In Kerch issued ashore dead anchovy

Near the bridge, near the village Chelyadinovo, the coast is dotted with anchovy. Fish covers the dense carpet sand large plot poberezhya.Sayt KERCH.COM.UA reported the incident in the Kerch veterinary laboratory for fish diseases. Experts went to the scene and confirmed that they are watching a lot of fish on the shore.

"Currently, we have surveyed the lake Tobechik jumper and head to Cape Taquile. Later we will drive to the village Geroevskoe to determine the length of the coast, on which the fish, — told us the experts. — At first glance, you can determine that the anchovy died

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In Arkansas, fish die en masse

Currently, American conservationists explain the reasons for the mass death of fish washed up on shore of the Arkansas River, according to a news portal quoting a representative of the Arkansas Commission on hunting and fishing Keith Stevens (Keith Stevens).

According to Stevens, the first reports of the death of the fish appeared on December 30, and the next day arrived at the scene biologists. Total killed about 100 thousand. A few fish were sent to the University of Arkansas to study in the laboratory.

As noted portal, scientists believe that the cause of death of fish could be

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Dried fish with a human face: the mutant fish ponds conquer

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Our fishing. Fishing for pike. Ultralight watch online

Boris Saksonova personal project (known to us by movie series "Cut,!"). The movie is dedicated to pike fishing on ultralight small rivers. "The movie is simple in structure and is aware of where catch, than catch and as catch pike small rivers. All montages, design and practical work are shown and illustrated in the process of catching. Under the heading "Fisherman's Kitchen" using conventional and high-spirited method of manufacturing a pike on the grill — right on the beach.

Fishing, hunting

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Volga Delta fish may be left without

The spring fishing season this year confirmed that the catches in the lower Volga fall. According KaspNIIRHa, in March-April this year, commercial fishing was 12.1 thousand tons. Last year during the same period were taken 14.1 thousand tons. If we trace on fish species, it will look like.

Roach caught in the current year of one thousand tons. Most appeared pike. During the period of the spring fishing season it was in fishing nets about three thousand tons. This is more than in 2010. Semi catches fish for one month in May amounted to 21.4 thousand tons. In 2010, the

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In the Kuzbass registered mass death of fish

The village Yashkino registered environmental disaster: the fault of the staff of the local pumping station at a local pond killed all the fish.

Investigating authorities on the criminal case under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Water pollution, entailed to a fish kill."

According to investigators, from late April to early May, staff yashkinskoy sewage pumping station, which belongs to one of the municipal enterprises, the waste water in the pond. As a result, lost about eight thousand copies of the fish. The total damage was more than 160 thousand rubles.

Currently under investigations, to

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U.S. East Coast fish dying en masse

U.S. scientists are studying another mysterious phenomenon with massive loss of animals. Over the last week at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Atlantic waves released nearly two million dead fish.

Specialists consider several theories explaining the loss of so many sea creatures. The most obvious version — pollution — is considered the least close to the truth.

"At the moment we have not found any problems with water quality, — the representative of the environmental agency. — In our opinion, this was due to sudden change in temperature."

Died, mostly young members of the family Gorbyleva. This species of fish are

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Kuban: The first in this years tornado

May 15. In the village of Seversk count losses that the streets, fields and houses struck first in this year's tornado. Huge air funnel walked through the neighborhood, located next to the touched stanitsa pond absorbed tons of water along with the fish. And after all this is brought down on the heads of the villagers. As a result, stopped traffic on the highway, gardens were buried under a layer of silt. And people were fishing right hands in the dirt.

Now move on the federal highway restored. As for other effects of the elements, they are not completely

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Death of fish in the pond Penza

The cause of mass death of fish in the pond in the village, "Solar", most likely, it was lack of oxygen caused by the weather and water pollution.

Such preliminary conclusion experts of the Office of naturednymi resources. Last Friday, the staff MP "plant improvement of forest management" cleared a pond of dead fish.

The water samples were sent for analysis to the regional management № 59 FMBA of Russia. Opinion on their compliance with sanitary standards and requirements will be made soon.

CPS tightened control on the border with Ukraine over cholera

According to RIA Novosti, Rospotrebnadzor specialists in the Rostov region increased control at checkpoints from Ukraine to Russia in connection with the confirmation of four cases of cholera in the neighboring Donetsk region, told the head of the Rostov Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Soloviev.

In Mariupol, Donetsk region in late May revealed four cases of cholera. According to the Ministry of Health, all of them, to varying degrees, are associated with the caught fish. The Ministry of Health says that cholera has the situation under control. Mariupol is situated 50 kilometers from the border of the Rostov Region.


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