Where’s the fish?


21.12.11.Gde the fish? Corresponding to this question "Kamensky news" looking for the answer in Proslauhinskih whirlpools.

A series of articles in this newspaper under the title "Fish place" aroused wide public interest. Materials, mainly devoted to the problems of the relationship between the owner of a dam on the pond Kornilov and amateur fishermen.

In the footsteps of our publications in the Kornilov crew visited Channel correspondents of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", and most importantly, the problem of the pond Kornilov took Kamenskaya Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office and gave a legal assessment of the situation. As a result, the owner

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Coastal scientists have designed the device, shark repellent

A great white shark

In Far Eastern Federal University ready to put on the flow developed here sonar device that can protect coastal beaches from sharks.

As the director of the School of Engineering Palo Alexander Becker, a device deterrent fish stocks through special sound waves, specialists of the school began to develop in the first place for environmental purposes. For example, if you set it at the water intake, the fish do not come near to this dangerous for them to object. However, due to shark attacks on humans inventors tested the device on the predators.

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Why did the fish in Ust Labinsk area?


29.08.11.V rayonki Saturday issue of August 20, under the heading "Teletype News" reported that the farm pond Atapin Kalinin recorded fish kills. On the eve of local residents to inform all district supervisors. At the scene, left ecologists, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing inspection and veterinary laboratory.

On the shore and the water's edge, in fact, lying and floating dead fish. In their mind you can easily understand that they died at different times — apparently, it was held in a few days.

Assumptions about the causes of the incident it was a lot — from infectious disease to the impact of

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In Mykolaiv region revealed the death of about 1.5 tonnes of fish



* 8/12/11. Yesterday s.Ivanovka Ochakov district near Mykolaiv region in the Dnipro Estuary coastal zone was found death of about 1.5 tonnes of fish (goby, carp). UNN this to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Preliminary cause of death of fish is the release of hydrogen sulfide from deeper water layers. At the scene working SES representatives, environmental and fishery inspection area. Ochakovo district state administration collection and disposal of dead fish.

The event is under the control of the Office of Emergency Situations in the Mykolaiv region.

As reported by UNN in May

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In the national park Burabay there was a fish kill


Photo from: old.kp.md

Almaty. August 12. Kazakhstan Today — In Akmola region Chebache Big Lake in the National park "Burabay" there was a mass death of fish, reports Kazakhstan Today.

As the director of the northern branch of LLC "KAZNIIRH" Zhetkergen Abdiev mainly surfaced fish species of whitefish and perch. "Whitefish are generally cold water, and we assume that the depth of the lake was crustal movement, thus emitting gas. Fish received a one-time deep stress "- said J. Abdiev, reported Tengrinews.kz.

He noted that "this is one of the versions, which will either confirm or reject the

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24.08.12.Gibel fish in the river Costa


24.08.12.Iz-for release of industrial waste in water p. Costa (Vologda region), killing more than 317 thousand fish. Material damage caused by water biological resources, estimated at $ 7 million.

Master and senior foreman water management chief power JSC "Severstal" Viktor Zakharov and Evgeny Ants go on trial for the death of fish in the river Costa. Material damage caused by water biological resources, estimated at $ 7 million, according to prosecutors.

According to the investigators, these workers have ignored the requirements of sanitary and environmental regulations and not organized properly operation of hydraulic structures — storage of liquid chemical

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15.08.12.V Zheleznogorsk reservoir fish died. Video


15.08.12.V Kursk Region, Michael reservoir near Zheleznogorsk, there was a real environmental disaster. In the pond the fish died. Last week, residents were surprised to find that the entire water surface strewn with dead fish.

Belly surfaced pike, bream, roach … In this case, as people say, first noticed something was wrong, spread around all over a strange smell. — We felt bad, a protein, is very strange. We have drawn attention to the smell, but no more consequences were not, — says Oleg Sotnikov eyewitness who regularly rested on Michael reservoir.

The area of the lake is

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About walleye

About walleye

Pike — a large fish . It achieves weight of 15 kg. Scales had a small and strong. The dorsal fin is in the form of the corresponding stabbing crest. Unlike fellow bersha fall walleye has sharp fangs. Zander gregarious predator, he often held by several individuals, but from time to time going into great leash. Pack of perch in most cases is the river bed and adjacent snags.

Perches constantly moving over the pond and many times are changing hunting grounds. In the middle of fishing fans spinning perch is a very coveted fish. For

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22.08.12.V River Kiebak dying fish. Video


In the river, the fish dies Kiebak

22.08.12.V River Kiebak dying fish. Zifina Khaibullina several times a day down to the river.

She peers into the water for a long time, trying to find any signs of life. Together with other residents of the village Kuyanova Kaltasinsky area woman has witnessed an environmental disaster.

A few days ago during brought dozens of carcasses of dead fish. The villagers immediately launched their version of the causes of the accident. Environmental disaster worsened the already difficult situation of the population. Kiebak river has always been the main source of water

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02.04.12.Massovaya fish kill in Moldova


CHISINAU, April 2 — News-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. In the mass death of fish ponds are guilty tenants, said on Monday told news agency Novosti-Moldova Deputy State Environmental Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment Valentine Tsapish commenting massive fish kills in some lakes of the country.

"At the end of last week in some lakes Falesti, Orhei, Cahul, Leova and Comrat areas experienced massive fish kills, — said the agency ecologist. — Urgently water samples of water were sent for laboratory analysis to identify the possible source of contamination. However, the analysis showed — the water is normal. "


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