20,000 rainbow trout fingerlings released into the reservoir Chirkeisk

Check the fish in the reservoir Chirkeisk

As part of the charitable environmental program Dagestan branch of JSC "RusHydro", together with specialists from research and production company "AQUA LIFE II» released into the reservoir Chirkeisk 20,000 fry (Yearlings) rainbow trout. Active part in the event were also students of the biological and environmental departments of the Dagestan State University. "Settling" fish preceded by a detailed study of the hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological characteristics of the reservoir. According to the results of experts came to the conclusion that the water environment is identical to the natural habitats of

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Do fish feel pain?



Although this question is as old as fishing itself, but clearly it still has not been answered. In a recent study, researchers concluded that the brain of fish is not enough pain receptors necessary to feel pain as humans or animals.

Some scholars argue that the pain receptors of fish that respond to physical damage, operate at the level of reflexes, but do not transmit pain.

"Even if the fish had a mind to suggest that they are

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Shark bites bather hands in Primorye

Shark on Wednesday in southern Primorye attacked bathers, biting his hands, told RIA Novosti the Regional Centre of Emergency Medicine.

"Shark attack on a man was in the bay near the village Telyakovskii Knight Khasan district. Shark bit off resting the hands and severely bitten body. Victim in critical condition to the hospital Slav settlement," — said the official.

Verification in connection with the incident and conduct regional staff cupola MOE. According to RIA Novosti, spokesman of the main department office citing eyewitnesses, details of the incident came at 20.00 local time (13.00 MSK).

The further fate

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The day when the fish surfaced

12.05.11.Posledstviya fish kills in Lake Pioneer literally stirred the local residents and the many fishing enthusiasts. Nor could it be otherwise, when after the disappearance of ice and warm water dismal picture is not harvested for the May supplement hundreds of banks have started to decompose dead carp, silver carp and other fish. Finished a dismal picture fetid smell.

Information about the incident spread so fast, especially on the Internet, which, as is often the case, began to become self-sufficient, and an event called an unexpected disaster. However, this did not happen. As quickly as possible to

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Iset River covered with dead fish

Mass death of fish. Residents of the village of Great Istok and Aramilya whose homes are situated on the bank of the Iset, this morning were shocked: the surface of the river was covered with dead bream, perch, carp and rudd. Who is to blame for the state of emergency, environmental inspectors found out today. Nicholas A. angrily goes through the morning catch. Soup out of it does not cook. All the fish is dead. "This morning went ashore fizzaryadki workout, look — this is white fish," — says a resident Aramilya Nikolai Vorobyov. The news quickly spread through

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