Reduction of marine and terrestrial faunas are different ways

Conservationists are trying hard to oceans and their inhabitants are not affected by the depletion of fish stocks. It should determine what types are at risk to a greater extent. However, on a global level such species are not yet defined. In terrestrial ecosystems most affected by anthropogenic factors are considered types of large predators and the top of the food chain. It was assumed that this rule applies to the fish fauna. However, a recent publication in PNAS (the official periodical of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA) indicates that this is not the

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In the Tver Region is building a unique fish-breeding complex

Near the village of Romanovs Kimry district in full swing, construction of a unique fish-breeding complex. The commissioning of all the planned capacity for growing sturgeon make a local business with one of the industry leaders.

Earlier in the practice of breeding sturgeon were only used a small (up to 20 meters long) pools. In Romanovskoye fisheries initially decided to improve the traditional technology. The first pool is 200 meters long and 20 meters wide was built in less than six months. In February, here launched the first batch of two species of sturgeon caviar: Russian and Lena sturgeon.

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In Tatarstan building complex fish-

In the village of Turtle Rybnoslobodskii region of Tatarstan will fish breeding center. Its construction will begin in the spring of 2011. The complex is built to replenish the fish stocks of the Volga-Kama basin.

Will be spent on the construction of more than 500 million rubles. from the federal budget. Young fish are bred in Sturgeon plavzavoda, which will build Zelenodolsky Shipyard. At the same time in the village will be built ground-stationary plant worth 330 million rubles. In general, these two companies and will be fish-farming complex, through which the Volga-Kama pool will be replenished

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Bulgaria. Pernik residents in a panic because of a rusty river and dead fish

According to the "Standard", the residents of Pernik in panic. Today, in the middle of the day in the river Struma forth water rust color and a lot of dead fish to the top of the belly was on the surface.

Regional Inspectorate of Environment is taking frantic steps to identify the source of contamination. Suspicion fell ironworks, power distribution station and enterprise conducting excavation work to replace the pipeline.

Bulgaria news on-line

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Fish kills in the pond Pudem

Fish kills in Udmurtia

Pudem to mass death of fish pond. Many dead fishes "hang out" along the coast. Ice does not allow to see what is underneath. It took a lot of fish in Pudemku, all she gets in her cap.

Cause of death unknown. Veterinary Service Specialists have fish for analysis, reports of the time factor with reference to the

Shark jumped into the boat to American fishermen

Gray-blue shark weighing about 170 pounds jumped into the boat to the three Texas fishermen. The incident occurred a few days ago, when the Americans fished in the Gulf of Mexico, according to KTRK. A meeting with big fish people were not injured. According to one of the participants in fishing, Jason Kress, he and his companions were surprised and frightened appearance of a shark in the boat. He fell into the vessel, the fish began to clap and tail biting lying next to her subjects. Fishermen decided not to approach the shark to avoid bites.

Fish lay in the

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Rosselkhoznadzor revealed oil pollution Bryansk pond

The water in the pond in the Bryansk region, where in early June was recorded fish kills, contaminated with phenol and oil, according to the Rosselkhoznadzor for Bryansk and Smolensk regions.

"In sample" water pond "oil content and phenol exceeds the norm," — said in a statement Rosselkhoznadzor.

Death of fish, small animals and birds was recorded in the village Specific Uta Vygonichskogo district, Bryansk region two weeks ago. In addition, the hospital fell year-old girl who was poisoned strawberries collected in the vicinity of the village. Chairman of the Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Bryansk

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In Sochi River Shahe released 100,000 salmon fry

After a three-day hunger fry will flock to in search of food. According to experts, the Shah could feed more than 100,000 individuals of salmon. 18 months, these fry will gain strength in the river, and then the fish is covered with fine silvery scales and will be ready to go to sea.

Of the 100,000 fingerlings released today in the river only a fraction of about 0.1% would be the Black Sea salmon. The rest of the fish will remain in the Shah. It will be a brook trout. Selection occurs naturally at the gene level.

Grown at

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Turkey: Thousands of dead fish found in Aydin

June 2, 2011. Aydin, Sain Stream. Thousands of fish have died mysteriously. Due to decomposition of dead fish in the area covered fetid odor, making it difficult to investigate the causes of the plague.

On the River Menderes Buchan and its main tributaries, first encountered this phenomenon, in connection with which the locals particularly surprised and dismayed, reports

In the Smolensk region revive sturgeon population

In the Smolensk region revives the population of sturgeon. In the Dnieper released another batch. Now sturgeon listed as endangered, and once she lived in great numbers in the waters of the Smolensk region. Special program to restore fish stocks in the rivers and lakes of the region intended for seven years. The current launch of the royal fish — fifth anniversary.

Victor Voronov, deputy head of the Moscow-Oka Territorial Administration Fishery Agency, "was preceded by a scientific paper. Our central research institute VNIRO spent fishing and biological rationale for stocking starlet. With a view

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