In the Odessa region of mass fish die. Video


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1.07.11.V Odessa region recorded a massive sea ryby.Ob correspondent GolosUA chief spokesman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Odessa region.

Mass death of fish observed in Ovidiopol, near the pier of the Dniester estuary shore limana.Pri survey in the location found a large number of dead fish fry (carp, ram) and live fish with signs of suffocation.

To determine the causes of the incident Ovidiopol'skaya Veterinary Laboratory conducted sampling of fish, water, ila.Seychas is collected and disposed of dead ryby.Razmery loss set. Awaiting results of the examination.

Source: GolosUA, ATVbroadcast , nikxandr

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The fish died, swallowing poisoned insects


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20.06.11.V Rivne region have found the cause of mass mora.200 kg of dead fish — the result of saving the fields from harmful insects.

Insects, exterminate rape fields were treated with insecticides from aircraft. "However, the day was a strong wind — insects took to the air and drifted pond. They ate the young fish swimming in the shallows. Therefore died, poisoned drug ", — explained the head of the State Environmental Inspectorate of Alexander Chabanyuk.

Fish began to die in Hrinnitskom reservoir in Rivne region, June 9, according to CSO. In posledngie days longer

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Waste water discharge led to the death of fish in the river Lunvo


21.06.11.Sbros acidic waste water with kaolin plant "Dein" led to mass death of fish in the river Lunvo (Guangdong Province, South China). As "Xinhua" It is established that the company over time illegally dumping raw sewage into the river near the village of Longtan. The Environmental Protection of Guangdong Province has demanded from the local administration to take action to halt discharges of waste water from the plant and use lime to neutralize the polluting waters. Centre for Environmental Monitoring, Guangdong tightens control over the quality of water in the area.

Source: PortNews

Death of fish in the Gulf


23.06.11.Chitatelnitsa "Fontanka" reports of mass death of fish in the Gulf. According peterburzhenku Kira strolling around Sestroretsk eve, she saw a dead fish, found on the shore. "Unfortunately, we have not made shots, the number of dead fish were difficult to determine, but not less than 20 — 30 pieces exactly" — says Cyrus.

According to them, the remains were scattered in every meter or two. Local residents are alarmed by this case: front beach season, and wonder how can affect bathing in this water on human health.


Why did the fish in the lake New


New 23.06.11.Prishel Lake that used for the recycled water CHP with a fishing rod, I often do in catching bream and white bream. But this time the rod was not necessary, since the surface of the water found a lot of dead brush, of which scored a bucket as evidence. What happened to the lake? Why did the fish? Nikitin

Vyacheslav Viktorovich The question we first asked the head of the department of ecology and nature Severodvinsk administration EV Mayorov, who explained that there was no natural disaster on Lake New is not fixed. — And for the sake

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Mass death of fish in the Sea of Azov


© RIA Novosti. Boris Babanov

Donetsk, June 25 — RIA Novosti. Mass death of fish due to the reduction of oxygen in water is observed from Friday in the Sea of Azov from the village of Kulikovo (border Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions) to the middle of the Berdyansk spit, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on Saturday. "According to preliminary data, now the number of dead fish reached 20 tons," — said the press service.

In order to minimize complications with pestilence calf in the summer, from 10 to 14 June

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Fish kills in Bali


Batur Volcano

19.06.11.Neobychnoe natural phenomenon caused concern among villagers living on the shores of Lake Batur in Kintamani, Bali.

In the Sunday, June 19, 2011 the water in the lake is located in the crater of the volcano Batur suddenly changed to a shade of blue and white that led to the deaths of thousands of fish living in the pond.

The newspaper NusaBali, according to residents of rural settlements Songan, Batur, Kedisan Buahan and on Sunday morning the lake suddenly changed color, and soon thousands of freshwater fish began to float up to the fins and fish

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Million sturgeon fingerlings died because of a power surge


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11.07.11.Bolee million sturgeon fingerlings died on the fish factory in Adygea from surges in the power system. Surges within two hours sabotaged two major and one standby pump.

Fry, which in the next few days were to be released in the Krasnodar reservoir suffocated from lack of oxygen in the water, while employees of the company tried to establish a power supply and connect one standby pump.

Interdepartmental Commission calculates losses of the enterprise, which may exceed one million rubles, according to ITAR-TASS. Investigation of the incident at the fish factory at Maikop took

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In Lake Taal again dying fish


20.06.11.Proshlo just a few days after the authorities lifted the ban on the risk of eating fish from Lake Taal in which there was a mass death of fish that produced the collapse of fish industry production, as of Monday 20 June it was reported that the newly dead fish to the three fishing farms, police say

Larry Aala, head of the Philippine National Water Inspectorate said that the employees of his department estimated the amount of dead fish at last count, about 2 tons collected near the village of Sampaloc, and almost as many in the townships and

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Fish kills in the Sverdlovsk region


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Yekaterinburg. July 13. Interfax-Ural — fish kills recorded on Chusovaya river near the town of Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region.

On this fact is checking, the agency "Interfax-Ural" Head of state control, surveillance, protection of living aquatic resources and their habitat in the region Sergei Pavliuk.

"Fishermen found the fish on Saturday, received a message about it later, so the water sample is not indicative" — said S.Pavlyuk.

According to him, it is possible that the fish died from the release of a company, but accurate data yet. It is also unknown how many

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