12.04.12.Gibel fish Akhtuba. Video


12.04.12.Nehvatka lake and Eric, as well as extreme cold this winter have led to massive fish kills in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. Fishery biologists fear that the situation could lead to the disappearance of pike, carp or roach and offer multiple address urgent environmental problems.

For the decomposed remains of fish. Already stuffed ants, birds porasklevali. A pile of dead remains of crayfish. Only the shells.

This sad situation is observed around the entire perimeter of the lake in the Leninsky district Beschastnykh. Experts bitterly ascertain mass death of fish and explain the reason for the tragedy: a total

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Washed up on the beach of Norway 20 tons of herring … and everything was gone. And was it?


04.01.12. January 2, tens of thousands of dead herring covered beach near the town Kveness in northern Norway.

According to scientists, strand herring led a flock of predatory fish or a powerful storm, but the more specific versions of the experts refuse.

Research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, Jens Holst said that nothing like that seen on record for the marine fauna. In his view, this is very strange behavior of herring, which quite unusual for this type of fish.

Meanwhile, recent studies show that the approach to the shores of herring, which is entirely

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The pond of the village there was a wet fish kills


07.01.12. January 6 anglers found fish kill in the village pond wet Lipetsk region.

Floated to the surface of a small fish pond, large perished at the bottom. GOROD48 as told in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Lipetsk region, the message of the death of the fish came to the police. In freeze causes disassembled and environmental prosecutor's office.

Pond in Mokroe belongs OSU "Hunting and aquatic resources of the Lipetsk region." Presumably, the reason for the death of fish in the pond became a dumping of harmful substances.

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29.12.11.V Krasnodar Karasun mass fish dies. Video


Lakes of Krasnodar, Krasnodar mass stranding fish

29.12.11.Ochevidtsy posted photos online. Several thousands stranded on the shore of the lake in the CHP. Local teens returned half dead fish back into the water in hopes of saving it. Noticed a massive loss on Dec. 29 at noon. The incident was reported to specialists. Those water samples — the norm of harmful substances in the lake was not exceeded.

In administration, Krasnodar district reported that technical pond, and the discharge of pollutants there is officially permitted. Remove dead fish experts will be the next day.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

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2.05.12.Gibel Shamsutdin fish in the lake. Video


2.05.12.Pamyatnik nature "Shamsutdin Lake", in the words of fishermen died. The shores of the lake are covered with dead fish from small to very large. Together with ecologists our film crew visited the site for how to find — can anything be done to revive the beloved "Shadick."

Source: Broadcaster "RIK TV"-city Birsk

Help Wikipedia:

Shamsutdin (W bashk.? Msetdin from anthroponym W? Msetdin) — lake in Bashkortostan Birsk area, 7 km from the city Birsk. There is a drain in White. Nature Monument (since 1965). Is the eponymous holiday home.

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Near the volcano in the Canary Islands killed fish. Video


11.11.11.Izverzhenie underwater volcano near the Canary Islands, threatening local wildlife. It has already led to the death of a major first, then small fish. The thing is that because of the release of large amounts of toxic gases in the water reduce the concentration of oxygen.

Underwater volcano near El Hierro is located — is the smallest island, Canary Islands. Banned fishermen out to sea. The eruption is accompanied by tremors. In recent days, they have been more than twenty. Today, the magnitude of one of them was 4 and 6.

Authorities urged residents not to panic. So

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In small ponds Latvia dying fish


8.07.11.V small rivers and other shallow waters of Latvia began "fish kills," said deputy director of marine and inland waters of the State Environmental Service Nikolai Liskin.

He added that, in small closed water bodies that have little depth, and in the channels, due to the onset of heat started fish kills.

In some bodies of water in which the fish is unable to get into the deeper waters, there is also its downfall.


Source: Telegraf.lv

On the river near Novosibirsk killed all life


Photo: from the site newsmiass.ru.

9.07.11.V Wednesday, July 6, the discharge of an unknown substance while nearly destroyed all living creatures in the river Shipuniha that flows next to the villages and Evsin stretcher in the Novosibirsk region.

In the river, killing all life: fish, muskrats, water plants. The local people call this environmental disaster happened, said "KP-Novosibirsk".

— Overall — a dead fish and animals. Had seen the dead muskrat, pike, fish fry … I called the inspectors rybohotobschestva, we drove up to the bed of the river, near the village Evsin. Most likely, the reset was

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Fish kills in the Volgograd region


2.06.11.Ustanovleny cause mass mortality of silver carp in the Volgograd oblasti.Po preliminary results, the fish kill was the result of the discharge of pollutants (oil) from passing ships, the press service of Federal Agency for Fishery.

522 copies of the dead carp weighing 2.6 tons were found at three sites coastline Bereslavskaya reservoir. In Varvarovskom reservoir of dead fish less — 60 pcs., Weighing 0.3 tons. Mechanical damage, ulcers, tumors, attacks on the body of the fish were found.

Fishing fish length varies from 36 to 132 cm, weight of 2 to 35 kg. The average length of dead

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The threat of loss of fish eggs on the Dnieper


2.05.11.Sokraschenie passage of water through the dam Kakhovka HES caused the level of water in the river for 40 sm.Ukrainskie environmentalists concerned about this issue — reducing the level of water can cause drying of fish spawning grounds and the loss of eggs.

In the Kherson region is undergoing industrial spawning stock of fish, and the water level dropped by 40 cm can result in poor environmental conditions in the reservoirs in the lower reaches of the Dnieper.

Management of Environmental Protection in the Kherson region appealed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine to increase the

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