Mysterious underground people leave traces

December 20, 2011 23:04

"Here and there among the trunks of fallen trees and moss stuck upright petrified of stairs to the gods could descend on them on the ground to people. Pamu but it seemed that these steps have put forward from the depths of the underground Men Sirte: apparently live in numb grief he felt so terrible that they escaped from the depths of the sky. " Alexei Ivanov, "The Heart of Parma."

This mysterious people on the legends once lived in the tundra of western Siberia and the Urals. Hyperborean called them Sirte (or sihirtya) and attributed

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Strange fish caught near the collector

October 19, 2011 6:08

The media in full sensationally blow that caught piranha, but judging by the photos of the teeth is clearly not a piranha. Though certainly for our regions unusual fish. Caught fish from urban collector.

By weight pulls on the pounds. And she was there alone. The second, which was supposedly much harder, did not manage to catch, off the hook.

— This mutant lived in the reservoir, located in the Zavodsky district. How it got there — is unknown. The water there is ice and out of the tube always fall to pieces

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I looked at the price — and lost consciousness

Society In recent weeks in Belarus continues the rapid growth of food prices both foreign and domestic. This — greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, fish, pasta, cereals and more.

According to official data, prices in Minsk this week reached 16-17 percent, in places, it is even higher. To investigate the situation and its causes, regional correspondents of "Freedom" visited the shops and markets, talked to vendors and buyers.

Vitebsk Region

 Even in Moscow, food is cheaper than in Orsha On Radunitsa to Orsha pensioner Mrs Anne visited relatives in Moscow. Shopping struck them: "They came for a week-guests from Moscow, we

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Backbone — a voltaic pile?




We are all accustomed to such titles as "battery", "battery", "power supply" and so on. But the first sources of electricity were not at all like that. "Voltaic pile" — a source of constant electric current was invented by the famous physicist Alessandro Volta. The first "pillar"

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What will sell MAZ?

Society Tsigankov: How is it should evaluate the idea that MAZ should enter into some sort of commonality with KAMAZ? Is there any positive aspects, or this is done it is only because the MAZ force to it?

Zaleski: The money ran out. Such a life is really nowhere to go. And the Russians have long wanted this MAZ to take in hand. That's a deal. As they say, "Mlada force and strangle the old."

Tsigankov: Belarusian ideologists, the authorities when opposed privatization, it is often said that Western concerns simply want to destroy the competition, and will

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The wonders of nature: in South Korea, there were fish with human faces




According to press reports Seoul, South Korea, there were fish with human faces. Two big fishes swim a length of 80 centimeters in the pond of a private home in Cheongju Chungcheongnam-do.

Television channels in South Korea and Japan showed strange animals on their heads which are

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Silver stream number 19. Tips experienced anglers watch online

This collection is dedicated to the topic spinninga.Svoimi share the secrets of fishing recognizable angler-Oscar expert Sobolev, the creator of numerous books on fishing Alex Tchernushenko, recognizable spinningists,creator and developer of "foam fish" Sergei Pavlov and many other experienced spinningists.

Fishing, hunting

HIGHWAY 110: activists visited Irkutsk, CBRY, Listvyanka and Port Baikal

We continue the story oftravelMembers of the youth project "Highway 110" on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The guys have already visited Khabarovsk, participated in the cleaning the shores of Lake Baikal.    At 7 am, arrived at the dairy foggy Irkutsk. The tram with checks instead of tickets arrived at the campus and checked into a hostel with stunning views Angara.


After passing through the streets of the writer's poetic and Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, we were on the spot. Nastya, our guide, has held an entertaining tour of the city despite the 30-degree heat.

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Scientists have discovered an eel with a human spine

May 24, 2012 12:25

In ancient times, the fish, continues to live in the water, was characterized by the acquisition of some details of the anatomical structure peculiar to terrestrial beings.

The deposits of the Carboniferous age of Scotland about 345 million years, paleontologists discovered an eel with a very unusual structure of the spine. Information detailing the fossil fish, appeared in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Most terrestrial animals spine, usually differentiated according to the type of vertebral structure, the following five sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and tail. However, the fish is divided only

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Chernobyl anomaly on the water — strange eddies or mutant monsters?

September 23, 2012 11:48

This video was filmed on the River Pripyat near Chernobyl. Eyewitnesses argue that it is out there on the water, swirl or fish. A very strange phenomenon …

I slowed down the video and added the increase to the object. It seems that under the water, something is moving, but that may well move in the channels of Chernobyl? Anomaly appears near the coast, where no fish could not go unnoticed.

When an object is moving away, are visible outline of a black body under the water and the movement of a certain similarity of the

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