Life — a movement.


Road. Fees, as always, at the last moment before leaving. Hastily abandoning things in Germ bag and backpack — we start. Again, we feel the innermost rise when tickled inside, filling and explosion barely disguised glee bubbles of happiness — we escaped from the close embrace of the city. And outside rush familiar landscapes: first alternate small towns, small villages, then juicy Vologda fields that are replaced by forests of Karelia, and finally the proud Hibiny, lake surface, garrulous rivers and green hills. Kola Peninsula we were met with gray skies and rain wall. Such is the northern

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Time spent fishing does not count God

In the past rivers, lakes and marshy swamps Belarus practically swarming with fish. As demonstrated by archaeological finds, from time immemorial were carried sturgeon, sturgeon, stripes, ides, acne, mentuzy most, pike, perch, bream, pike and many other …At this point, even the old-timers living on Narach and Braslav lakes, Pripyat and Dnieper, they say that the fish was even less."Normally we have a fish!"What kinds of reality are found in Belarus? Knows the head of the laboratory of the Institute of Zoology ihtyyalegii, candidate bio sciences Victor Razevski:"Just in Belarus 58 fish species — it is a lot. B including,

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Yesterday evening minchane witnessed a unique phenomenon for our town — strong fluctuations in the Earth’s crust

I greet you on the waves Belarusian Freedom! Ah well looked day March 5 years in various publications Belarusian newspapers."Krasnoarmejsky truth" in the 1927 report, "state trade in Belarus This year plan to prepare for export abroad yeast, glycerol, molasses, horns, hooves, sand on fuels, snow-white glaze, pottery, fish, potato flour. With Borisovskoy neighborhood sent to Germany standards pottery and fish scales. Mozyr given the task to identify the ability to export fish. Belarusian fish, namely Mozyrskogo neighborhood, can be implemented in Poland, this promotes proximity of the border. ""Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 contains a government report: "The Government of

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Hotch Marine Engineering has designed the fishing seiner

The company "hotch Marine Engineering" completed the project of the fishing trawler (RS — 600). Project work carried out in the framework of the federal target program "Development of civil marine engineering at the 2009 — 2016 years."

Seiners is a steel, all-welded, single-screw, single-deck vessel, aft engine room and isolated hold for transporting fish.

The ship's length — 35,50 m, width amidships — 9,00 m, height amidships — 4.80 m Seiner can reach speeds in the transition — 10.0 knots. Endurance — 10 days. Operational area — unlimited.

Under the terms of the requirements specification, the ship

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Good ecology — a valuable fish!

Due to the improvement of water quality as a result of ongoing environmental activities in the main waterway of Kuzbass — Tom, as well as its tributaries return valuable species of fish. 

One of the desired target species for fishermen Kuzbass was recently trout. Fish are very sensitive to water quality, are increasingly moving to the north of the region — it is found in Tom is up to the borders of the Kemerovo region in Tomsk.

During the research trout fishing, specialists fell individuals under the age of eight, ranging in length from

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Refrigerator for 900 tonnes was commissioned in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Refrigerator to store 900 tons, built in the framework of the intergovernmental Russian-Korean cooperation, February 8, put up in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The project was implemented by Russian CJSC "Ekarma Ltd." together with the South Korean company «Korus Fisheries», who were the founders of OOO "Refrigeration". The latter company, which was incorporated directly in Sakhalin.

Refrigerator versatile, it six cameras of different temperature conditions, is designed to store not only fish, but also meat, dairy and other products. In future plant expansion. According to Chairman of the Board of Directors' Ekarma Ltd. "Anatoly Kostin, the next step will be the

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Khanty-Mansiysk first fish hatchery fry released into the river

Today Khanty-Mansiysk fish hatchery for the first time released into the river reared fry. The Irtysh River once filled up 5,000 new residents — is valuable fish fry — schekura Sosvinskaya and herring. For the reproduction of fish stocks in the future, the plant plans to produce annually into the river more than 50 million young fish, including sturgeon.  Fish grown in two years, experimental factory floor. The weight of each two-year schekura 60 grams, and tugun — 11. Experts say that despite the low weight of the fish that have grown up and does not become prey

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NOT Geminguey but close!


Belarus — big fish in river Prypiac, Minsk, 03Apr2008

The Emperor told Valeri: "Come on, we followed him to swim. Where he goes, we go. Simply pulls and pulls like a tractor. Smallness and came to the shore, unable to tear off the bottom, so that at least a look. Well, the size of the boat such as emerged. Which there podsaki he is not on his head adenetstsa! " Wife sovereign Valery


zmatala own spining:Here and there we drove along the Pripyat for our catfish for about an hour "To say that we pulled it —

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The successful experience of the development of tourism in the village of Murmansk

Varzuga — a small village on the bank of the Terek White Sea (Murmansk region). Thanks to the enterprising local businessmen former collective farm"The shoots of communism" is annually visited by about 1,000 foreigners. Another 2500-3000 licenses for sports fishing farm produces Russian fishermen who prefer to come to Varzuga "savage."

In 1990, an enterprising farmer Soviet — Sviatoslav Kalyuzhin bought a few army tents and opened on the banks of the Varzuga first private tourist camp. Its main clients were the "savages" who were paid $ 50-80 per week, while

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Writers sing shop Fish Marx Street

"They advised us to close and make repairs in the shop. Shop remains, we are forbidden to change the specialization. Forces us to change the stained glass windows. Much discussion, and buyers come to us and ask."Karl Marx on the street do not work other small shops. For example, the "Products" or former "sausages". Sign on the door — "Repair." But open expensive boutiques and jewelry salty.All this is happening far away from the shop "Fish", a monument of architecture and design Russian times, which decorate murals with images of fish. The appeal of culture argue that as a

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