Shallowing of the Ob River. Video


17.05.12.Pribrezhnye creek dry. The water level in the Ob below normal. This means that the fish have nowhere to postpone their eggs — said Vladislav Peredereev Novosibirsk ichthyologist.

Vladislav Peredereev, head of the Novosibirsk branch FSBI "Verkhneobrybvod":

If the fish in the river will throw their eggs, much of it will be lost. Caviar should be deposited in the bays on the vegetation. It should attach to the blade of grass. And today, if it vyklyunetsya, she would simply have nowhere to stick. "

River residents can help. Each year, in the Novosibirsk region ichthyologists make artificial

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In the area of Kiev Goloseevskiy lakeside found hundreds of dead fish


Emergency Management find out the details of what happened Photos Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

24.03.11.V one of the ponds Orehovatskogo cascade in Holosiivskyi district of Kiev, the mass lost fish. According to local residents, the fish poisoned with chemicals that are dumped into the water, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

According to the publication, last week, local residents on a walk in the park named after Rila found on the surface of one of the lakes in the foam of unknown origin. According to residents, the foam was also on the surrounding body of water trees. A few

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In the Sverdlovsk region massive fish kills. Video


31.01.12.Na east of Sverdlovsk region even during the day below thirty degrees. This led to an ecological disaster. For the first time in 30 years peremerzla Irbitka river. Fish do not have enough oxygen, and she dies. Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor trying to save wildlife.

Did not expect such a catch even experienced fishermen. Several hundred villagers dace just got under the ice. Already dead — fish suffocated. Massive fish kills local fishermen discovered by accident, when it stopped completely catch. Irbitka on the river, they found a place with thin ice and broke it.

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USA. 33% of the fish — falshifka!

For fans of frozen fish out of the package, as well as sushi in restaurants, there were fresh data. During 2010-2012, the International Human Rights Organization Oceana examination conducted on fish DNA, sold in the United States. It was found that 33% do not match what is written on the packaging or on the restaurant menu.

A shocking report published NGO Oceana. According to the results it was found that a third of the fish consumed in the U.S. — a fake. The initial product does not meet this on

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Tula bought fish glows in the dark




Of itself does not take care when buying products in the store — the sellers surely take care of you will not. This was the conclusion arrived Olga Egorovna Vytyagova by buying one of the Tula shops a couple of pounds of sweet fish blue whiting. She

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The opening of a modern fish processing plant in Kamchatka

July 21. Modern fishery for those old farm Koryakia im.Bekereva — not just a new object, it is the first to own the farm fishing coastal industrial complex processing such a high level. Previously treated fish on the farm in an old wooden workshop with minimal automation.

"Now it is a modern plant, with a capacity of 150 tons of finished fish per day, — said General Director of" collective farm. Bekereva "Boris Lavrentyev — for two months of work we went to the peak load of 148 tons, and the average consistently make 140 tons per

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Open stretch of road-Ryazan Hodynino


November 1 the grand opening of the road-Ryazan Hodynino Rybnovsky near Ryazan region. Before making a decision about the construction of the road to traffic carried by the Fish M5 highway (9 miles), then on the road "Moscow-Samara" — Fish-Konstantinov (2 kilometers). Everyone knows the big road congestion in this area. The second line runs along the highway Fish-Perekal-Settlement-Nedostoevo length 8.4 kilometers. This road, popularly nicknamed "drunk", no longer meets its specifications. So, in 2010, the project documentation for the construction of the road-Ryazan Ryazan fish in the area, Hodynino passing on the existing route. Road has

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Fish may be reduced in size by a quarter

According to Canadian researchers, the metamorphosis may be due to global warming.

Size of marine fish may be reduced by almost a quarter due to global warming, reports "Times" with reference to the results of a study conducted by researchers at Canada's University of British Columbia.

Scientists have studied the dependence of the size of more than 600 species of fish from the ocean temperatures. "The metabolism of the fish when the temperature increases and, consequently, in the warm water fish need more oxygen," — said study leader Dr. William Chong. However, warmer water contains less oxygen, which can restrict

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The Sea of Azov is observed unusual activity of parasites

The inhabitants of the Sea of Azov threatening parasites. According to Don scientists, the number of fish that hit the simplest in 2012 increased. This situation is not safe for aquatic fauna, is harmless to humans and is of great scientific interest. 

Scientists Southern Scientific Centre of the Academy of Sciences for a week collecting samples for research in the Sea of Azov. Specialists in parasitology in Taganrog Bay butterfly net catching roach. Dead fish cast ashore, inside it was discovered a huge number of tapeworms. That did not happen, scientists say, many years.

"15-20 years ago was infected bream,

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Anomalous concentrations of fish in Acapulco, Mexico

Huge shoals of sardines, anchovies and mackerel appeared near the shore on a beach in the Mexican resort city on Friday March 11. Fish "packed" so tightly near the surface of the top looks like an oil slick.

Overjoyed fishermen rushed in wooden motor boats, leaving their nets, and just started to draw fish buckets.

Shoal of sardines was seen as ominous warnings of a possible tsunami, since those fish seldom approach the shoreline. Latin American nations warned populations along the Pacific coast of the precautionary measures.

Locals say this, as a hitherto unknown phenomenon. Fish

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