80% of imported fish afflicted with worms


18.09.10.Ni one of the buyers of fish is safe today from an unpleasant surprise — a pair of three worms in the carcass bought fish.

For us — the shock and bad feeling, control authorities — a normal situation. It turns out that there are two or three worms in fish — is the norm!

Readers of "Events" are increasingly complaining that were on the market in Simferopol fish are worms. Thus, according to the pensioner Lyudmila Mikhailova, last Saturday, she went to the market for herring. "I brought the fish home was clean, and I was already bad

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01.08.12.Gibel fish in the reservoir Sutiskom


01.08.12.V Sutiskom Reservoir, located on the Southern Bug River within Tyvrovskogo district, which uses software "Gnivanchanka", a mass death of fish.

This was reported in the local media. This information is verified by the prosecution Vinnitsa region.

Found that the results of water analysis conducted by the State Ecological Inspectorate Laboratory in Vinnitsa, maximum permissible concentration is not established, performance compliance.

According to the examination of the Vinnytsia Regional Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine in dead specimens of aquatic living resources of infectious and parasitic diseases, organochlorine and organophosphorus compounds not detected, diagnosed — asphyxia of unknown etiology.

This conclusion

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16.07.12.Gibel gulls in Turkey. Video


16.07.12.Na the largest island in Lake Van, the arteries continue to die en masse gulls. According to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, most of the gulls died, the other — under the threat of death.

The only kind of feed seagulls — Van fish tareh, retired from the shores of the lake. Tareh is the only species of fish, leading to the salt waters of Van.

Director of the center for conservation and Wildlife Research Centennial University Wan Lokman Aslan said that the need to confront the situation, adding that it would prepare a report on the subject.

Source:Nurriyet, NEWS.am

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20.07.12.Na Iset newly emerged fish


20.07.12.Na Iset near the pedestrian bridge on the street. Bugareva surfaced fish. This was a news service reported Natalia Telepkova. Reporting the incident to CPS or any civil defense and emergency management have been reported.

Recall, on the eve of reported mass death of fish in the lake B. Sungul. As explained in rybhozyaystve, fish hit by poachers who used elektroudochki.

Source: New Kamensk

Voronezh fisherman caught a piranha


18.08.11.Rybolov tropical piranha caught the worm in the Voronezh Reservoir.

This was announced on Thursday the head of the regional branch of the local FSI "Azdonrybvod" Konstantin smoothly. Exotic fish is 30 cm in length, excluding the tail fin and weighs one kilogram.

According Gladkikh such catch in Voronezh — it was an accident, although isolated instances of the predator at different times found in waters of various regions of Russia. "Most likely, the fish got into the pond from the aquarium of the exotic fish. It is simply set free, "- said smoothly.

For lovers of swimming in

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2.05.12.V Denchenskom reservoir fish kills again


02.05.12. The fact that in Denchenskom pond fish kills occur again blame the owners, said Wednesday correspondent IA Novosti-Moldova Deputy Chief of the State Ecological Inspectorate Valentine Tsapish.

"The responsibility for regular fish kills, and it is here almost every year, is at« Peskerush-Denchen. " Our experts have just returned from a trip to the united with the veterinary inspection commission of the lake. Shore littered not only dead fish, which has been expanded to two days of heat, and municipal waste. Accumulated at the bottom of a large amount of silt, which is also not removed

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Death of fish in the River Pearl River. Video


Photo from: http://www.wlox.com

15.08.11.Poslednie few days, residents living along the coast of the River Pearl River in Louisiana saw a terrible picture of the death of fish in the pond, which greatly frightened them.

For many people living here, it is not only beautiful scenery area, it is a lifestyle.

"We feed our families a few times a week, all that supply us with the river, whether it be a frog, fish or animal, and the fact that we do catch stocks for the winter, said Michael Mitchells, but now our way of life is in question, and

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18.04.12.Gibel fish in Kazakhstan


18.04.12.Otkuda around the bank for the channel in the village Rybohodny Erkinkala appeared dead fish ordinary fish species, the newspaper "PC" has tried to find out from the deputy head of the regional department of agriculture Yerbolat Kadimova.

— Detected fish, according to fishery biologists, consequence kill phenomena. As you know, the winter was severe, the ice thickness was more than one meter. Naturally, the fish did not have enough oxygen. This fact influenced the death of the fish. No human factor is not here. Again, this phenomenon is only natural character — explained Erbolat Kadima.

To date, the

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18.04.12.Gibel fish in Tomsk at Lake White


18.04.12.Gorozhane found that White Lake fish died. This is what we told the head of the regional department of natural resources Sirotin Victor.

"We discovered this fact about two weeks ago, but residents have noticed the death of fish is only now, when the ice melted. I can say that nothing terrible happened: it is natural selection. Verkhovka died, which is a weed fish. It requires a lot of oxygen. When we put out in the White Lake carp, giving them four milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. In principle, the carp is sufficient even smaller indicators, but

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In the waters of Kherson region killed fish


23.05.11.Inspektory "Hersonryboohrany" in the period from 16 to 20 May recorded several cases of death of fish in the bays Kakhovka Reservoir, river Ingulets and in the lower reaches of the Dnieper.

This was reported by the State Administration of Environmental Protection in Kherson region.

According to the report, the death of carp and carp observed in Osokrovskom, Gavrilovskie, Dudchanskom, Melovskom, Republican bays Kakhovka reservoir. In these bays rybinspektory found for 3 — 5 dead fish. On May 20 at inspection Dremaylovskogo Bay Reservoir discovered 23 dead carp.

At the same time, in the open Kakhovka Reservoir fish kill

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