18.07.12.Na Dobrotvorskaya reservoir fish died. Video


Updated. Video added

18.07.12.Na Dobrotvorskaya reservoir Kamenka-Buzskogo district, Lviv region, killed fish. Dead fish hid the water a few meters near the shore. Told reporters, "Hotline ZIK».

Ban Sergey often fishing on the reservoir. He says when he arrived on a fishing trip, all was calm and all of a sudden went by water foam. And in the morning, 20 meters from the shore lay the fish with their mouths open and gasped.

Near the reservoir is Dobrotvorskaya TPP. People say that before the tragedy washing plant workers are shown in the pond.

The reservoir came Lvovgosrybohrany workers,

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7.05.12.V Lake Ishmael surfaced all the fish. Photo


Photo from: izmacity.com

7.05.12.Segodnya fishermen and residents of Ishmael, whose homes are on the coast Lebiazhie (or dog, as it was called earlier) were shocked lake views of the water: it was entirely covered with dead fish.

Locals categorically assured us that the cause is — sewage discharge from the city reservoir, located on the lake. With the second lake, which does not go sink — no change: the water is clean, no dead fish floating.

Given that many izmailchane complained that on the eve of their homes in the taps was dirty water, really begs version —

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11.07.12.V lake fish died in the Kiev region. Video


11.07.12.Massovaya fish kill near the capital. On the lake near the village of Paul Borshchagovka every day to pull out a few bags of dead fish. This is not the only local reservoir, where you can cool off in this heat. Which could lead to the Moru? Versions collected Yuri Mamon.

Now to this lake and would not want to go, in every tree ad ban swimming, and the stench is terrible. The fact that on the eve of these shores were covered with dead fish, like the smell and somewhere floating belly-up carp. All the rest were removed,

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10.07.12.V river hung his dying carp. Video


Updated. Video added 12.07.12.Mertvuyu fish wind washes ashore. Local residents are building a variety of assumptions. And note: there is found a lot of diverse fish, but for some reason only killed carp.

On-site specialists have worked Rosselkhoznadzor. According to them, the content of harmful substances in water and micro-organisms is not excessive. Rather, sensitive carp died due to a sharp change in temperature — heat a few days ago changed showers — and a lack of dissolved oxygen.

Source: STRC "Kuban"


10.07.12.V Novotitarovskaya village in one of the ponds at the river hung his dying

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18.07.12.Gibel fish in the River Forest


18.07.12.Srazu several readers "BG" said the editor, that weekend they saw on the River Forest unusual fish kills. "In the near Kamenetz and Ostromechevo almost all fish povsplyvala belly up", — said Vasily fisherman.

We asked for a comment to Brest oblkomitet natural resources and environmental protection. As explained by the head of the state control over the protection and use of land, flora and fauna Vladimir Revyako, River Forest was actually recorded fish kills, but it happened a little earlier — at the beginning of July: "Two weeks ago, in the forest, near the village of Borok Naked

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Fish in the ruined village Mullovka ammonia. Video


21.10.11.Segodnya became known to cause mass death of fish in the pond of the camp Mullovka. Recall, Ltd. was registered last week. Damage to water resources caused huge — are estimated to have killed more than a ton of fish. Cause established laboratory tests.

Andrei Sidorov — The Chief Veterinary Officer for the city of Dimitrovgrad and Melekesskaya district: — To date, the conclusion arrived regional veterinary laboratory into the death of fish in a working village Mullovka in the pond. According to the results in the water 3 times exceeded the ammonia content.

Will be further investigated.

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In the river Ustia mass death of fish. Video


Rivne. June 15. UNIAN. On the banks of the river Ustia, which flows through the central part of the city of Rivne, and its water is fixed mass death of fish.

Bad smell of dead fish carcasses and residents of Rivne fix for several days, especially in the area of Street Pier.

According to UNIAN, pedestrians and fishermen put forward several possible versions of the causes of the incident. One of the most common — getting into the water of chemicals or impurities from the sewage network. At the same time, experts tend to say that the massive

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Volga shore strewn with dead fish


Volgograd 10.08.11.Kak tell us who came today to relax on the beach at the Panorama, they were spotted carcasses of dead fish, handed down the waves to the shore.

According to people, dead fish was nailed to the bank about 10:00 am. -Personally, I dropped from the coast, where bathing my children are 11 large fish, — said one of the guests.

Cause of death of fish remain unknown. According to witnesses on the fish was not noticeable signs of visible damage. Of Volgograd rumors that mass fish kill was the result of the use of chemicals in the

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In Bashkir lake caught fish from the Amazon. Video


24.08.11.Potomstvenny fisherman from the village Khalilov that Abzelilovsky Bashkortostan region did not know what to do with their latest catch: whether to boast, or to scare the neighbors.

— At the lake I fish a Surtaev 20 years, catching carp, tench, pike, big time and again come across — said Zulfar Baibulatov. — So this time, when the float went under water, I knew the fish caught on a hook large. But as soon as she appeared above the water, I realized that such a catch with my family was not. Neither give nor take mutant was caught

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Fish kill in Bashkiria. Video


25.04.12.V newsroom TV BLS asked fishermen Kushnarenkovskogo District. In one of the local lakes experienced massive fish kills. As the locals say, this they have never seen.

The fact is that in this lake are found mainly carp. According to local fishermen, the fish is remarkable for its durability and can even live in polluted water.

The dead fish lay a dense carpet lake. Retired Parvazetdin Abtarimov remembers his entire life never seen anything like it. Two days ago profit carp here could not tackle. Local fear that endangered fish was the most tenacious. The first thought

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