Fish kill in Estonia


Illustrative photo. Photo: Keskkonnateenistus / Valgamaalane

30.04.11.Zagryaznenie oil lakes Valgyarv in Võru County led to the mass death of fish.

A local resident told The Valley Org Vorumaa Teataja, that collected several boxes of dead fish and buried in the garden as fertilizer. Org said he had not seen such a sad sight for 40 years lived by the lake.

According to the Authority, the cause of death of fish could be the last year the pollution in the lake when oil fell and covered the surface of the thin film. Rescuers clean the lake last fall, but,

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In the Komi-Perm district mass death of fish


14.11.12.Tri weeks ago at the village Pronino lowered local pond. Former officials say that it was necessary. Fish at this time you can catch bags. Do not even fishing rods. Pike, carp, ruffs and carp lying on the bottom of the former the former pond. Wear waders and gathering. Easy prey fish, which can simply gather hands went not to the public. People no one say when the water goes. Therefore, a considerable part of the fish just died.

— Horror same — clasping his hands woman — a resident of the village Mazunino Yugov Rice — fish on

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In Kyshtym fear of mass plague fish


Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region, April 14 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In Kyshtym environmental disaster could be repeated in 2010, when the local pond was a mass death of fish. One of the users of the pond — a guide of the local nursing home knows about the problem, but to take part in saving the fish declines. Instead, the director has to be involved in rescue work or unemployed. As the correspondent of "New Region", in April 2010, in Dehanovom pond, located on the banks of the sanatorium "Long dacha" experienced massive fish kills. Several tons of fish have

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In Penza pond fish die. Video


25.09.12.Malku Kolyupanovskom in a pond located in the Penza region, desperately lacks oxygen. Alexey Baranov fished here two weeks ago and then it was all right, but the picture I saw a man the other day, left him in shock. "On the shore lies a dead fish and fry swimming at the surface with their mouths open because they can not breathe," — said the fisherman.

Carp fry are still desperately fighting for his life, but the perch changing environmental conditions could not resist: the bodies of these sensitive aquatics littered the whole coast.

"The residents of Old

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12.07.12.V Exactly because of the heat killed fish. Video. Photo


Updated. Video added 12.07.12.Reka mouths again "strewn" dead ryboy.Spustya year the situation is repeated. But this time the scope of the plague much more. According to estimates of environmental belly up popped about 40-thousand fish. The surface of the bed of the river just dead perch, roach, carp and perched. Local fishermen believe something in the river periodically drained.

How many dead fish in Usti independently calculate difficult it like a bed of the river. Local fishermen say this have never seen. Fishermen are outraged — the river has not been cleaned for a long time, and the fish

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11.04.12. U.S.: 14,000 marine fish in the Missouri River


April 11. Representatives of Environmental Protection are trying to determine what killed about 14,000 fish species in the river in Missouri.

The Department of Environment Missouri reports that fish kills occurred on the river Brench Flat (Flat Branch), near the confluence of the Hinkson Creek (Hinkson Creek) in Colombia. The agency notes that the reason for the mass plague has not been determined and more information will be after the Ministry of Natural Resources will conduct tests on the river.

Have been speculating on the effect that after the fire on April 1, which destroyed the auto parts store

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In the Stavropol region in the reservoir killed 20 tons of fish


Posted on 09/28/2012 by user ATVMediaHolding

We return to the subject of mass death of fish in the reservoir Chograyskom. Let me remind you, on the shore of the reservoir according to the experts, it was about 20 tons of dead carp. With versions of why there was such a large-scale fish kills — Olga Levchenkova. 25/09/2012 Chograyskogo on the bank of the reservoir, which is located 38 km north-east from. Arzgir, all over the coastline in Arzgirskogo district, Stavropol Territory and Iki-district of the Republic of Kalmykia Burulsky found the lost fish "Karas"

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In Tyasmine killed fish


06.09.12.V Hatskah Tyasmine dies in river fish. And the water is contaminated with sewage. Information on pollution of the river, told in the press service of UMCHS Ukraine in Cherkasy region, was admitted Sept. 2 from a local fisherman.

He reported that the body of water is contaminated unknown dark matter. Experts selected for the analysis of water samples and air samples. In the regional emergencies department convince — toxic substances in the air were found, but in the water for unknown reasons were "organic remains of human activity." The volume of waste dumped into the river, according to

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Water bodies in the area of Yeisk mass death of fish


5.09.12.Rabotniki "Yeysk experimental farm for breeding and reproduction of fish" vyvili that the waters there was a mass death of fish.

"It was established that kill phenomena in water management was the result of rules violations committed by the enterprise of aquatic biological resources in the operation of water intake structures and pumping mechanisms, moreover, are not catching fish," — The press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnodar Territory.

According to the facts of the Azov-Black Sea interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office on the legal and public officials filed an administrative case under Part 1 of Art. 10.6

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Bulgaria. Dead fish cover the bottom of lakes and rivers Meschitsa


02.09.12.Ot Meshitsa lakes and rivers in the last days is a bad smell of decay. People in the nearby village of Meshitse Acts shove their noses into handkerchiefs on the streets, so as not to breathe the stench. As it turned out, the reason the mass death of fish, whose corpses littered the bottom of lakes and rivers. Ekoinspektory saw the cause of what happened in the earthquake on May 22, resulting in a crack in the dam. Through it, the water abated from the lake, which led to massive fish kills.

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