River in Wales was suddenly orange

Does Dzhefford just sitting with his fishing rod to the river near Neath Welsh village Abergarved when usually very clear water suddenly became orange. Environmental Service Wales looking for the cause of pollution, but one of the villagers have a different theory.

Now the orange colored part of the river dlinoy10 km. between the village and the town of Neath Abergarved. "The water was beautiful and clear, and suddenly she changed color — says fisherman Lee Dzhefford. — I could watch the fish suffocate. " Then he saw about 40 or 50 dead fish. "At about 11 am there

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Kemerovo region: Tom returned to the river valuable species of fish


In the main waterway of Kuzbass — Tom river and its tributaries due to improved water quality, returning valuable species of fish, including trout, sturgeon, sturgeon. This is related to the online conference in the regional administration head of the department for the protection of wildlife Kemerovo region Pavel Stepanov.

One of the desired target species for fishermen Kuzbass was recently trout. In 2011, this valuable fish in the Kuzbass were caught almost 1.3 tonnes, mainly in the license areas of recreational and sport fisheries, organized by Tom, Upper, Lower and Middle Tersi. In this case, the

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Chinese fish contaminated with industrial waste

Severe pollution of the Pearl River (Pearl River), metals and organic compounds has led to the accumulation of these substances in the bodies of river and marine life, the eating of which has become dangerous to human health.

For example, in the oysters from Guangdong Province copper in 740 times higher than normal.

According to the publication "Yanchen Vanbao", according to the recently promulgated Maritime Bulletin of Guangdong Province in 2010, 40% of the pollution discharged into the sea of industrial waste overfished, 16% of the sea water is polluted.

It says that in 2010, eight of the rivers flowing

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In the river, Poltava Erik mass death of fish


Poltava river Kuban Erik ceased to be a popular destination among anglers rybakov.Po words, instead of the past catch two to three pounds a day is hard to catch at least one live fish.

Local residents believe that the blame for what is happening is that the pond drains waste meat. Fish began to float belly-up, and the blood trickling from the gills.

The fact that the fish are dying, in the department of natural resources and the state environmental control Krasnodar region have learned from the media STC. Now experts are already

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Ichthyologists: the rivers of Belarus growing number of alien fish

In recent years the Belarusian rivers significantly increased the number of alien species. This leads to suppression and displacement of traditional forms for Belarus, as the latter often can not compete, said head of the Laboratory of Ichthyology Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources, NAS of Belarus Viktor Rizevsky.

The spread on the territory of Belarus alien fish species have been linked primarily to the warming climate. With increasing temperature these types easier to adapt to new environment and quickly multiply. "As a result, the suppression and repression of native species, reduced biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems," — said the scientist.

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Kamensk-Ural — mass death of fish. Yekaterinburg

Prosecutors Sverdlovsk region checks on the fact of mass death of fish in the Iset River near the village of Kamenka Beklinisheva district. This was reported by the press service oblprokuratury.

Sverdlovsk interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office for the audit staff involved ATS Kamensky urban district and specialists of the state control, surveillance, protection of marine biological resources and their habitats for the Sverdlovsk region Nizhneobskogo territorial management.

According to eyewitnesses, the dead fish appeared in the Iset River about two weeks ago. Preliminary cause of death of fish named Zamor in the winter due to lack of oxygen under the

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Four Red vulture rescued from poachers in Kamchatka

Transport Police in conjunction with the FSB seized the man at the airport in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the four listed in the Red Book of merlins, reports Kamchatka line department of the Interior Ministry in transport.

"The birds were found during the inspection of passenger baggage at the entrance to the hall luxury. Explained arrested after buying a ticket, he was approached by a man and asked him to drop off a bag of fish in Moscow for the relatives, while he opened it and found that there really is fish is vacuum packed. About that under the fish are merlin, the

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The fish on the reservoir Varvarovskom killed by Volgograd

Cause of death of carp in reservoirs of the Volga-Don Canal would be chemical treatment of the water body from mosquitoes

This was the "AIF-Volgograd" reported in Volgograd fisheries FSI "Nizhnevolzhrybvod."

Recall that in early June in the coastal strip and Varvarovskogo Bereslavskaya reservoirs of the Volga-Don Canal Volgograd ichthyologists found more than five hundred copies dead carp, with the weight of individual items from 3 to 35 kg. All the fish, according to local residents and summer visitors, began to die at the end of May.

"Since not all of the fish died, but solely carp floating in the

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Cut, watch online

Transfer "Hack, Semyonitch "will be a real gift for all fans to sit with a fishing rod in his enjoyment of all who consider themselves the particular fisherman and, of course, for those who are seriously passionate about doing this, and spends a lot of time and effort to catch fish.

Each issue Aware of one form or another fishing and introduces the intricacies of catching certain types of fish. From this series, you will learn in detail about all the beauty of winter fishing, when the frost bites her cheeks and it seems that you yourself

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Loss of fish and other marine animals in the Israeli coast

Last week, the beach "Poleg" in Netanya waves tossed the carcass of a dead dolphin. In this week nachel sea ashore Netanya many dead fish.

Area of detection of dead fish on the shore of Netanya closed to public access by the police. Ministry of Health experts are investigating the incident, trying to find the cause of the death of marine life off the coast of Netanya.

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