In the waters of the Novosibirsk region set artificial spawning

Installation is carried out spawning fisheries and public organizations in order to restore and maintain commercial stocks of fish in the ponds area. 

The installation of artificial spawning carries JSC "Novosibirsk fish factory" LLC, "Wave", LLC "Novosibirsk fish factory", FGBU "Verkhneobrybvod" PA "Novosibirsk Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen," regional public organization "Federation of sport fishing Novosibirsk Region" and other organizations. In total this year, plans to establish a more than 66,000 artificial spawning at the Novosibirsk reservoir and about 8,000 on the river Ob. At present the plant for more than half

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Scientists have recreated the ideal diet for the heart

Let's fast forward for a moment on the Mediterranean coast … Gentle sun, the warm breeze, emerald transparent surface of the water … Not surprisingly, the Greeks, Italians, Cypriots and people from other Mediterranean countries look great and often smiling. But it's not just the sunny climate and fresh air. Foods that are eaten in these areas, in addition to being tasty, yet very useful.

According to research the past fifty years, scientists have found that the adherents of Mediterranean cuisine in an average of 30% less likely to experience depression, stress and worry, most importantly, one-third

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Underground inhabitants of the Far North

September 25, 2012 16:15

In the tundra of western Siberia and the Urals to the legends once lived mysterious people who locals called "Sirte".

They were low, had planted vertically bright eyes, wore metal pendants and beautiful clothes. This people was stocky and strong. Their clothes, lifestyle — all different from the traditional way of life of the local population. They almost did not communicate with other people, were isolated life in the tundra to appear only in fog or at night.

Their dwellings were once on the surface, but, later, for unknown reasons, they decided to go underground.

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Yuzhnouraltsev the bait caught fish with human teeth

July 10, 2012 21:41

Unusual catch fisherman recently caught from Kusy. From the local pond man pulled a small fish with a blunt snout and eyed "human" teeth!

Going on a fishing trip, Alexander Subrif had no idea what awaited him prey. He threw his net again, threw the second … and brought him a wave of … Wait, it's in Pushkin? Our hero was with a fishing rod!

In short, suddenly began to move the float, the man pulled out a one stroke catch from the water — and was stunned. Fish was not gold, but

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Pisces people smarter




Nicholas KRAUSE

The popularity of fishing due to the fact that people never consider catching fish as murder, referring to the process as a curious attraction. In fact, until now it was thought that the fish — the brainless creatures on earth, and even with a hook

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The only vegetarian shark

June 2, 2012 5:49

In all the time that the person is familiar with the sharks, these large fish have earned a reputation as a fierce and merciless killers eaters of all life. To recall the well-known movie "Jaws", which even a man with nerves of steel could plunge the creeps, and nervous — and do contraindicated. Yes, Hollywood is even more exacerbated our fear of sharks, making them mass murderers who can smell a drop of your blood at a distance of many kilometers. And sailed for more.

But it seems that the trends of healthy lifestyle not only

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Fished as our ancestors? Vintage signs and superstitions

May 10, 2012 21:20

Avid fishermen — known to the people superstitious. So happened a long time. For example, they do not like to be on the way to the bank counter wished good fishing, are wary to give the wrong hands your equipment, refrain from counting until the end of the catch fishing.

On the other hand, is always happy to meet a cripple ahead of desired classes, fondly kissed first small fish, carefully removing the hook, then release back "for dad — for my mother — his grandfather — a grandmother." Many beliefs have survived from ancient

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American caught giant goldfish

January 22, 2013 15:03


Fisherman Mike Martin was able to catch the spoils of his life — a giant goldfish. He was shocked when I caught a fish in the three pounds in Lake Claire, Michigan, reports TSN. 25-year-old believes that the fish was once the darling of the family, which is released into the wild, where he continued to quietly grow.

He said: "We see them all the time, but, in fact, rarely get to catch them."

Martin caught a giant gold fish during the winter fishing for perch. "It was something of a shock,"

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Amazing creation dolphin …

January 11, 2012 21:50

Brain dolphins often exceeds the human in both size and number convolutions. Animals Dolphins have universal acceptance, symbolizing freedom, joy, grace and tranquility, and lifting the mood of many people around the world.

Perhaps, for many it is no secret that these, according to the appearance, the true fish are actually mammals. These strange animals, dolphins have blood, hot and scarlet, and can give birth to only one baby at a time.

After the birth of dolphin in length of about 1 m, and will grow up to 4 meters, and the life they have

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In Papua New Guinea fish pacu castrate young fishermen

January 8, 2012 7:14

In Papua New Guinea British Dzhemeri Wade caught a pacu fish with powerful teeth and chelyustmi, which, according to local residents, the fish swimming in the water castrate young fishermen. The channel ITV next week in a series of programs "River Monsters" Dzhemeri Wade will show the film was shot in Papua New Guinea. Intrepid traveler, who 53 years old, spent a few weeks in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea in order to catch this dangerous fish, after he heard from local fishermen story about a creature that removes the testicles from the fishermen

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