25.04.12.Atkarsky farmer complains of death fry


25.04.12.V Editor IA "version-Saratov" turned farmer from the village of Novaya Ivanovka Atkarsk district Vlad Gavin, who reported that someone had poisoned all the fish in his pond.

According to him, it was the so-called "mother pond" in which he bred carp. In total, killed about 16 million fish fry and more than 20,000 adult carp and carp.

Told rybozavodchik, the death of the fish became known last spring, when the snow melted. "The bank was found about 170 bottles of liquid to clean sanitation. On their appearance could be said that they have lain there

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03.08.12.V Brest kill fish. Photo


Updated August 4

03.08.12.K site "Ore" fish farm "Sokolovo" in the village Husak Malorita district these days it is better not to approach. In any case, without a mask.

The smell of rotting fish, expanded in an incredible amount of 30 degrees centigrade of the sun — a test that is not a bear. They say local people even cried when he saw such a sight …

But we can not be guided only by emotion when it comes to environmental disaster. Unless urgent measures, the situation may become irreversible, experts believe.

At one of the dead fish ponds

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13.04.12.Gibel fish in the Altai. Video


13.04.12.V Altai dying fish ponds. At first glance, there is nothing strange. But even on the way to the water, a few tens of meters, the nose begins to beat the sharp smell of rotting fish, as a signal that there is really something wrong. To understand what it is, we now take a water sample and take her to their analysis.

But to get close to the water is not easy. The shores of the Upper Pond in the village of Barnaul October literally strewn dead fish. The alarm sounded by local residents. Warmer, many gathered for

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23.08.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


24.08.12. Near the village fifths of the Mtsensk District August 23 oblekokontrolya inspectors found in the Eye of about two dozen dead fish. The river was muddy and smelled of chemicals. Immediately went to the place of the representatives of RPN, environmental prosecution and other authorities.

— Water samples were taken and some specimens of fish to analyze and identify the causes of the accident — said Orlov Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Alexander Liovochkin.


Two days earlier, a dead fish found in the Eye and the Fox Otradinsky very near where the sugar factory is located.

— We

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More than two tons of dead fish caught from the lake in Cyprus


7.03.12.Okolo two and a half tons of dead fish pulled from the lake Athalassa Nicosia: fish mortality associated with sharp fluctuations in temperature.

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, told Cyprus Mail, that the deceased fish belongs to the species of tilapia (Tilapia) and probably fish "en masse" died when there was a sudden drop in temperature on the island of Cyprus.

The second reason for the mass death of fish — a large amount of rain that made a lot of dirt in the lake, making it difficult to obtain the necessary oxygen fish.


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In Novokuznetsk district choking the river fish. Photo


Photo: Department of Kemerovo control and protection of water resources

28.02.12.V end of February, for the first time in decades, documented fish kills in the ducts and kuryah Tom River in the territories of Novokuznetsk and Krapivinskoye areas — George duct Nicholas Kurian, Silver duct Lachinovskaya Kurian. Underwater inhabitants suffocate without oxygen.

-Zamora exposed to one degree or another, all medium-sized reservoirs without flow. Oxygen deficiency usually occurs in late February — early March. At this time, almost all the dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed by animals and plants, and the supply of fresh oxygen is

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On the river Sonohta massive fish kills


10.05.11.V estuary Sonohta rybinspektory found massive marine fish. Fry was littered with literally the whole coast and the bottom. Today the picture is slightly different. Night at Rybinsk hydroelectric occurred planned discharge of water. The picture was so depressing that the head of the urban settlement immediately sounded the alarm. Now there is an active spawning. And predict the consequences of such a state of emergency — is complicated. Sonohta long been popular with local anglers.

"Our township population Sandy walks here with fishing poles. A lot of people walk. When children see such an outrage that

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In Novorossiysk killing bulls and orchids


9.06.11.Intensivnoe anthropogenic impacts threaten the well-being of the monument prirody.V Environmental Watch on North Caucasus called the head of the circle city station naturalists Novorossiysk Olga Balanyuk. She reported that on 1 June 2011. class Circle "Young environmentalists" were held on Sudzhukskoy Spit.

According to her, behind ducts children notice nailed to the Dead calves, from 10 to 20 centimeters. Next on the spit of dead fish were more and more, it hits literally every two feet. All of the dead animals were observed signs of the same: bloodless body with broken bellies, bulging white eyes. Total students mug

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17.06.12.Gibel fish on Lake Manitoba. Video


A lot of dead fish surfaced in the canal in the area of Lake Manitoba. Far as the eye can see on the surface white bellies of dead fish, mostly carp. "Local residents report that the fish began to emerge yesterday," said reporter Sean Kavanagh. Posted on 18/06/2012 by user celestialconvergence

03.06.12. Fish kill in the Tambov region. Video


03.06.12. On 6 March, it became known that the river Voronezh pal in Nikiforovskii and Michurinsky areas are massive fish kills. TV "Tambov" contacted the District Attorney Nikiforovskii Yury Popov, and that's what he said on the phone:

"During the test, the following facts were revealed that around 9 am today, the staff of LLC" Central "is not authorized discharge accumulated in the gearbox pig liquid manure fractions in the terrain at the intersection of Highway LLC" Central "- the loudspeaker and the federal highway M6 Caspian. How dangerous these actions? The fact that liquid manure fraction can

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