In the Volga caught huge piranha. Photo


Photo from: Nikolaevsk.NET

25.07.11.Na Nicholas coast July 24, 2011 at p. Piranha caught in the Volga, its size has reached about thirty centimeters, it is rather the adult fish.

With the huge teeth, like a human, but very sharp. This exotic fish found (rather dated) in South America in the Amazon River.

The hero of this catch was Mushtaev Edward, that he caught her in the flooded suburb of Old Bank Nikolayev, where nearby is the unofficial city beach. This catch was reported to the regional center, is now expected to arrive on July 25 a group

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12.08.12.Na eastern China killed about a thousand tons of fish. Photo


28.08.12.Ocherednoy case of mass fish plague occurred in China. For three days, lost almost all of the fish in the lake area of 140 hectares Bayyandyan. Local farmers' losses exceeded 10 million yuan ($ 1.59 million).

As reported by the publication "Jinghua Shibao" massive fish kills began on August 12 in the village area Dahenan Hebei province, and within three days dead, almost all of the fish in the fences over 20 fish farms.

Massive fish kills in the lake Bayyandyan. August 2012. Photo from

According to the calculations of local fish farmers, all these days, they

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In the Dniester water level drops drastically


KIEV, June 7. Employees of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) is extremely concerned about the catastrophic decline of the water level in the estuary of the Dniester. As reported in the NECU, energy Dniester gidroenergouzla not flush, although required to do so by law, resulting in the lower delta of the Dniester HPP dying fish, flowers and water ecosystem as a whole deteriorates, reports of "In the Dniester Delta catastrophic water shortage. The temperature rises to 20 degrees or higher. Water blooms, gets a yellow-brown color. Appear dead carp and carp. Large area, which would have

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In Primorye, stranding five-meter whale


Photo: May five-meter dead whale found on the shore of a small bay of the village recreation staff Anna in Primorye. About the incident told the director of the institution Omelyanchuk Hope. This was the first time in the history of Russia. Scientists wonder: where did the whale mutant, and why he jumped ashore.

As told Omelyanchuk, early morning recreation managers reached the sea, and saw that the water near the shore lies belly-up some great big fish. At first they thought it was a shark. Sometimes they swim here in the summer. However, the locals

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Underground inhabitants of the Far North

According to the dowry of tundra Urals and Western Siberia once lived mysterious people who locals call the "Sirte".

They were small in stature, had a light vertically-set eyes, wearing nice clothes, metal pendants. Representatives of the people were strong, stocky. Their way of life, clothing — all the different habits of the local population. They led a solitary life, tried not to talk to people in the tundra visited only at night or in fog. And to find work goldeneye Taras Bulba you online


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In Luhansk caught North American perch


18.11.11.V Lugansk local catch from the Seversky Donets sun perch, which is common in North America. The press office of PJSC "Severodonetsk association" Nitrogen ".

The fisherman who caught an unusual perch — the shop worker NOPS "Nitrogen" Albert Savenkov. He often goes fishing on the Seversky Donets. Perch caught in the early morning on the river opposite the train station.

Seeing the fish, Albert Savenkov amazed. She was not like any one of the representatives of the Seversky Donets. "The back of a captured copy was greenish-olive color with orange spots and dark transverse bands, belly

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Piranha in the river Sheksna. Video


26.08.11.Vchera, August 25, in Rybinsk was an unusual occurrence. Morning local fishermen engaged in fishing industry, was brought to the market to take a night Mytnaya catch. This time, the network caught mostly perch, roach and bream. However, one odd big fish immediately attracted the attention of the mistress of the market.

— This fish just no one will buy — and decided to isolate the unknown woman with many fin fish in a bucket.

To dispel any doubts, the woman carried the bucket of fish on zoovystavku, which is located close to an expert on fish Leonid

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Piranhas in the Moscow River. Photo


29.08.11.Globalnoe warming — not a myth invented by environmentalists, that drank the global bubble, but the most that neither is a fact. How else to explain the emergence of piranhas in the Moscow River?

Until yesterday, I myself thought that the rumors of killer fish ponds in the capital — cheap stuffing yellow press, but Saturday's trophy father forced to move the rest of hair on the top of my head.

Uncle Tahir, a fierce fan of fishing (otherwise how else can you explain the fish in this dump?), The bait fished very real South American piranha in

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In Orel appeared piranhas. Video. Photo


17.08.11.Oleg Makarov-avid rybak.No on Selikatny pond went fishing for the first time.

Pecked horosho.Lovilis karasi.No half an hour at the bait pecked here such instance. ((Interview with Oleg Makarov)) The fishermen and the people rested on the pond refused to believe their eyes and denied that the piranha fish.

Even avid fisherman, has seen in his lifetime many fish visited questioned the representative of the toothed fish ((interview Eugene Sox))

Specialized biologist Biocomplex head, said that this case is not the first in the history of the Oryol waters ((interview Arkady Mishanov))

Black Piranha is one of the most

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Chinese fish farmers are concerned about algal blooms


9.11.11.U coast of Hong Kong Island experts have recorded the following "red tide." Threat to the local aquaculture experts say no, but authorities continue to monitor the situation.

More October 29 Department staff recreation and culture found plankton, causing the "red tide", the beaches of "Deep Water-Bay" and "San Stefano" during the regular monitoring of coastal waters. November 2 representatives of the Department of Marine Affairs recorded algal blooms in the Gulf of Thai There, not far from the beach "Hairpin" and have been referred to the beaches.

However, recent measurements made by experts at the end of last

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