25.04.12.Gibel fish in Dimitrovgrad. Video


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Results of the water samples taken from mullovskogo pond, where the end of April to fix the fact of mass death of fish

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25.04.12.Trevozhny signal of mass death of fish came from the camp Mullovka. Pond near mullovskoy factory. Picturesque place. But now the situation can be compared to an ecological catastrophe. Throughout countless dead fish. Spectacle — sad.

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On Lake Nero began fish kills


17.02.12.Eto message, I think, so far can be considered as new. On Lake Nero, after heavy frosts of February — fish kills.

All the fish in the river now risen Sarah. Yesterday and today, February 17, 2012 Sarah, within the village. Porec-Fish goes fishing. More than a hundred cars are located on the river and the coastal streets.

From the Big Bridge down to Sarah — about 500 fishermen from Porec, Rostov, Rostov, Sts areas, Yaroslavl and Pereslavl, Moscow, Ivanovo region, there is even the representatives of St. Petersburg. How to catch? On winter fishing rod solid scaffold on

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In the Voronezh region mass death of fish. Video


22.02.12.V Anninsky area on the river Bityug recorded massive fish kills. Pisces Nikolai Volkov — even to enter the market. True, it is not safe. Half-dead fisherman caught it from Bityug. Nikolai Volkov, the fisherman:

"Here, perch, here, roach, here Kozeko small, here's a chub. Sorry gone, will give kuryam, cats have four cats will feed them. "

At this point Bityug largely ice — there beats a spring. Nikolai Vorobyov did not come here for the first time. By a conventional dip net fish from here, said people were recruited hundredweight.

Nikolai Vorobyov, fisherman:


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In the Urals reduced fish catch


26.12.11.Trety consecutive year in the observed lack of water. Production volume (catch) of aquatic biological resources for the Kurgan region in the past year amounted to 4,041.5 tonnes.

According to head of the hunting and fisheries Peter Fedotov, compared with 2010 in the noticeable reduction in catches. This is true, as the native species of fish and commercial fish.

In particular, declines occurred for: carp — 136 tons; gammarus — 132 tons; marketable fish to 270 tons. Total produced 2471.7 tons of living aquatic resources, including fish has 757.9 tons. Grown and were captured 966.2 metric tonnes of fish

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Bulgaria. In the Black Sea afraid of a sea dragon


14.08.11.Kak reports Snews.bg, biologists are alarmed previously harmless fish under the formidable name of "Sea Dragon" suddenly become poisonous to people, just a shot of spines on its back.

The more it is dangerous because of its population in the Black Sea over the last few years has increased by 10 times.

On the Bulgarian coast for the summer season were about 100 cases of destruction of people by sea dragon. In Burgas was a case where the hospital brought the British teenager vacationing in Sunny Beach, which was swollen with numb hands and feet, unable to speak,

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19.07.12.Zamor fish Adamovka. Video



In Adamovka already killed 30 tons of fish

19.07.12.CHP village Adamovka Dnipropetrovsk region. In keeping with the local river — the massive fish die. A few days have caught at least thirty tons, and it is not the limit.

The entrepreneur, who breeds fish in the dam, according to all — because of the heat. But local residents are convinced river sea — a direct result of greedy businessman. About how the pursuit of profit can upset the delicate balance — Natalia Gryshchenko.

Lyudmila Rudenko lives very close to the pond. Clearly visible from the garden the

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16.05.12.Massovaya fish kill in Rostov


06.06.12. May 16 from the banks of the river Temernik flowing in the city of Rostov-on-Don, began to come disturbing news: the locals were amazed terrible picture of mass death of fish.

Vladimir Brynko, youth director of the protection and use of wildlife and aquatic resources of the Rostov region, arrived at the scene, assessed the extent of the tragedy. It was decided to apply to the Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Rostov region. Scientists have examined both sides of the river at the site of Temernik Orbital street to street invigorate, to conduct

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6.05.12.Gibel fish in the Bay of Kuwait spreads panic



05.06.12. In the Gulf of Kuwait marked the mass death of fish.

This is an indication of chemical contamination or violation of the biological balance, causing fear among the local population. According to the daily "Salah al-Moody," Director of Environmental Protection (EPA) accused persons in spreading unverified rumors.

He believes that the fish probably dumped fishing boats, because most of the fish belong to the same species.

To assess the situation EPA appealed to the Office of Agriculture and Fisheries, which, in turn, began to daily inspections in the Gulf. In its reports to officials

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17.05.12.Gibel fish in the Lipetsk region. Photo


Photo from: moe-online.ru

17.05.12.Ves Voronezh River in the village Syrskoe littered with dead fish. Many inhabitants of the reservoir are fighting for their lives last legs, gasping for air at the water surface. According to local residents, and the frogs were gone. Earlier in the evening they croaked in chorus, but two days is completely silent.

On this fact Rosprirodnadzor started checking. The water samples were sent to a laboratory for examination.

Recall that in the village in October Syrskoe bridge five days ago, burst sewer pipe. Content Collector for several days running down to the river Voronezh.

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02.07.12.Gibel fish Zlatoust Hay River. Video


Updated, added video 3.07.12.Prirodnoe disaster occurred near Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant. Cause massive river fowl plague is contamination vody.Pervymi Zlatoust railway workers noticed something was wrong. On Friday evening, they performed bypass routes. It was then in their eyes and started an unusual color of water in the river Ai.

Eugene Lemesev, fitter way:

— On Friday we worked here. The river was red! On Saturday we did not work already, lineman walked. We have a crawler. He said yesterday the people fish here so much going!

Fish began to die en masse on Sunday. Then went to an endless

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