In the river Plavitsa Lipetsk lost fish

Environmental services specialists Lipetsk region found in the river in Plavitsa Dobrinka district the dead fish reported

The department reported that the dead fish — roach, perch, bleak — was discovered near the village Veselovka. Water samples and samples of dead fish were taken for research.

Specialists note that fish Plavitse could die from lack of oxygen, for the reason that in some places the river does not freeze even in extreme cold.

In Lipetsk region sewerage killed all the fish in the pond

  In Lipetsk region sewerage killed all the fish in the pond In the village pond Red Lipetsk fish kills occurred. One of the causes of the accident area environmentalists called sewage runoff that occurred as a result of the accident at the CND.

— This place is a cascade of water, but suffered only Furmanov pond located in the center of the village — told state inspector environmental Lipetsk Natalia Bessonova. — The valves are on the pond, above and below the affected area, have not given water and contaminate it.

Preliminary estimate is killed all the fish

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Fish kills in Moldova

Tiraspol, August 02 (New Region, Dean Leonidova) — In one of the dams in the river Yagorlyk Transnistrian village Doybany-1 Dubasari, fish kills occurred.

As the "New Region" in the organization "Doctors for the Environment", in late July, there was a dead fish in the waters of Dubossary reservoir and on the shore near the dam Dubossary HPP. Local residents told the organization that the bridge pond "swarming half-dead fish as if it was cooked in boiling water."

According to the deputy director of the reserve "Yagorlyk" in the scientific part of Tatiana Sharapanovskoy on the ecological system has negatively

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Latviya.V Aizpute town, river Alokst — massive fish die

The city Aizpute, river Alokst — massive fish die



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Proven. Some fish species are able to communicate with each other

Is not only a man, primates and crows are able to communicate with each other. Recent research scientists have shown that in addition to the above types of Sign language is used more and some fish while hunting…

Both types of fish — grouper and coral trout are known that can hunt together with other kinds of animals. At the time, as sea bass with a giant moray eels hunt and fish, which are called by Napoleon, coral trout "cooperate" with the octopus. In a study published last week in

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Stocking ponds in the Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions

The lake Etkul soon be catching carp and grass carp. For the first time in a body of water released 12,000 fingerlings of these species. Did it in the first place to clean up the lake from algae and sediment, which feed on these fish.

Three-month fry purchased Yuzhnouralsk, ran into the pond from the central beach Etkul. Now the main thing — to give them to grow up, so local officials are asking fishermen in the next few years, do not use fishing rods, not networks and promise to create all the conditions for the fry.

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Fishermen Chukotka twice reduced production of salmon, mastered 38% quota

Fishermen Chukotka only 38.3% of the quota allotted to them have mastered the catch of Pacific salmon, having produced in the region ended in salmon fishing 1.077 tons of fish, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a government of Chukotka.

This figure is twice lower than last year's results, when the quota, the volume of which generally corresponded to the level of 2012, was mastered by 81.5%.

Over the past five years, quotas for salmon production in Chukotka mastered by an average of 65%.

"The Committee on the District Fisheries Department agricultural policy summed up the 2012 salmon fishing season, which

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In the Republic of Khakassia began a period of stocking sturgeon species. In several ponds populated republic sorokagrammovyh first batch of sturgeon and sturgeon fingerlings.

Sorokagrammovaya juveniles will be grown to marketable fish in cages and in lakes and ponds.


In the Orenburg region Iriklinskoe reservoir released 750 kg of fish

June 1 Iriklinskoe reservoir released fry carp and mirror carp. The action on stocking the pond was organized by the club "Orenfishing 'Federation spearfishing Orenburg Oblast (ROO FPSO) and the Federation of Sport Fisheries Orenburg Oblast (FRSOO). Everyone

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In Lake Ladoga released 10,000 yearlings palia.

Ten thousand yearlings palia released into Lake Ladoga, on Friday, May 31. Issue one of the most valuable fish of the Leningrad Region was made under the supervision of specialists Northwest Territorial Administration Fishery Agency. Juvenile fish reared under a contract of artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Federal Centre of Breeding fishing" (FSUE "FCFGS") in the village of Ropsha Leningrad region.




At Neva released 18,000 fish salmon.


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In the river Ryazanovka Primorye released more than 120,000 juvenile chum salmon

May 22, 2013 under the supervision of Primorsky Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva manufacture for juvenile chum salmon with Ryazanovsky experimental hatchery FGBU "Primorrybvod" in the district. Ryazanovka.

Issued more than 120,000 chum salmon fry in order to compensate for damage caused by PKU "Directorate of Public Procurement" in the construction of a cargo terminal to ensure the construction of the APEC summit — 2012 by Fr. Russian (Cape Pospelov).


In the Tom River in Tomsk produced over 20 million

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