Massive fish kills occurred in Central China

On the surface of the lake Dunbohu Sichuan swim tens of thousands of dead fish.

Massive fish kills began March 14. Thousands of residents gathered to look at the Meishan is a "spectacle." Some came with Socko and began to fish the fish, putting it in sacks. Most were large tolstoloby weighing 2-3 kg, the magazine writes, "Huaxi Dushibao."

One local dealer caught fish per hour about 100 kg.

Body of water to fish kills occurred, is leased by entrepreneur Lee Chungo. He is even afraid to count the losses. According to him it is estimated, have killed

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In Ukraine, a huge dry river Dniester

According, the Dniester killed fish, flowers and water spoils ecosystem.

In the river, the water level drops because of the intention not to drop it from the Dniester HPP, claim in the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine.

Public organization accused of Power gidroenergouzla Dniester.

"In the Dniester Delta catastrophic water shortage. Temperature rises to 20 degrees or higher. Water blooms, gets a yellow-brown color. Appear dead carp and carp. Large area, which would have to go to the water, suffering from the effects of the spring fire" — the press service quoted expert on Wetlands, Ph.D.

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Fish kill in Australia

Phone call to the Ridge News Tuesday morning alerted Received: reported the death of a European carp on a dam at Big Varrambule writes

Thousands and thousands of dead fish floated to the surface of the water and covered with a beach a few meters deep. Why are they all died — a mystery. Fisherman from Lightning Ridge suggested that the cause was a lack of oxygen.

Surviving fish swims mouth sticking out of the water: it is possible, it will also be lost. Probably all of them brought to the dam flood, after which the fish remained

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Mass death of fish in the Gulf

Eyewitnesses report that Sestroretsk in the Gulf of Finland wave has washed a lot of dead fish. Dead fish comes in a lot of literally every meter of beach.

What exactly caused the mass death of fish — is unknown.

Earlier, the authorities of St. Petersburg did not recommend people to swim in the water most of the city and the region, including in the Gulf.

However — no warning is too effective — in the first fine days of Petersburg rushed to favorite beaches are not deprived of the attention and the Gulf of Finland. The number of

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Marmara Sea can be dead

At the initiative of environmental activist "Denise Turmera" 2011 Year of the Sea of Marmara. The organization's purpose — to draw public attention to the problem and the state of pollution of the sea, all of which belong to the coast of Turkey, and the depletion of its fish resources.

According to the organization, over the past 40 years in the Sea of Marmara disappeared 124 species of fish.

"Denise Turmera", headed by a major Turkish businessman Rahmi Koc, — an influential environmental organization specializing in pollution of marine waters. It has been operating for 16 years,

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Sea apocalypse

Ukrainian and Russian biologists from the results of this year's scientific expeditions to the Black Sea, have made a very sad conclusion — life in this unique body of water is on the verge of extinction. The Black Sea is no longer usual mackerel and turbot, and after 10 years the sea will die completely.

The final three

Specialists Sevastopol Institute of Biology of Southern Seas spent this year five special research expeditions to see the general state of the ecological system of the Black Sea. The last time these studies were conducted 25 years ago, and scientists are

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In the Black Sea, there are only three species of fish

The deterioration of the Black Sea ecosystem has greatly reduced the population of valuable fish species. Now there were only sprat, anchovy and sprat.

This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (IBSS) for Science, Doctor of Biological Sciences Yuri Tokarev.

"That's what we got: sprat, sprat, anchovy. Before, there were sturgeon, turbot, bluefish, mullet. That was the main fish. Black Sea mackerel not. Anchovy and sprat are already 90% of the whole fish, which is found in the Black Sea.

The reason — overfishing and the barbaric attitude of man

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In Kiev killed fish ponds

Metropolitan environmentalists warn that in the Kiev reservoir can begin mass death of fish. All — because of abnormally early blooms in the river. This process takes up oxygen from the river, which leads to the death of fish. Usually blooms begin in August. However, this year — a hindrance nature — was the heat and industrial waste, according to UBR. According to the Kievan owners landing stages that recently docked in Hydropark, poured into water its waste. The result of this economy — the dirty river. For green water — the conditions could not be better. Due to the

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A third of the snails are on the verge of extinction in the Pacific Islands

More than 30% of freshwater fish, snails and reptiles that live in the Pacific Islands, are threatened with extinction, said the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Environmentalists have published results of the first phase of two-year research program in the Pacific Islands. As the article notes, the result of the program will be a package of measures for the conservation of rare species in the region for up to ten years.

"Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia — is home to a large number of terrestrial species, many of which are found only in this corner of

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Fish in the ocean can lose weight by a quarter due to climate change

Weight gain in ocean fish may be reduced by a quarter by 2050, if the climate change on the planet continue at their current pace, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

American experts examined the adaptability to climate change in more than 600 species of marine fish, and with the help of mathematical modeling predicted changes in their size, physiology and migratory patterns. According to the survey, three-quarters of the species studied, "ground" — an indicator of the maximum body mass in these species is reduced.

"According to the script, calculated for the current

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