Death of fish in the pond Nicholas Samara region

Samara. August 10. Interfax-Volga — In the Samara region opened a criminal investigation into the contamination Nicholas pond, which caused a massive fish kill.

As reported at the SU TFR in the Samara region, massive accumulation of dead carp have been found in a pond platinum "Nikolaev" Hatchet River from autumn 2010 to April 2011, including the period of melting ice.

"Killed more than 120 thousand individuals of fish. According to investigators, the pond with sewage got a lot of organic matter, which has decreased due to the oxidation of oxygen in the water, which led, as a consequence, massive

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Any ancient fish could come ashore

Prygatelnye ability of modern fish biologists have put the idea that the ability to travel by land was potentially almost all fish antiquity. Zoologists from the University of Northern Arizona (USA) came in their research to a rather surprising conclusion: in their view, almost any fish in the past could come ashore. One of the main conditions for life on earth — the ability to move around on it. That is, we immediately begin to think of powerful pectoral and pelvic fins are arranged so that the water coming out of the fish could rely on them.

If you do

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A fish kill, Florida

It remains a mystery what is killing mullet in the bay of Estero Bay. Scientists shrug — despite the various studies, the cause of death of fish, and not installed.

Katie Ferland, a student at the Biological Institute, the first time I saw a huge number of dead mullet on Friday. Dead fish floating in the bay and strewn shoreline.

On Saturday, Katie went to the bay, which would take water samples and on the way I saw hundreds of dead mullet in several coastal areas. "This is crazy. Entire Gulf scored dead mullet" — says Kathy.

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In Yauza dying fish

On the fact of mass death of fish in the river Yauza capital can be prosecuted. At the scene — in the area Electrozavodskaya bridge — where Muscovites reported unpleasant smell from the river, specialist visits Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. A fact confirmed by the plague, described in the department. "The reasons for the death of fish, perhaps a few: hot weather, established in Moscow, the release of hazardous substances, presumably, from the enterprise" Electrozavod "- reported there. Proceedings have already been transferred to the prosecutor. Eyewitnesses reported that at the time of the plague of

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In Ivankovskoe reservoir carp fingerlings released

Verhnevolzhskie territorial control and the Federal Agency for Fisheries Science Center on the genetics and breeding of fish with Konakovskaya GRES branch of JSC "OGK-5" released more than 3 tons of fish in the reservoir Ivankovskoe. This project aims to preserve and replenish water bioresources Ivankovskoye reservoir and the river Volga.

The means of power purchased 571 kg of fish carp average weight 470-500 g issue of juvenile carp will not only allow fish stocks to replenish the reservoir, but also to improve its ecological status. Also currently on Konakovskaya power plant works on the construction of fish protection of

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In Ivano-Frankivsk region enacted a fourth mini-hydro

The village Proboynovka Verkhovynsky district opened micro-hydro "Probiynivska plant number 2" power of 182.4 kW. Every year he's going to produce 1 million kW / h. electricity, according to the government portal. 

Hydroelectric power plant by 90% in line with European standards: made modern ribohid providing continuous pass i fish migration, elektrogradientnogo fish protection system is installed, all processes are automated.

On the local rural community leader hydroelectric signed an agreement on social and economic partnership and in 2010 paid a village budget of 1.3 million USD. taxes.

On today Probiynivska

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Sonar catch Nessie?


After another scan Loch Ness sonar found something strange in his depths, which experts say can not be a big fish or school of fish or a log or other debris. Marcus Atkinson scanned the lake on the tourist boat and caught at a depth of 75 feet (22.8 meters), something like a big snake and having a width of as much as 5 feet! (1.5 meters).

Sonar to find fish was mounted on the bottom of the boat and scanned the depth of every 4 seconds. A strange object appeared on the

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In Mariupol growing number of cases of cholera

In Mariupol laboratory staff revealed GosSanEpidemNadzor cholera still have 5 people, including one child, so that the total number of cases reached 13.

Meanwhile, in the city Saturday morning stretched residents of Donetsk and the surrounding areas, which, ignoring reports of cholera, have decided to spend the weekend at sea. In connection with this came a hot time for law enforcement — in a nearly 30-degree heat in the form of police patrol the beaches, removing them bathers.

As reported by the Donetsk regional sanitary-epidemiological station, all the patients were infected, using a fresh fish to eat — or

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On the river near Novosibirsk killed all life

On Wednesday, July 6, the discharge of unknown substances until destroyed almost all living creatures in Shipuniha River, which flows near the village Evsin and stretcher in the Novosibirsk region.

In the river, killing all life: fish, muskrats, water plants. The local people call this environmental disaster happened, "KP-Novosibirsk".

— Overall — a dead fish and animals. Had seen the dead muskrat, pike, fish fry … I called the inspectors rybohotobschestva, we drove up to the bed of the river, near the village Evsin. Most likely, the reset was there. Dead fish a lot, not only on the surface

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In the Kirov region found 150 thousand dead, goldfish

Vyatskopolyansky prosecutors discovered the mass death of fish in the lake belt, located in the south-eastern part of the village Kulygi Vyatskopolyansky district.

According to preliminary calculations, the number of dead animals "goldfish" is over 150 thousand, according

One possible cause of death of fish was seen getting into the lake chemically hazardous substances. However, when viewed from the coastal strip during the test discharges into water was found.

Amount of damage to the environment is established. At the moment, the prosecution is checking compliance prirodohraneniya Kulygi village administration.

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