Life under the sign of the dead fish. Video


15.05.12.Massovaya death of fish and fry occurred in the agricultural production cooperative "Eruslansky" Krasnokutsk district in early April. Conducted the examination showed that plague was caused lots of pesticides.

In order to somehow save the day, the staff "Eruslanskogo" moved the least affected carp in clear water, but the poisoned fish continued to die. According to farmers, the poison was deliberately spread by unknown persons in the waters of ponds for the purpose of intoxication. A criminal case on the fact, for unknown reasons, the newly prosperous vozbuzhdeno.Esche SKHPK "Eruslansky" is on the verge of bankruptcy. Cooperative members

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In the Azov Sea fish continue to die. Video


15.06.12.Mertvuyu fish continues to bring to the shores of the Sea of Azov. Specialists of several agencies are trying to understand the causes of environmental disaster in Taganrog.

Recall, the first wave of mass death of marine life occurred on May 16. There are results of research. The rate of dangerous substances in the water in May was not exceeded. Now experts examined samples taken after the massive fish kills in the Taganrog Bay on June 11.


At the Kremenchug reservoir mass death of fish


17.02.12.Na Dnieper in Kremenchug reservoir Sulina Landscape Reserve fixed mass death of fish.

According Cherkassy channel "Ros", due to the severe frosts and snowfalls on the reservoirs in a thick layer of ice, which cut the oxygen supply to the water. Its deficiency has led to massive fish kills.

Sulina landscape reserve is a major at the Kremenchug reservoir spawning grounds, feeding and wintering of various species of fish.

Now they are studying the situation of the regional staff of the State Ecological Inspectorate. Ichthyologists found that the oxygen in the water is ten times less than the minimum

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20.06.12.Gibel fish in Bratsk. Video


20.06.12.Pochemu killed the fish? This issue in the newsroom asked BLS Padun resident. The man backed up his words with video — it is filmed the day before: these frames — the bay, which is located between Padun and energy. According to the man, he changed his mind after seeing fish: he was concerned not so much dead fry as foamy water's edge. By the way, that day no one dared to fish, but this place is popular with local fishermen and motorists. What caused the mass death of fish larvae, it is not clear, although at a specified

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In the waters of Volgograd killed fish. Video


28.02.12.Na floodplain lakes and rivers in the Volgograd region is continuing to prevent fish kills from oxygen starvation. Winter (and it is so severe in our area once every 30-40 years) at the end. And in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain its consequences remain to be evaluated. A thick layer of ice on ponds tightly pulled the plug.

Top — a blanket of snow, do not transmit light. This obstacle to the process of photosynthesis of unicellular algae, which could enrich the water inside. Shallow lakes froze to the bottom, there is no life left. Those that deep, there's still

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14.08.12.V Nieman suffered fish kills. Photo


14.08.12.V Friday in Neman upstream from Grodno were discovered hundreds of species of dead fish.

Biologist Yuri Tsydzik have witnessed this scene before hydroelectric dams. He says: — In the water, on the site of the old bed of water killed many inhabitants, pike, tench, bream and roach. I think the reason is that the water contains too little oxygen that fish could not breathe. Vegetation after the water level rose due to construction of power plants, begins to rot and produces toxic substances. However, the official version of the plague of fish yet. Non-living specimens have been found

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23.08.12.Massovaya fish kill in Kazakhstan. Photo


23.08.12.Trevozhnoe reports of mass fish kill, it's a few days ago in the emergency services Ridder correspondent reports

The owner of one of the apiary, located at the confluence of the White and Black Uba, in traversing their land, was shocked by what he saw — water flows downstream, the ablation of dead fish. Under the rays of the morning sun, this picture is much like a story about the apocalypse. Among the beauties of unspoilt nature — the breath of death. Cold and silent …

— Among the dead fish prevailed rather rare species — grayling,

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17.05.12.Gibel fish in the pond of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University


Photo: "Evening Moscow", Igor Ivandikov

17.05.12.Vandaly waded into the Pharmaceutical Garden, threw a barrel of fuel in the pond, thus virtually all the fish died.

The incident occurred on the night of May 16. Rescuers have cordoned emergency special place booms to prevent the spread of diesel fuel in the water. Fuel would have to collect a special agent. Garden staff in terror waiting for the arrival of the special services.

— No one saw the vandals sneaked into the garden. I came in the morning, and around all Porush — sad voice said "Vecherka" head gardener Pharmaceutical

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Crucian with two tails caught in Primorye



21.05.12.Prishlos us on Sunday to visit the Khanka channels …

And what a surprise it was, when the hands were carp, caught by accident near the family vacationers. On the surface nothing remarkable — the crucian carp like, but here's the tail, then he had two!

And then we thought, and whether it is necessary to use the fish as food? On the banks of the very ditches seated many fishermen, and all of them something so caught, and then driven back to their mistresses.


But even more, which struck us as a dead

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19.06.12.Gibel fish in the river Klyazma. Video


The fish in the river Klyazma poisoned

19.06.12.Ekologicheskoe Shchelkovo disaster in the area.

On a section of the river is reset Klyazma poisonous liquid, killing thousands of fish. Clean channel no hurry. The local people are afraid to come to the river — stop frightening appearance and suffocating odor. Who regularly Klyazma poison?

This picture — a nightmare angler. Overnight, a kind of catch Klyazma River — downstream — into a dead pond.

"This is mainly dominated by roach, bream, perch, caught some specimens — pike, for example," — shows fish Bashurov Andrew, senior inspector of fisheries

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