Mohr fish and birds in Arkansas and scalar weapons

Articles about the mass death of birds and fish around the city of Beebe, Arkansas, came out on top in search engine Google today, January 3. About two thousand blackbirds and ducks, fell dead on the heads of stunned residents within 1 mile. Conservationist in special protective suits and masks potivogazovyh walked the streets, climbed on the roofs of houses, collecting buckets of dead blackbirds. Habitats with bird nests were not affected uncommon that nayulyudateley suggests the idea that the cause of mass destruction was not a disease, and lightning, hail or fireworks. Also, about one hundred thousand fish were

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In the Selenga released half a million sturgeon fry

Nearly half a million sturgeon fingerlings released into the Selenga. Thus, experts Rosrybolovstva Buryatia trying to restore populations of rare fish. Already the third year in a row Selenginsky rybrazvod produces record number of royal fish fry. To maintain genetic diversity, scientists crossed both wild and cultivated in vitro fish.

To date, the course on restoration of the strength of the Baikal sturgeon, get it out of the red book and a return to commercial species.

On the western coast of Japan going swarms of giant jellyfish

Number of these animals is growing rapidly due to an increase in sea temperature and a decrease in natural enemies. Millions of giant jellyfish Nomura (Stomolophus nomurai) again invaded the territorial waters of the rising sun. These creatures resemble a great sea monsters of science fiction and horror films — they reach a diameter of about two meters and weigh up to 200 pounds! Once in the network, the giant jellyfish often tearing them with their weight and pressured fish.

A clear idea of the size of these sea animals is a event that took place in the autumn

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On Mayachkovskom reservoir fish died

In early May, the fishermen noticed that Mayachkovskom reservoir, popularly referred to as "Kramatorsk sea", emerged a large number of dead (or dying) fish. To the coast and islands of profit tolstolobov lot, can be observed and the dead carp and carp. Enterprising locals and fishermen tried to snap up catch those fish, which, while surfaced, but signs of life. Fish died of starvation Rumours of the population was increasing very different. It has been suggested that fish kills occurred because the water was poisoned, or because the winter has not been done well and underwater inhabitants

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The village Urleyka (Penza region). Opened a regional breeding center

If the tenant before the ponds were forced to bring larvae and young fish trade from other regions, but now they have the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and get planting material, without leaving the area.

Urleysky hatchery is universal: in addition to the usual carp in it can be grown larva trout, sturgeon almost any species that may be contained in the fish farms of the area. In the long term — extension point for other valuable species of fish, such as trout, catfish.

While in the incubator incorporated 10000000 embryos mirror and scaly carp. They

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Death of fish in the lake deep in Kazan

To all those who intended to go on holidays to the deep lake, breathe pine wind, sit on the beach — it is better to change your plans.

Along the coastline of Deep Lake extraordinary amount of dead fish. The sight and smell of dead fish do not give a joyful cheer of the holiday and May. The picture in the Deep Lake opens quite depressing.

The village Baturino (Tomsk region). Built a trout nursery

In the Tomsk region will raise trout. Near the village Baturino is building the first and so far the only kennel for breeding and rearing of fish species. In special trays under a thick photoresist film live forelki future. It will take months, how, and from the eggs will be real fish. However, up to this point is far away. The process of removing complex and lengthy.

The village Aksarka (Yamal) launched the fish processing plant

Aksarkovskoe fisheries enterprises started to fish processing. To do this, the company valued at more than two million rubles purchased: chopper, meat grinder, cutlet machine, vacuum packing machine, mixers, marking printer for the finished product. Production equipment is installed and established, the company KEYWORD employed ten people. 

Municipal enterprise will produce eleven names of certified products: preserves spicy salted, dried fish, minced fish, fish cakes and other items. According to the fishing quotas, the company is ready to release up to three hundred tons. If you increase the production area and bring to pass fish fishing

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Combine near Belgorod ordered to pay 14 million rubles for the death of fish

Sugar factory in the Belgorod region, which was found guilty of mass death of fish in the river Silent Pine, at the request of the authorities obliged to pay 14 million rubles, and to clean up the waste water treatment systems, told a government of Alexander Panin.

As previously reported, the mass death of fish in the river in the Belgorod region near the city Alexeevka occurred in August of this year. Prosecutor's investigation results showed that on August 26 of the cooling pond CJSC "Sugar Mill" Alexis "led to the release of waste water into the river Quiet

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The epidemic in the Sea of Azov Mariupole.Holeru looking at night.

The third day of Mariupol in quarantine. As reported yesterday, "The newspaper in Kiev", at the outbreak of cholera in the city is forbidden to swim, fish and sell it in the markets. Infectious disease but not scared holidaymakers on the coast of the Azov Sea.

Check the water and steers

Alexander Anishchenko, Minister of Health, visited the sick person the day before Mariupol and told them that the situation is under control.

90-year-old Alexander Bashkitsina contracted cholera after cooked for myself ear of steers from the Sea of Azov

— In order to prevent

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