.07.11.Kak predicted Dutch ichthyologists, upon the occurrence of heat last week, in some documented cases of closed basins fish mortality from summer Zamora.

At the beginning of the death of fish is not affected even local heavy rains that hit some parts of the country.

Mass Zamora marked in two reservoirs. The first was a pond Peony in Groningen. In general, the existence of fish in this pond are often threatened. Thus, in one of the frosty winters thick ice caused massive winter freeze.

Since the fish fauna of the pond is quite frequently affected by natural disturbances, the

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Fish kills near Voronezh. Video


20.07.11.Karasi, rudd and pike lie on the bottom or float down the river belly up.

Holidaymakers on the beach there. Installed everywhere a sign: "Swimming in Tolucheevke strictly prohibited." For local children is a real tragedy. After all, the boys spend their free time on the river.

Ivan Black, a resident of the village Shuttle:

"Bathing here, there were many people. Normally. I do not even climbs out of the water. Net was. But now it is not clear at all. A swamp. "

Water in Tolucheevke first turned yellow, then turned red. Immediately after that, the fish

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Fish kills in the Bryansk region



BRYANSK, July 26. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Oleg Artiushin /. Mass death of fish recorded in reservoirs in the south of the Bryansk region. According to the administration Pogar district, a large number of dead fish found in the last week in the river Sudost. Among the dead fish out of water, — pike, catfish and tench.

To investigate the cause of death of fish an expert committee. The first analyzes showed that the level of oxygen in the water is four times lower than normal, and the concentration of phosphate in the five times the exposure

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50 thousand species of fish have died in the river in Chuvashia because ammonia emissions

The death of 47.5 thousand specimens of fish over 15 kilometers of the river Small Tsivil in Chuvashia is due to release of ammonia with "Vurnarsky meat", RIA Novosti assistant Cheboksary Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Andrew Khrychov.

As representatives of the environmental prosecutor's office, the Office received a report of a mass death of fish in the river Small Tsivil Kanashsky district. Territorial Management Specialists Rosrybolovstva, gosohotrybsluzhby Chuvashia republic Rospotrebnadzor conducted a survey of the river. At its four sites were found 475 instances of dead fish. According to experts, the total number of dead fish is about 47.5 thousand specimens

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On the river in the Cherkassy region recorded massive fish kills


18.10.12.V Zolotonosha area within the administrative boundaries Chapayevskiy village council, in the coastal zone of the river Zolotonoshki found fish kills.

As the press service of the Territorial Emergency Management in Cherkasy region, the average number of dead fish — 2 copies per 1 sq.m. The length of the area where the fish is found deceased, is about 1.5 km.

Laboratory of the State Ecological Inspectorate in Cherkassy been measured dissolved oxygen in the water. For express analysis of the oxygen content in water is 0.8 mg / L at a rate of 4 mg / l. Also, for

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24.03.12.V Kostroma region dying fish. Video


24.03.12.V reservoirs Kostroma region dying fish. Bream, perch and pike were left without oxygen and literally choke. A thick layer of ice formed by the harsh winter, leaves them no chance of survival. As locals are trying to save fish stocks of its rivers and lakes in the material Helen Olejnik.

This year, the projected fishing control, loss of fry and adults may be a record. The fact is that because of the severe winter, many rivers and lakes froze almost to the bottom. For example, in some places, Galich lake ice thickness of 60 cm with an

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