Near Krasnodar fish falling from the sky

Residents of the village of Seversk Krasnodar region harvested fell from the sky fish. The consequences of the last storm.

The day before he flew to the outskirts of the village. Tornado formed after the rains in the fields from a private pond and took off in tons of water. All their catch tornado threw outskirts of the village.

Gardens and streets flooded and covered with 20 cm of mud. People were not injured. Today, May 15, drove through the flooded streets of the commission of the district administration. Officials have promised that in the near future will be considered

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Because of the lack of oxygen in the river fish die Diet


CP file photo

04.07.11. Because of the failure of the water treatment plants in the river Diet Kursk became turbid, and it began to die fish. Experts of sanitary-epidemiological service of the Kursk region conducted a detailed analysis of the water. They found that the water is too little oxygen. Apparently, this and associated mass mortality of fish.

— Now the situation has stabilized. Treatment plant discharges reduced, dead fish were removed. New measurements have shown that the water in the Diet has become richer oxygen. Fish no longer die, — the press-service of the Ministry of Emergency

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In Mukhavets dying fish


19.09.12.Ekologi and residents of coastal villages Zhabinka district from September 15 to collect Mukhavets dead fish. "Catch" of representatives of environmental organizations — about 600 individuals.

Back surfaced pike and catfish, perch, pike, roach and tench. Fish "confused" in the duckweed. Algae unexpectedly grew.

"In the river, in the sugar factory — a lack of oxygen," — states the environmentalists. — A special commission. It consists of — the staff of the Brest regional and inter-regional inspection of the animal and plant world, representatives of veterinary and sanitary services, executive committee, MOE, JSC "Zhabinka sugar factory."

When checking

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In rivers White and Black Uba killed fish precious


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In rivers White and Black Uba die valuable species — grayling and roach. As explained ichthyology, fish simply gasped. Rather, the water got a chemical that has greatly reduced the level of oxygen. Now scientists are counting dead animals and find out the exact causes of river pollution.

10.09.12.Trevozhny sign came from Ridder: residents say that in the rivers White and Black Uba massive fish die valuable species.

— We know it. At the Institute, brought the dead fish, but it is highly decomposed, — told Director of

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In the Urals, fish with human teeth. Video


11.07.12.Etot fisherman can really boast about his catch. The fact that he managed to catch the bait — is a sensation. Fish with human teeth. Of the Urals have not seen

Source: REN TV

South Ural fisherman bitten by piranha

11.07.12.Opasnaya fishing. Infested waters on the South Urals piranhas. Hooked toothed predators have resident Kusy. Alexander Subris recalls first did not believe such a catch.

"I took a second bite, — said the fisherman. — First, do not even think. In his hands he took, and she grabbed me the finger right up blood. "

Bite marks toothy

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25.07.12.Gibel fish in the Penza region. Video


25.07.12.V arbekovskom Penza pond fish surfaced.

Not a single bite that morning. The bait Alexandra Telnova, catcher with 43 years of experience, the fish is not. But near the shore of a small goldfish and Rotanov abound. Aquatic inhabitants, according to all indications, were killed.

"Yesterday, when I came, I saw that the fish rose to the surface," — said the woman.

Alexander Telnova on disability. Fishing for her — an outlet and rest. The last 12 years every day, she walks with gear on a small body of water that the district Arbekova. It is located just 100

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06.08.12.Gibel fish in the Kuban. Video


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07.08.12.V Yeisk district of Krasnodar region because of the heat lost fish. The waves washed up hundreds of carcasses of bulls.

Rospotrebnadzor experts attribute this to the lack of oxygen in the water. For a long time there was a dry, windless weather. The oxygen concentration in the Taganrog Bay declined. It had fallen below normal. Gobies live on the bottom, and for them, this situation is deadly.

In the city administration held an emergency meeting of the Committee for Emergency Situations. Authorities advised travelers to refrain from

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21.06.12.V Dnieper fish die because of the heat


21.06.12.V Kremenchuk (Poltava region) in the Dnieper River began to die ryba.Kak UNIAN correspondent, with the onset of heat the water in the river turned green, dead fish goes with the flow, or nailed to the waves of the river bank.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Kremenchug Taratorin already sent a telephone message to the regional department of environmental protection and management of the Poltava regional management of water resources, which indicated that the oxygen level in the water because of the heat down the Dnieper. "According to" Water canal ", June 19, the oxygen level in the river down to

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Environmental disaster in the Nizhneterskih lakes. Video


12.05.12.V Dagestan killed a unique natural complex — Nizhneterskie lake. Almost shallow ponds because hydraulic structures that supported the water level and purity of channels, are outdated.

On the verge of extinction, and the inhabitants Nizhneterskoy fauna. After the lake — is also one of the largest fish in the Caspian Sea nurseries. Marat Luguev to continue the topic.

26,000 acres of water surface, hundreds of tons of commercial fish species each year and one of the most beautiful and unique places in Dagestan, just disappears in front of the locals. Nizhneterskie lake — huge by local

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Bezrybe in Kazakhstan



4.05.12.V this year in the region, at times reduced fish stocks.

Specialists make disappointing forecasts. The reason — the lack of a spill. Against all expectations, the Irtysh and got out of the banks. A week starts mass spawning, and in flood water is still there.

Chance that the Irtysh still spill, almost gone. Floodplain is dry, and it is the main "incubator" where fish breed. Spawning this year is questionable. Recall environmental releases cut three times. — I am over 60 years old, and I do not remember to not fill the Irtysh floodplain. This,

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