In Samara, the fish die again (VIDEO)


10.10.12.V Petropavlovsk area seems another environmental emergency — on the river near the village of Samara Olefirovka local residents have found many dead fish. The situation repeats itself? Indeed, in October last year, the same thing happened! Who was the culprit of what happened?

"Come — see for yourself and feel," — said by phone from our reader Olefirovki. On Monday morning, October 8, correspondent of "MF" was in place. Once we pulled off the highway and Donetsk began to move in the direction of the river, wind brought us the distinct smell of feces. As if the

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Israel loses fisheries


22.12.11. Over the past ten years, the number of marine fish off the coast of Israel has decreased by 40%. According to experts of the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and scientists, the cause of the incident — uncontrolled fishing.

Naaretz cites the opinion of a professor at Tel Aviv University, Menachem Goren. According to him, the fishermen use trawls, which sweeps away everything in its path. The damage they cause to the ecosystem of the sea floor is filled in just a few years. In networks killed many small fish, mollusks and crustaceans, which have no

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In the Black Sea water blooms and fish kills


10.08.11.Odesskoe Black Sea coast has become opaque and bloomed.

Told of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas Sergey Dyatlov, such violations have occurred due to pollution avkatorii. Harmful substances enter through livnevki and sewer. However, these effects are not the only ones: Scientists capture fish kills and the growth of harmful bacteria.

— Ultimately, all this led to the fall of recreational opportunities of the Black Sea — said the scientist.

He added that scientists are wondering how best to cope with this problem. And it even found a mechanism — the creation of artificial reefs. They

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Park Navy FSB added two hovercraft project Mars-700

Park Navy FSB added two hovercraft project "Mars-700". Their length — 7 feet, they are able to work in any season from -50 to +40 C. Full speed — 70 km / x, cruising range — 800 km.

"This hovercraft. Vodovozmeschayuschih different from the fact that its use can be made all year. Winter — the snow on the ice. In the summer — on the water. In the off-season — when only becomes ice ", — said the representative of the manufacturer Vladimir Rudakov. Often, poachers were hiding on the ice and in shallow water. Only during 2012

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In the river, the fish died Tishanka


River Tishanka Photo:

8.08.11.V weekend villagers Tishanka Talovsky district found that flows in these places Tishanka River, which flows into Bityug, lost fish — roach, pike, perch.

According to villagers, the dead fish so much that it completely covered the surface of the river.

In the district administration correspondents "E!" Told that the fish in the river suffocated due to lack of oxygen caused by the heat wave.

Another version — kill livestock to villagers themselves with elektroudochek. Industrial discharges in the village Tishanka not.

Tishanka — River in the Voronezh region of Russia, left tributary

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Residents still ischyut answers to the death of thousands of birds

October 29. Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating after the death of hundreds of birds and fish. Local residents noticed the dead fish on the beach a few weeks ago and a few dead birds in early September. In Ontario, the number of dead birds is estimated to be between 5000 and 6000. "It's pretty scary." Ministry of Natural Resources announced that the death may be the result of botulism. Botulism thrives in a lack of oxygen in the environment. Source: CTV

In Voronezh Reservoir fish died. Video. Photo


Photo by Alexander Zinchenko

08.05.11. — We noticed that something was wrong three days ago, when the water in the backwater for no reason, no reason is highlighted in pink — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maslovka neighborhood residents.

— Soon after, on the surface of the water was a dead fish float.

To parse the causes of environmental disasters on Friday, August 5, the place went specialists from several departments: RPN, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing control.

— We have selected a sample of water for analysis, the results will be ready in five days — told us Sergei Turchaninov, Head

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Fish kills in Udmurtia


Massive fish kills occurred in the area Vavozhskom Photo:

4.08.11.Vavozh. Udmurtia. Vavozhskaya fish die due to elevated nitrite in water.

According to the press service of the State Veterinary Udmurt Republic, the facts of mass death of fish were found in the rivers of Uva and Vala July 29 of this year. Water sample and dead fish showed maximum permissible dose of nitrite — almost 5 times, ammonium ions — 2 times. That is what caused the death of fish. By the fact of review.

Source: Susanin

Bulgaria. More than 150 tons of fish died in Lake Tikveshskom


6.08.11.Kak said "Diary", over 150 tons of dead fish caught in fishermen Tikveshskom lake.

This information is officially confirmed by the Agency for the Food and Veterinary Office.

Cause of mass death of fish is not yet clear, suggests that this was due to lack of oxygen in the water. Water samples and algae transferred to Hydrobiological Institute in Ohrid to determine the cause of the disaster.


Source: Bulgaria news on-line

In the district of Bashkortostan Kuyurgazinskom mass death of fish


8.08.11.V Kuyurgazinskom Bashkortostan region near the village of Old Joy River Yushatyr detected mass death of fish. According to estimates of the Ministry of the visual nature and ecology of the Republic, killed approximately 30 kilograms of juveniles.

Meleuz area committee MoE region together with the Department of the Middle TU RB Rosrybolovstva surveyed banks Yushatyrya. Source of water pollution during the inspection was not found. Therefore, to determine the causes plague fish was taken water samples. One of the possible causes of death of fish — poaching using elektroudochki, the press service of the ministry.

Work to identify

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