Arapaima gigas, one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world, inhabits the basins of the Amazon and the Essequibo Rivers and can reach a length of 10 feet (3 m) and a weight of 440 pounds (200 kg). Because of the delicious taste of its meat, it has traditionally been one of the most important food fishes of Amazonia. Unfortunately, stocks have declined greatly.Most Arapaimas inhabit lakes, but they can also be found in rivers and, during the low-water season between September and January, in the interconnecting channels. During this time, the animals spawn. They migrate through the channels

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I.VANYUSHIN Mytischi, Moscow Region.

— According to my theory, every individual repeats in its development history of all his ancestors.

— Well, you know, this theory has several fantastic.

— Well, I will not insist on it.

«Empty House» A.K.Doyl

My Bulgarian colleagues on hobby D. Penev has an extensive home library for aquarium containing magazines and books in several European languages. When he learned that I was able to dissolve odnopolosogo petsilobrikona, then reluctantly he said that any one publication is not met the description of the spawning fish, they say, first hand. Mentions her pretty regularly, but


AUTUMN fishing on

Grown catch fish from ponds usually begin in the second half of September, when the water temperature is lowered to 8-10 ° C. The most convenient bleed-fishing in the ponds. Shields riser is replaced by a lattice and begin to gradually lower the water. Without waiting for the full descent of the pond, you can begin to catch fish drag-net or seine. After descending the fish pond is in the catchment ditch or pit or fish traps, located behind the dam. Fish traps can be placed in a wooden box length of 3-5 m and a width of 1.5-2

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Form and function from a fish.

It’s funny how some familiar image in a person’s life can end up as a woodworking-project design. Every time I go on the road to scout a crafts fair, I run into woodworkers who love to create replicas of such things as shore birds, flowers, cars, trains, planes, boats-you name it. Typically, these images hold a special place in their memories. I found in my own woodworking a similar item that served meaningfully in my recent past.

Of course, for a woodworker to be without a cutting board seems beyond comprehension, but that, I confess, describes my unfortunate condition at

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We live in paradise

Not only Dutch tulips glorious land. Hosts wonderful garden in a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 2012 have received for their offspring, «silver» at the competition "The most beautiful gardens in the Benelux countries" . Their garden collection affects the scope and diversity.

With nature and Catch Rit Deliss «intermarried» with childhood: both parents were farmers. But the passionate desire to create your own decorative garden, the couple appeared only in 1990, when they swapped houses with his parents, father and mother, her husband moved to the center of the village, and he and his

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Among my favorite reservoirs there are some that are very close to Moscow, and despite this, they delight anglers trophies. For example, recently I was from a friend at a party, and he lives near the reservoir Klyazminskim (came on the subway, and then by shuttle bus). Send as to walk alone on his boat, suddenly caught on pit kilogram zander. Catch is small, but nice. Aspic of the two perch was excellent! Below is a brief description of the most close to the Moscow reservoirs.


After the Khimki Reservoir is the closest of those who enter the



In the glorious and satisfying future we promise to Rostov is no accident. To that there are at least three good reasons. First, of course, local gastronomic traditions, relatively confident survived the Soviet period. Don ear, buns, pickled vegetables, dried and smoked fish here is absolutely organic part of the culture, not an ancient fossil, like soup and cakes in Central Russia. Second, the nature of grace and energetic farmers. Local products, seasonal menu — it’s not fashionable bait, increasing the price tripled, and the natural conditions of work of any malomalski decent places. Finally, the location of Rostov.

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Rudd: ultralaytovaya practice

In my opinion, one of the most exciting types of fishing is catching spinning rudd. This purposeful activity, and not a side effect of catching other predatory fish. You may wonder: «What does a predator to Rudd?». But it will be wrong. Rudd — avid and voracious predator, sometimes prefer trolling and bait and lure vegetable worm. It is no less the aggressor than the same ide, which in the case also would not mind to taste your lure. And size and she yazyu not too inferior.

According to Wikipedia, a normal size adults rudd 16-19 cm and weight

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Feed, depending on their type, may be incorporated into the pond both manual and troughs. Manual feed is made on a strictly defined feed point or feed strip on aquatic vegetation-free areas of the reservoir with a solid ground. In ponds with soft ground, use Table-feeders. Apply a variety of feeders, both passive and active (proportioning issuance feed) types. Very effective pendulum automatic feeders and aerokormushki that will help you select and purchase specialists fish farms.

Feeding the fish is recommended to start in the morning, and then stick to the established regime to feed wondered at certain places

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For «Golden Trout»

Alexander lives in Kieve.Uvlechenny Gavrilchenko rybolov.Sobstvenny correspondent "Angler-Ukraine".

Fishing competitions our country, the poorest in the sports events and cultural fields, will be surprised. Here we are just «ahead of the rest.» But competition for trout fishing we have so far not been carried out. And the main reason for this was the lack of reservoirs, ready to take this unusual for our latitude fish, and their owners will have to implement this risky experiment.

Our magazine has repeatedly talked about the lake, located in the Kiev region near the village Rakitnoe. Its owner Timothy strive zarybil pond two

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