Fish kill in the United States. Photo. Video

On Tuesday in the Bay King Harbor near Redondo Beach in Los Angeles area found a large number of dead fish, reports a local TV channel KTLA5.

As reported by local television stations, in some parts of the bay dead fish completely covered the surface of the water. It is not clear how the government plans to get rid of it. At the scene working the California representatives of hunting and fishing, adds channel.

Experts can not explain what caused the mass death of fish. Local officials said they found no trace of toxins and pollutants in the harbor.

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Massive fish kills investigate near Tula

Preliminary cause of the plague of mass fish — cluttering the reservoir.

ohlyh perch, bream and carp in the pond in the center of Loc discovered by local fishermen. Pond allotted by local authorities under the seating area, was littered with dead fish, not only, but also the huge mountains of debris. — In this incident we inspect — said Senior Assistant Attorney Tula region media relations Lyubov Kuznetsova. According to preliminary data, the small fish pond was the victim of cluttering the locals, who are not only thrown into a pond debris,

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In Cherepovets killed fish

The first environmental investigation department of the Volga Interregional Environmental Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is checked for pollution of the river Costa, which caused a massive fish kill.

According to one of the locals in the river in the industrial area of Costa JSC "Severstal" in Cherepovets, Vologda region was found a large number of dead fish. At the exit to the scene, and officers of the representatives of the controlling bodies found contamination of the river waters are not defined substance.

Mass death of fish is a large area of the watercourse. According

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On the river, in the Voronezh region Bityug mass death of fish

On the river near the village Bityug Mosolovka Anninskii Voronezh region was a mass death of fish.

Local people do not remember anything like this in these parts.

Alarmed rural fishermen began in mid-January. Ice-the-crybaby just swarmed suffocating fish. I did not believe in what this could happen due to the fault of nature.

In place of the Upper Don inspectors left the department of Fisheries and regional management of RPN. The first analyzes, taken up the river, did not reveal anything suspicious in the water: no change in color or smell. "Proof" surfaced later.

— Presumably, at facilities located

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In Primorye, killed fish

Environmentalists have recorded a partial fish kills in rivers and lakes Khankaisky Reserve, which because of the cold winters with little snow in a thick shell of ice, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, Head of environmental education and tourism reserve Tatiana Gabel.

"Last winter we all slightly pleased with snow, but were strong enough to frost. And ice armor bound waters of Lake Hanka and multiple delta lakes. And, of course, is very high threat of mass fish kill due to oxygen starvation, "- said Gabel.

According to her, in spite of the arrival of spring, the thickness of ice

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In Kerch coast dotted with dead fish

31.05.11.Po estimated that floats on the surface of about three tons of mullet. The details corresponding RSN in Sevastopol, Dmitry Fedorov:

"Judging by the high degree of decomposition, the fish died long ago. But saltwater fish sinks to the bottom, and only after the expansion to the surface. Experts determined that the mullet family kefalevyh, and believe that the mass deaths occurred in the winter from the cold, and the temperature rises dead fish floated to the surface. "

In the central part of the city is a strong smell of rotten fish. People are forced to

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What happens to the fish in the Caspian Sea?

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has clarified the information on cases of infection with the fish in the Caspian Sea.

"At this point in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea state fish is normal, there are no problems with them," — said to Trend Acting Director of increasing the protection of biological resources and water basins MENR Habil Mammadov.

"Information spread by the Iranian side, but to what extent it is reliable — is unknown. Azerbaijan until such a virus is detected," — said Mamedov.

According to information released today Fisheries Research Institute of Iran, the Iranian

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On Sakhalin experienced massive sea salmon

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August 23 (New Region, Olga Radko) — Zamor about three tons of salmon in the river occurred Sheshkevicha Sakhalin. The incident occurred in the river near the village of Riverside Sheshkevicha Korsakov.

According to the ichthyology, fish died due to lack of oxygen in the water that is currently quite high. "On the eve freeze here came a record number of salmon", — said Konstantin Derkachev fisheries inspector.

As explained by the head of the Fisheries Agency Sakhalin Kolotushkin Paul, after the official conclusion of the members of the regional committee of scientists to regulate production of anadromous

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In the Tomsk region are working on the reproduction of valuable fish species

In the Tomsk region produced about 5,000,000 podroschennyh larvae peled and 50 young sturgeons in the Tom river as part of the stocking.

In 2011, with the participation of major fishing organizations and the funds "Research-and-production complex of Tomsk hatchery" event held on the artificial reproduction of valuable fish species were produced 6,000,000 peled larvae and juveniles in the Tom river.

Restored Fishery urban lakes — White, Mavlyukeevskoe, University, which started in around 100 thousand young carp and crucian carp.

In agreement with the Rosrybolovstvo in the years 2012-2017 in attracting features fishing organizations and hatchery facilities in the Tomsk

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On the day of the death of fish in the Tom was not harmful

Told us the head of the Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources and Environment Victor Sirotin. According to him, the results became known analyzes of the water samples were taken on September 26 after a massive fish kill in Tom.

"Then the inspector Rosrybolovstva analysis took three water samples and dead fish. Today, experts have told us that there are no impurities in the water were found. Analyses of fish is not ready ", — said Victor Sirotin.

He added that the water from the gutters of Technology, as well as above and below the stream samples were taken more

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