Fish kills near Voronezh. Video


20.07.11.Karasi, rudd and pike lie on the bottom or float down the river belly up.

Holidaymakers on the beach there. Installed everywhere a sign: "Swimming in Tolucheevke strictly prohibited." For local children is a real tragedy. After all, the boys spend their free time on the river.

Ivan Black, a resident of the village Shuttle:

"Bathing here, there were many people. Normally. I do not even climbs out of the water. Net was. But now it is not clear at all. A swamp. "

Water in Tolucheevke first turned yellow, then turned red. Immediately after that, the fish

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In the Dnieper again dying fish


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21.07.11.Neskolko days ago in the river, near the islands near Kremenchug fish again began to die. This was "Telegraph" reported chitateli.Informatsiyu confirmed our main urban ecology.

— Repeated annual situation — fish kills in Kremenchug and Dneprodzerzhinsk reservoir. Brown algae blooming process began on Sunday, the same day near the island Shelomay recorded deaths fry — said Gennady Demekhin, head of the environmental safety of the executive committee.

— Although to date, according to gorSES, the oxygen level in the water is not so low that fish breath.

According to SES, today, July 21,

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Mysterious fish kills in Verhnesysertskom pond


Externally pond looks clean, then why it is dying fish?

22.07.11. From Monday to the shores of the pond Verhnesysertskogo waves brings dead fish.

Residents of the village Upper Sisert now bypass the pond. Some local believe that such a massive release of fish perished happened after a night of thunderstorms broke out from Monday to Tuesday. They object to the fishermen: Ghibli fauna began appearing earlier in the day on Monday.

Residents can not understand how such a plague? On the bank of the pond are elite cottages, recreation and government dacha. Body of water is considered

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11.07.12.V River Pääsküla killed fish


11.07.12.V Estonia River Pääsküla killed hundreds of fish — presumably due to oxygen starvation. Official results of the water samples are unknown.

It is reported that the accident happened Monday night, when the oxygen level in the river dropped to zero. So far, the oxygen content in the water — almost twice lower than normal, reports "Current Camera".

Yesterday morning, fish in the river Pääsküla surfaced belly up. A day earlier, workers inn Huuru veski, where a small river dam bred trout, noticed a strange behavior of fish.

"On Monday, about nine in the evening of our inn employee

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Feng Shui for home residents




The easiest way to start a home fish. A useful thing — gold, associated with Taoism with wealth. It is important that the water in the aquarium was always clean, as well as the money that will float in your hands. The main thing — do not

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16.04.12.Gibel fish in the Orenburg region. Video


16.04.12.Na shore artificial lake, called by the people "of Ai zapretkoy" who came to look at the white swans floating gaychanin, found a lot of dead fish.

The photo and video footage, which he handed over the site "in Gaya. Ru" is seen as a dead fish — big carp, pike and carp, as well as their young, the more profits to the banks of the pond. According to him, the deaths, most likely occurred because of the winter freeze, because no one bother to cut down on the lake hole and the hole for the water fed

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River of death


Photo by author

9.11.11.Proryv process water from septic tanks with cyanide gold mining company, located on the outskirts of the village Sekisovka, led to the death of fish in the pond is not just a local businessman, but also in the river Maloubinke. Residents say that the fish died after the inflow of blue-green color. It is unknown what will happen to people because of centralized water supply, for example, in the village Maloubinke not, and wells and boreholes are located near the river. What to drink than water itself and cattle?

According to "Turan" the press service

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19.04.12.Gibel fish on the river Terek


19.04.12.Bolshoe number of dead fish were found at the site of the Terek River in an area. Znamenskoye Nadterechny district, bordering the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

As was reported by fishing control of the Chechen Republic on 1 square meter of water surface surfaced about 18 dead fish. The passage of a wave with dead fish lasted for three hours.

At the scene, immediately left and the mobility of the laboratory of the Committee on Environment of the Government of the Czech Republic.

According to the committee chairman Ahmed Dzhayrhanova, water samples were taken for its analysis

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In the river in Adygea all the fish have died. Photo


In the river in Adygea killed all the fish Photo: Victor Malashkin

2.12.11.Posle next rain Kamla river that flows through the hamlet Shevchenko Teuchezhsky district Adygea floated belly up all the fish.

Local sources say that the blame pig farm, they say, store the manure in it overflowed and faeces decided to take to the fields. After rain washed manure into the river.

— Yes, all this is nonsense. Just had severe frosts, Kamla was covered with ice and the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen, — say in the company.

— Rivers have often covered with

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In the river near Belgorod Razumenko killed fish


* 8/19/11 * 18 August, around 16:00 pm in the river near the fault-collector Razumenko municipal treatment plants found about 100 pounds of dead fish.

This was stated by the head of the Department of Municipal Economy Belgorod Yuri Nikulin.Po to head the department, danger to residents there. Now experts are trying to find out the reason why there was a sea of fish.

"Today, early to make conclusions about who was responsible for the death of fish. But there are a number of circumstances which indicate that it is not to blame for the death of fish

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