Dead whale sharks off the coast of Pakistan. Video. Photo


8.02.12.Pakistanskim fishermen managed to pull out of the Arabian Sea huge whale shark carcass. Dead predator caught in the port city of Karachi in the south. To get a shark weighing seven tons took just five cranes, said "Zaporozhye time."

According to the owner of the fishing sector, in which the carcass, and caught the first time saw a shark in the sea about ten days ago. It was 150 miles from the coast and no signs of life. Pakistan has become one of the largest fish ever caught by fishermen. Soon, she was sold for 1.7 million

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In Texas, the lake turned red. Photo. Video



3.08.11.Tsvet the lake in the west of the U.S. state of Texas over the past week was a blood-red.

Because of the unprecedented drought lake (OC Fisher Reservoir), located in the National Park of San Angelo, is almost completely dried up, and therefore the loss of thousands of fish. Unusual color of water, which has become like blood, forced religious fanatics once again to talk about the coming end of the world.

Preacher Paul Begley in Indiana laid out on the YouTube video announced that the metamorphosis of the lake can be evidence of the apocalypse

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Apocalypse Fish in Iceland — there were 30 000 tonnes of herring

February 6, 2013. A blanket of dead herring spread over the whole area, accessible to the human eye, writes the Daily Mail.

It is not yet known what is causing the mass death of fish in Iceland, but today's grim discovery was the second time in two months.

Dead herring, weight of about 25 000 to 30 000 tonnes and value? 18.9 million, was found floating in a small fjord in the north of the peninsula Sn? Fellsnes, in the west of Iceland, reports Morgunbladid. Biologist Robert Arnar Stefansson said that 7,000 tonnes of herring is on the

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20.08.12.Gibel fish in Chisinau


Chisinau, 20 Aug — Novosti-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. The cause of mass death of fish in the pond on the capital's streets Albisoara was, first of all, for a long time to keep a high air temperature, said on Monday the news agency Novosti-Moldova Head of expertise and permitting the State Ecological Inspectorate Valery Holban.

Interviewee said that he has no reservoir fishery, he — man-made, and was built in the 80s to lower the water table. The fish here later launched local fishing. The lake has no outlet, so the water is stagnant and is replenished only by groundwater

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Miracle-Judaic fish kit in Orel. Video


4.05.12.Chudo-Judaic, but not a fish-kit! Orel fishermen from the Oka River near the bridge Gertsenskogo caught by their assurance piranha. Unusual catch decided to give us.

By the way, voracious fish is not uncommon for our region — last year in lime pond got hooked real black piranha. That this time caught in the pond — it turns Alina Chaban. Stepanovich had never thought of the Oka river he fished just such a fish.

The truth does not put much effort had to, she could hardly breathe. Under Gertsenovskie bridge, said Vasily, you can find anything, but this

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In the Dnieper appeared subtropical perch


Sunny perch Photo from

30.05.12.Neobychnaya local places to fish — a sunny perch in size slightly inferior normal, actually live in the subtropics.

And, as they say, zoologists, sunny perch could bring in our region migratory ducks.

— The first time I saw the sun perch in the southwest area of the abandoned and flooded granite quarry. In my opinion, these fish spawn from warm to here to place migratory birds — ducks, for example.

Perch eggs could easily get stuck between the feathers of birds, — the professor of zoology and ecology DNU Valentine Bulakhov. According

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Alakol disappears in fish


Farm workers in the pond, where the breeding of fry. Almaty region, Alakol district, July 13, 2012.

18.07.12.Zhiteli adjoining Lake Alakol villages said that the number of fish dramatically reduced.

Fishing and fish processing companies engaged only catch, they say.

Kairat Bayanbaev fisherman, resident Usharal, the administrative center of Alakol district, Almaty region, said:

— We exist because of fishing. But fish each year is decreasing. Significantly decreased the number of carp, compared to perch and carp. No reproduction of fish stocks is not engaged.

Experts fear the villagers share the Balkhash-Alakol fish inspection. They state that around

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23.08.12.V Cherkasy region in the river Talyanke dying fish


KYIV. August 23. UNN. Prosecutor's Office of Cherkasy region in order advocacy of review into possible contamination of the river Talyanki and death in her fish. UNN this to the press service of the Prosecutor's Office.

Now check proceeds, the results of which will be announced later.

Source: UNN

Ob river level reached historic lows. Video


27.10.11.Dolgozhdanny rain passed this morning. This fall, rare and, at best, short-term. Precisely because of its lack of water level in the Ob fell to a record low. Of the shallow water of the Ob basin not been seen in the last hundred years.

Today it is the water in the reservoir is so small that the winter will be on the level of 6.5 meters below normal.

Vladimir Maltsev, Chief Expert "Upper Ob-Water Basin": "Very early in the year ended August 17 navigation releases from mid-September and crossed to maintain the minimum marks required for work on

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2010: destroy the fish are not people?


Photo by Alexander Gerasimov

25.08.2010.Do last Saturday even fishermen regulars did not anticipate that the fish in the lake in the Victory Park — thousands.

Secret is revealed, only becoming dead: in the morning almost half of the surface water body was covered with a layer of fish carcasses. After 4 days fish kills continue.

— Saturday morning I went to work, as always, past the lake, — the "EC" Rahim Aliyev, who works as a cook nearby. — I feel the smell unpleasant. Our cotton is grown in Azerbaijan when it is treated with poison, all close

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