Sulak River in Dagestan released 600,000 species of sturgeon fingerlings

On Monday, July 8, near the village of Nechaevka Kizilyurtovsky region of Dagestan specialists West Caspian territorial management Rosrybolovstva FGBU "Zapkasprybvod" and fish plant workers in the river Sulak was issued about 600,000 specimens of young sturgeon.

At factories in Dagestan 4 year formed broodstock sturgeon, which by 2015-2017 is able to give eggs for fish farming. But as long as the eggs are bought in Astrakhan. This time it was purchased 1.5 million fertilized eggs (the cost of the order of 3.7 million).

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In the waters of the Northern Kazakhstan mass mortality of fish

5.02.11.Pervy bell has rung out: massive fish kills in the river Tobol found hundreds of miles from Kostanay downstream. Earlier this week, another group of environmental concerns, experts took samples of river water.

Previous tests have shown that the maximum allowable concentration of some chemical components exceeded tens and even hundreds of times, and the water in the main artery of the area is more like a poisonous brine. On the one hand, the consequences of last year's drought. On the other — the natural result of the barbaric man's relationship to the environment, the IA "Kazakh-Grain" to the

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In pond fish dying en masse Lozowy

Mass mortality of carp recorded on August 17 in a natural pond farms Lisowski g.Lozovaya Kharkiv region.

Went to the scene investigative team and representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological station. For the examination of sampled water and fish. Our preliminary conclusion is fish kill occurred due to siltation of the pond and the lack of oxygen.

Slavic world view

Pocono centuries of our ancestors saw the world as an integral part of the World of God and as an integral part of. This is recognized in respect of the Slavs to the plant and animal life, which has always been native to the Slavs. Why is your family? And I will explain why. In principle, that would understand what we are here now recorded in 2 sentences can be read 3-volume book "Poetic views on the nature of the Slavs" Afanasyev, but you can still, without even reading it, think about it, as our ancestors, say : Birch sister,

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The Rybinsk reservoir rapidly disappearing fish

Studies have shown that the fish in the water was less, and it does not have time to grow to large sizes. That's because the fishermen is almost more than the object of prey.

Ichthyologists also noted that the period of maturation of fish declined vdvoe.Eto found during an expedition conducted by scientists on board the vessel "Akademik Topchiev"

— Fish have nowhere to spawn. Right now the whole coast clogged networks. When the fish are spawning — around one net worth. They continue to fish when we trawled with ichthyologists to account for fish trawl clung to these networks,

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Death of fish in the Gulf of Cheboksary

In Cheboksary reservoir Bay massively dying fish. In small polynyas near the boat station is literally littered with all its bottom. Dozens of fishes lie in icy slush on the surface, until they become prey to crows.

The first alarm sounded bloggers. Photos from the fish kill appeared on LiveJournal. , Described his impressions Internet user, "Given that at this point the depth of about five feet, and the water in the winter becomes more transparent, you can imagine how many fish gathered there, just do not see a light sand." One of the bloggers called environmentalists

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In Ukraine, resorts screened for cholera


In Ukraine, all of Azov and the Black Sea coast are examined for the presence of cholera. This gave an indication Health Minister Alexander Anishchenko.

As reported, sanepidemstantsii should check river and sea water as well as fish.

Recall that in Mariupol hospitalized with cholera four. Anishchenko personally visited them in the hospital.

According to the minister, the situation with the spread of the disease under control in Mariupol. According to preliminary data, the source of human infection was caught fish in the sea.

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In the Urals again caught a fish with human teeth



In 2009, the news of the capture of unusual fish that had human-like teeth startled the entire Internet. Still later found out that it was the Amazonian fish from the family of piranhas called red pacu. But as he was in the Ural lake remained a mystery. And now, after just three years in the Chelyabinsk region sensation again, again caught the same fish!


In the Urals again caught a fish with human teeth

Mass death of fish in the lakes of Connecticut

Ueversfild. Dead fish float in ponds and reservoirs throughout the state of Connecticut, according

Ueversfildskoe Reservoir (in 1860) — a picturesque and quiet place. Nate Vierzbiki, a local resident, "This reservoir is in my back yard. When I'm home, it's usually in my free time I go a perch and soak up the sun.

However, today we have a look at our backyard and, horror of horrors "- Vierzbiki continues," I saw all this accumulation of fish. Fish kills happened here before, but it was the accumulation of 2 to 3 feet thick: the fish pile up on

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In Votkinsk (Udmurtia) created 864 pools for fish farming

Representatives LLC "GC" Akvafond "told the President of Udmurtia on the implementation of a project for the development of fishery industry in the country.

Thus, the first phase of the project started — in Votkinsk area already built six hangars, purchased 112 units and 864 water treatment pools for fish, purchased 1.1 million fry.

In 2013, the complex is expected to reach full production capacity of 3,000 tons of fish a year.

Representatives rybohozyaystva addressed to the Head of the republic to support them in negotiations with Sberbank of Russia on taking credit for future business development.

Alexander Volkov

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