23.07.12.Gibel fish under Kamensk-Uralsk. Video



23.07.12.Mertvym perch, white bream and perch strewn all along the shore, and the reeds of the river from the stone gate to Volkovsky reservoir.

On the mass death of fish reported tourists that floated on the river. At the scene, went sanitary inspectors. Laboratory studies have found no harmful substances in the water that could kill fish. But the oxygen level was low.

As explained in the local department of Rospotrebnadzor irreversible consequences had a heat wave, a very weak current and algal ponds. In stagnant water fish just gasped.

Source: Lead Urals

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01.07.12.Mor bull now in Donetsk region


01.07.12.V settlement area Urzuf Donetsk washed ashore several tons of dead bull. Along the coast communal urgently have started cleaning, and environmental reclamation declared catch bull, to reduce the risk of further loss of fish.

Zamor bull started because the oxygen levels in the water dropped by 10 times — at the rate of 8 g / liter of the content dropped to 0.8 g / liter. Repetition of the new release now depends on the weather. Azov bull can save a storm, but if you set the calm — environmentalists do not exclude the possibility of

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17.08.12.Gibel fish in Myrtle Beach, USA. Video


Posted on 08/17/2012 by user WPDENewsChannel15

August 19, 2012. Large specimens of dead fish and stingrays were found on the beach in Myrtle Beach — coastal resort town in the county Gorrie, South Carolina, USA.

"I've lived here 20 years and have never seen anything like this … the ocean seemed dead this morning," said one local resident.

Source: Finalnyus

In East Kazakhstan again recorded fish kills


17.09.12.Ocherednoy fish kills recorded in ASD, this time in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Dead perch and minnows were found in the river near Mahovka Sogra correspondent YK-news.kz.

Along Mahovki are numerous suburban tracts. Therefore the first to sound the alarm, seeing floating in the water belly-up fish, vacationers.

— Specialists Prosecutor, Department of Environment EKO management Gossanepidnadzor Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zaisan-Irtysh basin Interregional Inspectorate of Fisheries sixth of September went to the place fish kills, — the specialized environmental prosecutor ASD junior counselor of justice Ersyn Shynybaev. — Produced water sampling, fish taken for analysis.

The results of the study told us in

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Volga fish struck an unknown infection


14.12.12.Volzhskim fishermen are increasingly began to see horrific instances perch — with pink sores on the face and scales. Back in August, the first individuals strange disease of fish caught in Pervomaisk

Went up

Samara, December 14 — AIF Samara. Then carry the virus moved up the Volga. And in the fall they were caught in Vinnovskogo, Podzhabnogo, Dry Samark and beyond — in management. Fishermen with the help of the Internet has put its prey diagnosis. And they began to tell all your friends and acquaintances, it is very dangerous for human viral disease. What struck dermatofibrosarkoma perch

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Toxic sardines killed 14 Madagascans


7.04.11.Bolee dozen island residents were killed and about 120 were severe food poisoning after eating a poisonous fish. As reported by the authorities of Madagascar Toliara, located in the south-west of the country, poisoned sardine samples have been sent for examination.

This is not the first time the detection of toxic substances in fish off the coast of Madagascar.

In past times examination proved that the meat becomes poison marine life due to consumption of poisonous algae.

Then poisonous algae began actively to spread Madagascar coral reefs due to changes related c global warming.

In the world it is

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Forty miles of Lake Erie shore littered with dead fish


4.09.12.Ministerstvo ecology Ontario tries to understand the reasons for the deaths of tens of thousands of fish stranded on the shores of Lake Erie.

According to the ministry, about 40 km of coastline from Port Stanley to the town of Morpeth were littered with dead fish. According to preliminary data, the mass destruction of the inhabitants of the lake due to "natural" causes, which — because of the so-called "inversion", where the upper layer of the water quenched and fall down, as if changing the water at greater depths. In these conditions, the fish is not enough oxygen and

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The reservoir near Chelyabinsk increased arsenic


In Argazinskom reservoir recorded elevated levels of arsenic. On Friday, citing data Rospotrebnadzor the commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of radiation and environmental safety of the Deputy Minister Konstantin Smolin. According to him, today the situation is not critical, because the arsenic does not exceed limits. To the concentration does not exceed the maximum permissible norms need to be monitored, which will also help identify the source of contamination.

Recall the summer of 2010 in Argazinskom reservoir was a mass death of fish, mostly ripusa. Then the analysis of water samples failed to identify the cause of

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28.07.12.Zamor fish on the river Setun. Video


Updated August 4

Environmental disaster in Moscow: in the river Setun dying fish

29.07.12.Massovaya fish mortality observed in the river Setun in Moscow. About this in his blog on the service online diaries writes journalist, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia Natalia Makeev. According to her, ecological disaster, she witnessed July 29, 2012, takes place in the Western Division of the Russian capital in the nature reserve "Setun River Valley." The blog also posted photos from the scene.

"The river is dying. A few hours later I watched as the fish dies. This happens around the

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30.07.12.V Kachkanar pond discovered One dead fry. Video


Dead fish found near the boat station. / Photo Elena Khodyreva

30.07.12.Chinovniki deny that the young fish died as a result of sabotage or environmental problems.

Their version — fishermen caught on live bait and cast the bait is not suitable

On Friday, July 20, the city council Kachkanar received an anonymous call. Unknown reported that a few dozen meters from the boat station in the water swimming fry One dead, and could be seen on the water's edge "oil stains".

Spots, said Deputy Vladimir Zyuz for housing, were the usual pitch:

— Since the bank flooded,

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