Where you can see the fish rain


The most unusual rain — fish. Fascinating phenomenon of nature — rain of fish can be seen in Honduras. Every year, for over 100 years, at the end of May, beginning of June over Honduras hangs a huge dark cloud, a flash of lightning, thunder, wind gusts tear the leaves and twigs from the roofs of houses and within 2-3 hours of heavy rain pours. When the element is stopped on the ground are thousands of live fish, which are collected by local residents. This phenomenon did not go unnoticed, since 1998 in Honduras, in the city

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Abnormal gifts from heaven

November 19, 2011 23:22

In fine weather the sky above seems friendly and safe. We did not even think about that every time with blue skies on us can fall down ice block, iron or stone meteorite and even … a real UFO. 1790. UFO with a running "stuffing" In this far from us a year in the province of Alencon (France) fell from the sky aflame ball that close to the ground slowed his rapid descent and fell on top of a hill. Rumors about the incident came to Paris and from there to investigate the incident sent a

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The hole swallowed a house and pond in Central China

Relatives of the missing have organized excavations in the hope of finding it. Photo from epochtimes.com

China. Early in the morning of 14 July villagers Bayshen central Hubei province found that disappeared from the face of the earth house and pond with all the water and fish, and in their place a huge gaping hole. The house was one person, who is now considered to be missing. As reported by the publication "Wuhan Morning", now the fish pond, which covered an area of 2.1 hectares, remained bare place, there is not even a single fish. At the place

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In the Philippines, millions died mysteriously hanosov


About a thousand tons of dead fish covered Lake Taal, which is located in the crater of the volcano of the same name, not far from the capital, Manila.

Local residents are gaining a boatload of easy prey and pray in anticipation of the end of the world. The scientists present their version. Alone in the blame cold rain — the water was too much oxygen balance is disturbed, and the fish suffocated. Others believe that she was killed by Taal Volcano — the day before he got up and threw a lot of

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What kind of fish we eat? (2012). Online

Pangasius, sea bass, dorado, Norwegian salmon — we are happy to surging imports … But if you knew how to grow the fish, all would refuse to use it. Who hoisted on Russian imports terrible fish? And why are not available to us from our own seas catch?

Cast consumer investigation conducted by visiting the Sakhalin and the fish market in Japan, we have learned how to grow Norwegian salmon. And looked around — what fish hiding under the pseudonyms "bearded", "sea chicken" and "sea lion". What do I need

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Death of fish in the pond Mytishchi

29.07.11.V Mytishchi wanted those who poisoned the pond Central City Park. Near the pond — a strong chemical smell that with wind gusts up to the nearest houses. Added to it and the smell of rotting fish.

Three days ago the same killing a few ducks. Those that survived, look clearly unhealthy. Float on the water surface dead perch. According to residents of neighboring houses, cause ecological disaster — an unknown chemical that someone secretly poured into water.

The pond is now underway to strengthen the banks, but it was unlikely to cause pollution. In all of

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Farmers are looking for the cause of mass death of fish


Owners of fish farms on Lake Taal, about 60 kilometers from the capital of the Philippines, count losses. Once the oxygen level in the water has fallen sharply, started dying fish. Has already killed more than 750 tons. Since last week, dead fish floating on the water surface. In the city of Talisay it is collected in rice bags. One of the farmers said that lost all his fish.

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Tons of dead fish found in the lake district in the Annunciation Achikul

On Lake Achikul that Bashkortostan's Annunciation, the day before found a large number of dead carp along the east coast. According to public assistants Union environmentalists RB width continuous band dead and moribund fish even reach five feet. The length of the band is more than a kilometer, which suggests several tons of dead carp. In this case, the birds do not touch the risen to the surface of the lake fish.

Currently, an employee of the RB of the Middle territorial department of the Federal Agency for Fisheries already went to the scene of mass death

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In small ponds Latvia dying fish

In small rivers and other shallow waters of Latvia began "fish kills," said deputy director of marine and inland waters of the State Environmental Service Nikolai Liskin.

He added that, in small closed water bodies that have little depth, and in the channels, due to the onset of heat started fish kills.

In some bodies of water in which the fish is unable to get into the deeper waters, there is also its downfall.


Source: Telegraf.lv

Florida: The death of fish Neypls Beach

Many dying fish, beating along the beach Naples, is the second fish kill in Collier County last week (Naples — a city located in Collier County (Florida, USA) — annotated. Translator).

"It seemed very surreal," — said Roger Jacobsen, the owner of the harbor city Naples.

During the cleaning of the Third Avenue South to Seventh Avenue has raised more than 200 dead sea creatures, from starfish to Snook (snook something of our perch — annotated. Translator), While more recently, many of them were swimming in shoals of tea-colored water at a depth of 10-15 feet, occasionally appearing at the

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