20.08.12.Gibel fish in Mexico


20.08.12.V result of red tide blooms that is caused by the presence of dinoflagellates in the Gulf of Mexico killed the fish population, numbering in excess of one million individuals, according to the authorities.

On the shore Galvistona was discovered tens of thousands of dead fish, most of which were menhedenami — American herring. Taken water samples confirmed that the fish kill was caused by the red tide. The authorities have banned the collection of shells in the area, which could also be affected by algal blooms, for a man can have serious consequences in the form of respiratory

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16.07.12.Gibel fish in the river Sylva


16.07.12.Na fishermen recently spotted in Sylva dead rockfish. — Summer in the rivers and lakes are developing a blue-green algae, which give the water a thick green. They are the main consumer of oxygen. — Said Inspector Fisheries Kungur Dmitry Avlahov.

— By night, the algae actively absorb oxygen. Fish experience oxygen starvation. Therefore, mass Zamora occur more often in the early morning hours. Most of all, suffer from lack of oxygen of the family Percidae: perch, pike-perch, ruff. This family of low threshold, so they die. Ruff are the most sensitive. However, a serious impact on its population,

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02.07.12.Gibel fish in Udmurtia. Video


Obnovleno.Dobavil video 11.07.12.Massovaya fish kill occurred the other day in one of the ponds in the area Uvinsky. Uduguchin pond in the village in the morning covered with dead fry. What was the reason — the most Vlad Kalashnikov.

Source: Channel 21 +

06.07.12. July 2 Molokovsky pond. Uduguchin Uvinsky region of Udmurtia was fixed mass death of fish, the Press Service of the Veterinary SD.

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Fish tornado in the Kuban. Video


15.05.12.V village Seversk count losses that the streets, fields and houses struck first in this year's tornado. Huge air funnel walked through the neighborhood, located next to the touched stanitsa pond absorbed tons of water along with the fish. And after all this is brought down on the heads of the villagers.

As a result, stopped traffic on the highway, gardens were buried under a layer of silt. And people were fishing right hands in the dirt.

Now move on the federal highway restored. As for other effects of the elements, they are not completely eliminated: The clearing

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Ozersk residents may lose clean water


In early March, to catch small fish could Nanoge hands. Photo: Andrew Smagin

6.04.11.Neladnoe ozerchane suspected in early March. Then, under the pressure of the coming of spring at Lake Big Nanoga melted shore and shoals of fish rushed to the whole polynya — a breath of air.

Rudd, pike, white bream push each other in shallow water. Muzzy, but still alive fishes tails beat the already dead brethren. A happy citizens almost two weeks fishing with a net …

By the situation is similar to an anecdote. However, the authorities Ozersk was no laughing matter: all

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28.07.12.V suburb Kamensk-Ural again dying fish


30.07.12.V suburb Kamensk-Ural again registered the mass death of fish. At this time in the river near the village of Kamenka Mosin.

July 28, about 15.30, received a signal that in the village of Kamenka River in Mosin, the segment length of 3 km, the trim on the water turquoise blue and found dead fish. At the scene, went Klevakinskoy head of the village administration, the Police Chief, number 22, the leaders of civil defense and emergency Kamensky district.

Were notified deputy prosecutor and the prosecutor Kamensky urban district. On examination confirmed the information. Presumably, the press service of

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04.07.12.Gibel fish in Chuvashia


Cheboksary, July 4 — RIA Novosti.Gibel 47.5 thousands of fish over 15 kilometers of the river Small Tsivil in Chuvashia was due to the release of ammonia with "Vurnarsky meat", RIA Novosti assistant Cheboksary Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Andrew Khrychov.

As representatives of the environmental prosecutor's office, the Office received a report of a mass death of fish in the river Small Tsivil Kanashsky district. Territorial Management Specialists Rosrybolovstva, gosohotrybsluzhby Chuvashia republic Rospotrebnadzor conducted a survey of the river. At its four sites were found 475 instances of dead fish. According to experts, the total number of dead fish is

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10.08.12.Gibel fish in Mordovia


10.08.12.V capital of Mordovia today was recorded fact of mass death of fish. Accumulation of dead fish Saransk residents watched in a suspension bridge over the river. Insar.

As soon as this message was received by the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Moldova, in the center for environmental monitoring, utilities, cities, and the prosecutor.

At the epicenter of the environmental emergency specialists, epidemiologists and water samples of biological material. They will check the level of contamination at the site and determine what caused the incident.

Environmentalists said they did not exclude the natural cause of death

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19.07.12.Vybros hydrogen sulfide Khadzhibey estuary fish killed


19.07.12.Bolee 20 thousand individuals goby, carp, pelengasa died from the release of hydrogen sulfide in Khadzhibey estuary.

This massive fish kills only "on hand" gulls, they are happy to pick up unexpected gratuitous food. However, it is not so surprising — the release of hydrogen sulfide happen to read, every year, it is a natural phenomenon. Provoked it, according to experts, intense heat, warming and water and air to unbearably high temperatures.

Source: Evening Odessa

17.07.12.Mor fish Nanhu Lake in China. Photo


17.07.12.Mnozhestvo dead fish were found along the shore of Lake Nanhu morning of July 15 in the central city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. Experts attribute this to the heavy rains and high temperatures. According to the Chinese edition of "Chutyan Dushibao" dead fish, including many large specimens weighing more than 5 pounds, stretched tight band along the length of the lake for a few hundred meters.

According to the expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Huanchzhana, this was the result of heavy Doges, collapsed recently in central China, as well as high temperature, resulting in water significantly

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