In the Kharkiv region in the pond all the fish died

On the brink of ecological disaster. In Bliznyukovskom near Kharkiv region in the pond all the fish died — one hundred tons of silver carp and grass carp. This is because of impurities that resets "Water," said the tenant of the reservoir. The enterprise does not admit guilt. Continue — Svetlana Shekera.

The waves beat the shore all the new big fish carcasses. Tolstolob, carp, catfish, roach and carp. Fish surfaced when the ice came. Most of the — already dismantled. In other words, collected into piles and burned. Total — about a

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Death of fish in the lake Kaban

A huge number of dead fish found near the bridge over the lake Boar Street Esperanto.

The number of dead fry and big fish in the thousands.

Almost every year at Cabane a mass fish kills, environmentalists believe that the problem is due to receipt of the pond of pollutants from urban enterprises, as well as untreated stormwater and meltwater.

Earlier, the portal already wrote that the government ban pour sewage into the boar, which will play the Universiade

Portal users gave their assessment of the situation: "I bet with anyone that livnevkoy that carries wastewater from

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In the Iset River fish died

In Sverdlovsk interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office received information from residents of Aram, that on 1 August 2011 in the Iset River found a fact of mass death of fish. The specified fact operatives environmental prosecutor together with specialists of the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources on UFD, department of state control in the Sverdlovsk region Nizhneobskogo Territorial Administration Civil Fisheries FBU "TsLATI" initiated unscheduled. Taken water samples, carcasses of fish intended to ichthyological research.

As the press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Sverdlovsk region, according to the audit, in case

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Fish kill in Primorye

Specialists explain the reasons for the mass death of fish found on the coast of the peninsula de Vries in Vladivostok, told RIA Novosti on Thursday from the Pacific directorate of technical oversight of the sea. "The dead fish of different species on the coast of the peninsula de Vries found the staff to fish protection. Now difficult to say how much it killed because some are likely to have taken the locals. For laboratory control our experts have collected about ten copies", — said . According to him, it is too early to talk about the mass poisoning of

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U.S.: Thousands of dead fish in Lake Seymour, Indiana

Last weekend in the lake found about 3,000 rotting fish floating on the surface. Many people are shocked and say they have never seen anything like it, said

On the Dnieper river Saksagan dead fish

Massive fish kills observed on September 22 at the river Saksagan.

On the eve of quietly floating in the water Okushko, roach, carp and even cancers in the morning were lying belly up on the shore. Perishes even so-called weed fish.

Explain what happened, we could neither rybinspektsiya Krivorozhsky district nor the Office of Environmental Executive Committee. Only through Ternovskii SES found out that at the moment there is a water purification Makartavskogo reservoir river Saksagan.

From what it is purified water, and do not consider whether the leading scholars in these fish a luxury, refine and failed. Krivoy

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Fish kills in the river

Inspectors' Hersongosrybohrany "May 14 found fish kills in the lower part Ingulets, in the river and the Dnieper-Bug estuary. According gouspravleniya protection of the natural environment in the Kherson region, in the waters of the Lower Dnieper killed 95 Koropi, 428 carp, 3 carp and 1 pike perch and pike. In the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary killed 57 Koropi, 933 carp.

Ichthyological selected material (dead fish) and sent to a laboratory of veterinary medicine. According to studies conducted by the Kherson regional laboratory of veterinary medicine immediately disappear signs of poisoning (due to accumulated toxins, heavy metals) and bacteriological

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Dead fish on the lake dredge

Fish kills in Primorye

April 24, 2012. In 2011, at Lake Sheklyaevo, after the disappearance of the ice, there was a mass of dead carp, killer, catfish and even carp. Note — this is on a lake with a lot of running into keys that help saturate the water under the ice in winter oxygen. This year on the grounds seaside?

Spring 2012 is no exception. However, in all Sheklyaevo exactly, but at Drage (p. Starosysoevka) the picture is quite different. On it I want today to tell and show. See what there is now (April 24, 2012) at BERGEN

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Farmers are looking for the cause of mass death of fish

Owners of fish farms on Lake Taal, about 60 kilometers from the capital of the Philippines, count losses. Once the oxygen level in the water has fallen sharply, started dying fish. Has already killed more than 750 tons. Since last week, dead fish floating on the water surface. In the city of Talisay it is collected in rice bags. One of the farmers said that lost all his fish. [Danilo Panganiban, the owner of a fish farm]: "I came to the cages in the morning and saw the fish — tilapia and hanos — which

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The mass death of birds recorded in the Taganrog Bay in the Sea of Azov

The mass death of birds recorded in the Taganrog Bay in the Sea of Azov, said Thursday at the presentation of the atlas "Ecology of the Azov Sea," the chairman of the Southern Scientific Center RAS Academician Gennady Matishov.

He said that due to the abnormally warm temperatures and lack of ice cover, migratory bird lingered in the area and is in no hurry to leave the warm waters rich in small fish, we slip through the mesh network. And here they are for the birds of this trap. Entangled in the nets, the bird is unable to escape to

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