The Nature of how the brain works or fish when it hunts

February 9, 2013 13:32

In January, published the results of research scientists from Japan, followed the fish. Neuroscientists have been able to follow the reaction of the brain of fish while hunting. For their experiments, they used a popular aquarium fish Danio rerio,. This study could open the door to previously unexplored world of fish. To them this has not been done. Geneticist Silzuoki Koichi Kawakami said: "This study is a big step forward, which managed to make the first time. Finally we were able to trace the animal's brain activity in real time, recording

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The most famous alien abduction the woman died at home




Betty Hill, the most famous being "abducted by aliens" a woman who died at home from an extended lung cancer in the final stage at the age of 85 years. Hill marked the beginning of the phenomenon of "kidnapping" and her case was the basis for the best-selling books and the most popular film on the

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United States: a strange predator from Lake




In one of the Great Lakes (lake system on the border of the United States and Canada), caught a strange fish. The long body, a huge mouth full of teeth and jaws, similar to the snake — this being his whole appearance inspires threat.

Fisherman so surprised

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Fish kill in the Luhansk region

In reservoirs Alchevsk (Lugansk region) again massively dying fish. It is reported " Week. "

According Alchevsk keeper Oleg Tsarkov, second Orlov Alchevsk pond fish dying en masse. Fish in the pond began to die as early as the weekend, is now on the surface of the reservoir float dozens of dead carp and krasnoperok. The local population says that the cause of the plague — unauthorized discharge of sewage into the pond nearby colony. However, the huntsman is not willing to confirm or deny this information. According to Oleg Tsar'kova, now they're just trying to figure out what

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On Sakhalin, decided to lure bears

10 tons of fish will be delivered on November 10 in Nevel area from Kholmsk to supplement the diet of Sakhalin hungry bears. As reported in the local forest area, on the same day by rangers lay the fish in forests, away from the city. Thus, they help the hungry bears that have recently delivered great concern August earthquake. According to forestry workers, so many fish do not feed all the animals, so the district will decide on the future purchase of food for clubfoot.

Funds for this game fish local administration gathered with sponsors and individuals.

As explained in

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Kerch embankment dotted dead fish

According to experts, is floating on the surface about three tons of mullet, reports

Judging by the high degree of decomposition, the fish died long ago. But saltwater fish sinks to the bottom, and only after the expansion to the surface. Experts determined that the mullet family kefalevyh, and believe that the mass mortality occurred in winter, and the temperature rises dead fish floated to the surface.

In the central part of the city is a strong smell of rotten fish. People are forced to give up swimming for as long as city services will not

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In Orel fish strikes aeromonosis

In Orel Saltykov pond fish sick aeromonosis. An infectious disease of many species of fish, also known as German measles carp, ascites or eroshenie scales.

Recently, in the Oryol region became increasingly meet defeat the infection of live fish. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, the last case was recorded in the pond and creek Saltykov Good Oryol region. Acute outbreaks are the most numerous in the spring and summer. But by the fall of the disease already taking chronic. More resistant to infection by herbivorous fish species. But in the latter case suffered carp. Now the pond, where sick fish, running veterinary

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In Pavlodar region seized half a ton of radiation-contaminated fish

Pavlodar. June 7. Kazakhstan Today — in Pavlodar region seized a large consignment of fish, the background radiation is 2.5 times higher than the maximum permissible level, reports Kazakhstan Today.

As the head of the department of environmental and veterinary police department internal affairs of Kuandyk Baibolov, hazardous material was found in the course of preventive operations "spawning".

"The village of Aksu Pogranichnik rural area was arrested car" Volkswagen Passat "under the 54-year resident of Ekibastuz. During the inspection of the vehicle in the cabin were found and seized 15 bags of different kinds of fish (carp, crucian carp), weighing

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Dead fish in 5 km from Korosten. Video

At 5 km from Korosten, downstream, all the dead fish strewn shore …

Uploaded ecokorosten, date: 20.03.2012

Scientists discovered in Arctic fish natural antifreeze

The thing is that Arctic fish do not freeze in sub-zero temperatures, why and how it happens, scientists have tried to understand

Arctic water — not warm place during the year the water temperature in the Arctic is stagnating, about -1.8 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the freezing arctic fish blood -0.9 degrees Celsius. It would be logical to assume that the fish do not have to survive in these conditions, but the cause of the normal life of the fish is a natural antifreeze — specific glycoprotein.

This protein is able to detect about half a century ago,

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