06.07.12.Gibel fish in the Sverdlovsk region. Video


06.07.12.Na days, local residents discovered a large number of goldfish floating belly up, and on the surface of the water — a giant red spot. Now, people are afraid to fish and swim.

On the lake today Baltym no tourists, only dead fish floating in the water — the part of the already washed ashore. Passers around this place. "40 degrees is worth. I especially do not go fishing, because the fish pull out — it dead. "

Here suggest that the fish began to die from bad water, three days ago, local residents found a great spot on

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11.07.12.Na Volyn massive fish die



11.06.12.V Kovel area, the river Turia seen massive fish kills.

This was on July 11 to the press service of the regional council of Kovel.

In order to identify the causes of death the authorities and regulatory bodies, headed by the first deputy chairman of the State Administration Boris Andriyukom went to places where fish are dying.

First Deputy Chairman of the RGA reported that "killer" fish may be large oil stains of unknown origin that are visible on the surface of the river in the area between the villages Gishin and Bach.

In addition, the official

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05.07.12.Gibel fish Krasnokamsk


05.07.12.Sudak, pike, perch … A large number of dead fish lying along the shore near the village of Bor End Permkogo edge. "What happened?" — Call excited readers to the newspaper "Krasnokamsk star."

The specialists there are several versions of what happened. A major cause of death in the Kama fish could be on water pollution or waste petroleum companies located upstream. Another version, which requires a thorough check — fish disease. In hot weather, they are aggravated, and the fish dies. Residents themselves Krasnokamsk believe that the dead fish — the result of two river cranes

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The underwater expedition discovered the sea monsters




Scientists from Australia and New Zealand in 2003, spent four weeks in deepwater research vessel Tangaroa in the Tasman sea, catching a total of 500 species of fish and 1,300 species of invertebrates.

About a hundred of them were previously almost unknown to science.


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24.07.12.Gibel fish Saratov region



24.07.12.Chitateli agency "look-info" report an environmental disaster in the Soviet district of the Saratov region.

Today to our office was informed of the mass death of fish under the urban village Stepney. As proof of his words, readers sent in photos.

The author claims that the photos were taken on July 19 Mechetka River (tributary of the river Big Karaman), located 22 km from the district center of urban settlement Stepney. According to him, the river has destroyed all living creatures. The reader assumes that this happened "because of dumping chemicals into the water."

Full photo

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19.03.12.Ekologi found fish kills near Novosibirsk


NOVOSIBIRSK, March 19 — RIA Novosti. Specialists involved in a conservation of fish stocks, evaluate the situation with the death of fish in the river Balta in the Novosibirsk region, which came after the oil leak from the pipeline in 2008, told RIA Novosti on Monday, deputy chief of the Upper Ob basin fisheries management Upadyshev Eugene.

Death of fish in the river have found social activists, environmentalists who are trying different ways to prove the impact has not yet been eliminated. They came on March 15 in a place where there was an oil spill, and a chainsaw

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In Khakassia in the village pond fish killed


11.11.11.V pond near the village district Dehanovka Beisk host reservoir discovered rybopriemnike dead fish.

As the correspondent of news agency "Khakassia-Inform" in the commission of Emergency and Fire Safety Beisk area to determine the cause of death in the field today left several specialists: veterinarian inspector and a member of CSF epidemiology center.

Experts sent water samples at two institutions: Khakass veterinary laboratory and environmental laboratory — the center of the laboratory analysis and technical measurements on the Yenisei district.

The owner of Lake believes that someone has poisoned fish specifically, but check out this version will be available

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USA: Massive fish kills in the river Odzhichi. Video


09.09.11. In May this year on the river Odzhichi experienced massive fish kills. Then killed about 30,000 individuals. But it turned out that this is not all over, and residents who live along the river, still report cases of fish kills.

"Every day we get emails and calls from people who are still finding dead fish," said a water protection service Dianna Wedincamp. Experts who conducted research on the place of death, still can not say what caused the mass plague.

Source: Wsav.com, FinalNEWS

Large shark jumped into the boat to American fishermen


Photo source: ru.wikipedia.org

31.03.11.Sero blue shark vesivshaya about 170 pounds, jumped into the boat to fishermen. It happened when three Texans fished in the Gulf of Mexico, reports Lenta.ru referring to KTRK. According to one of the participants in fishing, they are scared to death his friends when the shark jumped into their boat and, jerking from side to side, began to bite lying nearby objects. Fishermen decided to approach the huge fish was too dangerous and were waiting on the sidelines. The shark died a few hours.

The fishermen did not have permission to fish this

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Sea apocalypse


29.12.10.Dmitry Smirnov. Ukrainian and Russian biologists from the results of this year's scientific expeditions to the Black Sea, have made a very sad conclusion — life in this unique body of water is on the verge of extinction. The Black Sea is no longer usual mackerel and turbot, and after 10 years the sea will die completely.

The final three Specialists Sevastopol Institute of Biology of Southern Seas spent this year five special research expeditions to see the general state of the ecological system of the Black Sea. The last time these studies were

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