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The village Urleyka (Penza region). Opened a regional breeding center

If the tenant before the ponds were forced to bring larvae and young fish trade from other regions, but now they have the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and get planting material, without leaving the area.

Urleysky hatchery is universal: in addition to the usual carp in it can be grown larva trout, sturgeon almost any species that may be contained in the fish farms of the area. In the long term — extension point for other valuable species of fish, such as trout, catfish.

While in the incubator incorporated 10000000 embryos mirror and scaly carp. They

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Built in Ukraine trawler came into operation

BMTR "General Troshev"

The first catch hoisted aboard a large freezer-trawler fishery "General Troshev" constructed Black Sea Shipyard (Nikolayev) for the Russian company "Transfiguration base trawl fleet."

This is the first of four trawlers, with whom we resume the construction of this type of vessels. The next ship will also be built for the base of the Transfiguration Russian trawler fleet. For the rest of the negotiations with potential customers, including Russian. We view this as a promising direction for shipbuilding CSY "- said General Director of the completion of the CSY Valery Kalashnikov.

The vessel is

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Verhnevolzhrybvod increasing its stocking of rivers and lakes in the region

Since the beginning of the spawning season in the waters of the region produced more than 3 million larvae and fry of pike, river estuaries identified for stocking valuable species of fish — sturgeon and carp.

State order for growing young fish hatchery Chernozavodsky fulfilled, releasing in Gorky reservoir, the mouth of the Black River, Clear Lake, KUDRINSKAYA Yahrobolskoe and over one million pike larvae seven days of age. More future predators "a voyage" in the Rybinsk reservoir and river estuaries and Sit Chesnava affected by winter Zamora, hatchery plant in Breytovo.

In addition to juvenile pike fish farmers

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In the Tomsk region are working on the reproduction of valuable fish species

In the Tomsk region produced about 5,000,000 podroschennyh larvae peled and 50 young sturgeons in the Tom river as part of the stocking.

In 2011, with the participation of major fishing organizations and the funds "Research-and-production complex of Tomsk hatchery" event held on the artificial reproduction of valuable fish species were produced 6,000,000 peled larvae and juveniles in the Tom river.

Restored Fishery urban lakes — White, Mavlyukeevskoe, University, which started in around 100 thousand young carp and crucian carp.

In agreement with the Rosrybolovstvo in the years 2012-2017 in attracting features fishing organizations and hatchery facilities in the Tomsk

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In Volgograd ponds released fish stocks

In the Volgograd region in the multi-purpose ponds in the area of 1178.16 hectares of fish seed produced output.

Issue was carried out from 4 to 15 May. In all there were 505,050 pieces of carp-yearling. This event was held in the framework of the decisions of the regional administration "On the long-term regional target program" Development of Wildlife and Fisheries, Volgograd Oblast "for 2009-2012."

In Votkinsk (Udmurtia) created 864 pools for fish farming

Representatives LLC "GC" Akvafond "told the President of Udmurtia on the implementation of a project for the development of fishery industry in the country.

Thus, the first phase of the project started — in Votkinsk area already built six hangars, purchased 112 units and 864 water treatment pools for fish, purchased 1.1 million fry.

In 2013, the complex is expected to reach full production capacity of 3,000 tons of fish a year.

Representatives rybohozyaystva addressed to the Head of the republic to support them in negotiations with Sberbank of Russia on taking credit for future business development.

Alexander Volkov has

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In the Murmansk region opened fish processing production

May 16, during his visit to Teriberku Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun took part in the opening ceremony of the upgraded fish processing complex of "SiFudRus."

Since April 2009, the company held replace old equipment that meets all modern convenience. Now the entire process chain was fully computerized, and the number and quality of production will be maintained for each employee separately.

The company will produce up to 50 tons batch fillets of cod, haddock and saithe in the day and will give residents Teriberki about 100 jobs with a salary of 20 to 40 thousand rubles a month.

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In Primorye, released into the sea early this year party-grown salmon fry

Sea water has warmed up to 6 degrees, chum salmon fry scored one gram. The basic requirements are met — the time to go to sea. Last fall, the refinery processed about 4 million fish specimens. The extracted eggs six months ago — has now become a small fish. The river will return the same millions, only small fish. Release portions kids — about a day millions of fry. So the fish gets off to a strong pack.

In Murmansk, has opened a new fish processing plant

May 3 at the Murmansk Sea Fishing Port was the opening of the Russian-Icelandic fish processing plants, LLC "Murmansk Apamea." Foreigners have invested in this business about 4 million euros. A lot of money, but the company hopes to impose very large.

— This is a significant event for our region. First, the company provides 35-40 jobs, which will be organized in the squares. Second, reviving fish processing, — Said the deputy governor of the Murmansk region Pavel Bogushevich. — Any event that is associated with the production, this is a breakthrough for the Murmansk region. Foreigners believe that the

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Verkhneobrybvod holds stocking Obi near Novosibirsk

The second year in a row FGBU "Verkhneobrybvod" will launch in the Ob River near Novosibirsk peled larvae. Hand this week will be released over the Ob 28.5 million larvae. Stocking will be held at the village of "Fishing".

Stocking is held against damages caused by economic entities aquatic biological resources. Experimental mobile hatchery item "Krivodanovsky" where grown larva peled at the moment continues to incubate the eggs of red-listed species of fish like whitefish and white salmon. In the future, these types of fish will also be released in the Ob.

Photo report 2011:


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