Aquaculturists Stavropol region have made significant progress

In the Stavropol region in the past year produced more than 9 million tonnes of aquaculture products.  

Commercial fish farming in the region are engaged in 75 agricultural organizations, 40 farms and 90 individual entrepreneurs. As RIA the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture, mainly in the region are grown carp fish. Their annual production is about 60% of the total fish production of Stavropol.

The breeding base of commercial fish farming in the region is represented by two plants. In Izobilnenskaya area is agricultural production cooperative, where carp

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King of Fish Porridge

Rybozavodchik plans to increase the production of trout up to 100 tons per year

"Well, parasites bright, hungry!" — With these gentle words farmer Eugene Cyemun throws handfuls of food in the fish-infested dark Zeya water. In cages in the river right in the village Oatmeal his winter 9000 rainbow trout. In the wintering complex waiting for the end of the cold for about three thousand.

In his native Oatmeal (Amur region) Eugene and his family came from the suburbs a year ago to do is fish farming. Says rush headlong

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Fish plant worth 87 million rubles. opened in the village Chokurdakh (Yakutia)

August 12, 2011 Built in just three months Chokurdahsky fish factory is focused on exports to foreign countries and will be able to process up to 15 tons of fresh fish.

The plant uses a process of shock freezing fresh fish, so the products are of high quality and does not spoil. The plant will clean the fish, gut, packed in crates, frozen in a special chamber at a temperature of minus 40 degrees … and exported to foreign countries by air.

Trading partner of the plant made firm LLC Sogda-BCE. Oil-Company, which plans to export

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Fishing industry Astrakhan region is a promising enterprise

Gaining momentum, the fishing industry in the Astrakhan region is becoming a lucrative and promising type of business. The leaders of fishing cooperatives have successfully used the quota to the development and expansion of its business: acquiring new equipment, using the latest technology and attract the most qualified professionals.

Most of the artisanal fishing in the Astrakhan region in recent years have become one of the most successful companies that produce fish products of the highest quality. Among the main activities of the fishing cooperatives — rybodobycha, processing, sale of fish and fish products. The entry

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Rybzavod Buryatia started to supply products to the Russian regions


In Buryatia increasing demand for fish products. Is claimed to fish factory "Baikal", which for half a year increased its sales in half. 

Fish factory "Baikal" has been working for one and a half years. If at first the product was about one hundred items, now it produces more than 200 kinds of products. The plant, in addition to salt and smoked fish, makes preserves, salads of seaweed, fish, smoked and semi-finished products, packs up snacks. Since last year, production increased by half of the cisco, and sales volume has doubled.

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Fish and Ocean

Fish and Ocean

In the ocean, there lived a fish, the usual fish. Only once did she too heard a lot about the ocean, and decided that I should spend all the forces of his life, but getting there. Fish began to visit various sages, and even though many of them had nothing to say, they were talking all sorts of nonsense to maintain its credibility "guru." So, a wise fish said to reach the ocean is very, very difficult. To do this, you first need to practice the postures and movements of the first stage of the

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Russian scientists have demonstrated that canned saury help to cope with heart disease

Scientists at the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences together with together with the Medical Research Institute for Northern Problems of Medical Sciences and Department of Food Technology, Krasnoyarsk State Trade and Economic Institute conducted a study revealing the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids in human metabolism. These studies form the basis of new practical dietary guidelines.


Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are not synthesized in the body, but are essential for normal growth. Furthermore, they are present in brain tissue, the retina and breast milk. Most important for human omega-3 fatty acids

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Open stretch of road-Ryazan Hodynino


November 1 the grand opening of the road-Ryazan Hodynino Rybnovsky near Ryazan region. Before making a decision about the construction of the road to traffic carried by the Fish M5 highway (9 miles), then on the road "Moscow-Samara" — Fish-Konstantinov (2 kilometers). Everyone knows the big road congestion in this area. The second line runs along the highway Fish-Perekal-Settlement-Nedostoevo length 8.4 kilometers. This road, popularly nicknamed "drunk", no longer meets its specifications. So, in 2010, the project documentation for the construction of the road-Ryazan Ryazan fish in the area, Hodynino passing on the existing route. Road has

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The first-in-class ship-fridge came in test flight

Early in the morning of October 6, the ship "DMN" — the first-in-class ship-fridge came from Salekhard in the first test flight in the Gulf of Ob. The vessel was built at the shipyards of Tyumen and Tobolsk to special order the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Yamal).

Together with the heads of all the municipalities in the region during the retreat of the Council of Heads of the governor of Yamal looked cold storage for 700 kilograms of single loading and 10 tons per day, everyday conditions for the command performance "heart" of the ship — the engine compartment and

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Smolensky joins Dnipro sturgeon fish farm

Fish released into the Dnieper on a flexible hose attached to the special tanks for the transport of fish. Sturgeon raised at the Smolensk fish farm, the average weight of the fish about sixty grams. In 1580 pieces went swimming starlet.

Until a few years ago in the river sturgeon was not. This species has disappeared because of the economic and sometimes poaching person. Sturgeon feature is that the migration of its insignificant — it floats away from the permanent home.

Victor Voronov, deputy head of the Moscow-Oka Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva:"Three years ago, the first batch

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