14.05.12.Zamor fish in the river


Updated on May 19.

Nine tons of dead fish — this is only the beginning?

17.05.12.V Belozersky and Hola Prystan areas of rivers, lakes and quarries dotted with dead fish. According to "Hersongosryboohrany," died on May 11, more than 9 tons of fish tolstoloba also found carp, at least — walleye and pike.

Total killed approximately 1,000 individuals aged 6-7 years, the average weight of 4 to 8 pounds. About massive fish kills villagers began reporting back in early May. It has been almost two weeks and the number continues to grow, with the decay and rot in

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26.05.12.Mor fish on the river Ingulets



26.05.12.V Editor IA "is felt" asked readers concerned about the massive fish r.Ingulets pestilence.

Acting Chief Medical Officer of g.Zheltye Waters Natalia Izergina confirmed that Zheltovodsk SES also received a similar message from worried fishermen. But as the river is located in the Ingulets Petrovsky District, Kirovograd region, the information was given to Peter the SES.

On appeal correspondent of IA "is felt" in the SES Petrovsky District response was received May 25, a special commission was directed to r.Ingulets to check the information about the sea fish and clarify the circumstances, he was summoned. The results

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04.06.12.Apokalipticheskaya fish kills off the coast of Japan. Video. Photo


Posted on 06/05/2012 by user FNNnewsCH

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Posted on 04/06/2012 by user FNNnewsCH

6.06.12.Soglasno news agencies reported, a dead fish began to appear at about noon on June 3, the situation seems out of control.

Number of dead sardines estimated tens of metric tons, so you can imagine how it is now fetid smell of rotting fish.

We have seen photos uploaded to Twitter, the port seems to be completely filled with fish, fishing vessels do not leave port.

On the Internet there are reports that it is a sign

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11.05.12.Vodoemy the Middle Urals became a cemetery. Video


Updated May 11

Source: Television Agency Urals

Yekaterinburg, June 11 (New Region, Ignat Bakin) — In the Middle Urals was massive fish kills in ponds. Dozens of lakes and rivers have become a "cemetery" residents fauna.

Photo from "Uralfishing"

As the correspondent of "New Region", in relevant online forums for fishermen are sounding the alarm. Urals to the onset of heat and release water from the ice began to gradually open the summer season, but in many lakes and rivers they expected a shock. Coastlines dozen dead fish ponds are covered.

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Mass death of fish in the pond vTaylande Suan Luang Park


23.11.12.Sotni dead fish were found in the pond after the start of dredging to prevent flooding in the Park Sang Luang. Excavator idle in the absence of dredging work was ordered to stop. Dredging popular fishing pond in Suan Luang (Rama IX Park) in Phuket temporarily suspended after the bank was found in the mass death of fish.

Local residents believe that the fish died of asphyxia — lack of oxygen in the water caused by the dredging. Dredging is part of a project to prevent flooding, the total cost of 25 million baht.

Local residents raised the alarm

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Russian Norwegian fish thronging

Domestic products — pink, chum and sockeye — displace imported salmon and trout (mainly from Norway) from the Russian market amid rising world prices and the active salmon season in the Far East Wholesale prices for chilled Norwegian salmon in the central region of the Russian Federation reached a historical high of 345-360 rubles per kilogram. The prices for pink salmon began from 55 rubles per kilogram, for chum salmon — from 65 rubles for sockeye — from 115 rubles per kilogram.

The main problem is the presence of sea lice that have a negative impact on the

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19.04.12.Gibel fish pond Zarechny. Video


19.04.12.Gory debris and decomposing carcasses of carp and roach — so now it looks like a pond in a park in Lermontov Zarechny. Dead fish cover the entire water surface, lying on the shore. Zarechenskaya fishermen complain — this catch was gone!

They have a version of why this spring in a recreation area "Solar" killed so many fish. This pattern can be observed every year. Management of natural resources experts say that the fish dies, and from lack of oxygen. Olga Zhuravleva — Engineer Environmental MU "Natural Resources Management" Zarechny: — Spring with snow melt ice

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On the Big Cheremshan suffocating fish. Video. Photo


The situation with the mass death of fish in the river Great Cheremshan kept under constant control.

Uploaded DimTV73, date: 27.02.2012

19.02.12.Nehvatka oxygen caused the mass death of fish in the Big Cheremshan in Dimitrovgrad.

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18.03.12.Gibel fish in Lake Kaban


Photo: Portal ProKazan.ru

18.03.12.Ogromnoe number of dead fish found near the bridge over the lake Boar Street Esperanto.

The number of dead fry and big fish in the thousands.

Almost every year at Cabane a mass fish kills, environmentalists believe that the problem is due to receipt of the pond of pollutants from urban enterprises, as well as untreated stormwater and meltwater.

Earlier, the portal ProKazan.ru already wrote that the government ban pour sewage into the boar, which will play the Universiade

Portal users gave their assessment of the situation: "I bet with anyone that livnevkoy that

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12.04.12.Gibel fish in Kazakhstan


ASTANA, April 12 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. Release of dead sardines on the beach recorded specialize in the Kazakhstan part of the Caspian Sea at the end of last week, according to news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan employee of the fish inspection in Mangistau region.

"The first case of ejection of dead and living sprat was registered on Thursday, that is, on April 5. After April 8 there was no longer discards "- said by telephone from Aktau.

However, he said that "it was not such a massive release, a few a day."

To identify the causes plague sprat fish samples were

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