13.06.12.Gibel fish in East Kazakhstan. Video


Updated 15/06/12.

14.06.12.Tysyachi carcasses found dead uskucha professionals Markakolsky reserve. Valuable species died due to lack of oxygen in the water. Such fish kills in Markakol occurred first.

Experts say that the blame unusual weather: winter this year was little snow, and the heat in the region has come too soon. As a result, one of the rivers flowing into the lake Markakol heavily shoaled. She could not contain all the fish that came to spawn in the lake. According to estimates from oxygen starvation killed about 10 tons of valuable species of fish. To avoid even greater

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29.05.12.Massovy fish kills in the Odessa area


29.05.12.Zhiteli village. Ovidiopol Odessa region found today in the Dniester estuary massive fish kills, mainly carp and roach.

As reported to the press service of the emergency department of the Odessa Regional State Administration, "to determine the cause of death of fish samples were collected fish, water, silt, which are directed to the Odessa Regional Veterinary Laboratory."

In turn, employees of public utilities district center Ovidiopol dead fish collected for recycling.

Commission on technological, environmental, security and emergency Ovidiopol district administration revealed a lot of dead fish on the shore of the estuary as well as in coastal waters,

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30.05.12.Bolee three tons of fish died in the river Tyutnyar


30.05.12.Nastoyaschee environmental disaster occurred in the reservoir on the river near the village of Lower Tyutnyar Ablyazov Penzinskoy area.


First sounded the alarm head peasant farming Irina Koshkarova. Everything is written in detail what he saw in a statement addressed to the head of the administration of the Kuznetsk district Valery Kostin. Commission of Inquiry into the death of living aquatic resources, created in hot pursuit, confirmed the death of the fish.

Victims of someone else's negligence or malice are commercial species: silver carp (319 copies., Medium weight — 5.5 kg), carp (610 copies., Average linkage to

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01.06.12.Tysyachi dead fish surfaced in the Kinneret


Photo from: http://news.walla.co.il

01.06.12.V Friday, June 1, the Israelites who came to the Sea of Galilee, to watch thousands of dead fish floating on the water surface.

Witnesses report that the coast can not be because of a bad smell. The Israelis, who planned to spend a holiday close to nature, running from the lake.

Moshe Gofen biologist in an interview Walla News said that it was not an "environmental disaster", fish kills occurred because of lack of oxygen.

According to him, the strong west wind blowing yesterday in the Sea of Galilee, was the cause of

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24.08.12.V Kurgan region killed 60 tons of fish


24.08.12.V reservoirs Shadrinsk district killed fish. According to a senior state inspector for the Department of State Control of the Kurgan region, the cause of all this was the last dry season.

Based on the official reports, only on fixed reservoirs lost about 60 tons of fish. Thus, according to scientific estimates, the lake district of hop Shadrinsk lost about 25 tons of carp.

A similar situation occurs in other parts of the Trans-Urals. However, mass mortality of any species of fish does not mean their complete disappearance and hope for the resumption of living aquatic resources always remains.

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17.08.12.Gibel fish on the Volga. Video


For the second week in a reservoir on the Volga floating dead fish, this pattern usually occurs in winter when the fish are not podoldom vidno.Teper I understand why the Lord does not allow people to fish fish that travlenaya.Zeleneet water every year but when you need dohnent …………..

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12.08.12.Massovy fish kills in the Kuban. Photo


13.08.12.Po post residents, yesterday, August 12, 2012., Near the village of Zhuravskaya (Korenovskii Krasnodar Region), there was a mass death of fish in the river Zhuravka, which flows into the river Beysuzhek Left.

Photo T.Tereschenko

How to tell the fishermen on the shore was found a large number of deaths of fish (catfish, carp, etc.) and crayfish surface of a river covered with dead fry, float large pike. Around is suffocating musty smell.

Cause environmental disaster locals believe emissions from the territory of the upstream Zhuravki Viselkovsky sugar factory.

According to residents, representatives of the regional Rospotrebnadzor, who

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30.07.12.Gibel fish in the Orel region


30.07.12.Reka Lyubovsha flowing in Verkhovsky near Orel, occasionally painted in the red-brown color. Rather, a company dumps toxic chemicals into the water. At the bottom along the coast a lot of dead fish.

Already nearly a month villagers who are mostly elderly people from the village and the village Borki Russian Wade, call up numerous environmental services and departments, trying to draw attention to his distress. Until now, no single agency has not responded.

Emissions into the river accompanied by a sharp chemical smell. Local residents fear for their health, for the life of water birds and animals.

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27.07.12.Gibel fish in the pond of Volgograd



27.07.12.V Dzerzhinsk region Volgograd Agnarskom pond, located in the CHT "ear", there was a massive fish kills.

According V1.ru volgogradets Gennady Filippov, which is located near the pond cottage, a few days ago in the water killed a lot of fish, with an estimated summer resident, died about 1000 species of perch, pike, carp, bream.

At the scene, officers were checking environmental services and water samples. According to environmentalists, fish kills occurred due to the high temperature of the water or because of lack of oxygen. But gardeners believe that the cause of what happened was water

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03.08.12.V Kuleshovka river dump chemicals



03.08.12.Nedelyu back in the river Kuleshovka massively lost fish.

Journalists from "Spasskaya" together with civil servants of the Federal Maritime Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva raided Kuleshovka Watch out to find the cause and extent of the environmental disaster caused damage to the ecosystem.

On the analysis of river water samples were taken and the remains of river animals.

The river is a tributary of the River Kuleshovka Spassovki, until 1972 officially she wore a Chinese name Gehe (oyster, Rakushechnoe River). During the industrialization of the river ecosystem has suffered great damage. According to anglers, the last time

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