The Odessa coast fish is getting smaller. Video


8.09.11.V Black Sea remained a matter of fish. This was discussed at the International Conference, which takes place at the University of the Mechnikov. Pundits gathered to explore problems Black Sea coast and some fresh-water sources in the area.

Gennady Zaitsev, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: Conference — this consultation. And the council is going to, when the patient needs it. When you need to hear different opinions, get weightedennuyu assessment of his condition. A patient in our case, we close — Bernoe sea, so that the benefits will necessarily.

During the conference, scientists have

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In the Tver region revealed a dangerous disease of fish



13.06.12.Spetsialisty Tver Interregional Veterinary Laboratory revealed aeromonosis case in pathological material from carp that lived in a pond in the village Ignatovo Kalinin district.

When aeromonosis body fish in some areas become inflamed, in these places there are stains of red. Disease often ends with the death of most fish in the pond. For human disease threat does not carry.

Recall that this case was the second in the region since the beginning of this year. Earlier dangerous infectious disease of fish were recorded in trout from the pond in the village Polomenitsy Torzhok district.


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Ukraine has destroyed fish stocks. Video


13.11.11.Prestuplenie against nature. We are launching a series of stories about that — why Ukraine is rapidly losing its natural wealth. On the verge of extinction, many species of animals. Under saws woodcutters get even unique forest. Fish stocks in the country since independence fell twenty times.

To understand why this is happening and how to make stocks rose, Ukrainian scientists create new scientific programs. Scale fishing for industrial research is catching up. Addressed to researchers increasingly accusations that developed under their patronage is the real poaching. After all, for science to catch fish can be anywhere and

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26.04.12.Gibel Pudem fish pond in Udmurtia


26.04.12.Na Pudem mass death of fish pond.

Many dead fishes "hang out" along the coast. Ice does not allow to see what is underneath. Locals suggest that the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen and was pinned down by ice, when there was a discharge of water.

This year, the water froze first layers. Could this affect the fish kill? We are writing to comment on this art. Veterinary Service Specialists have fish for analysis. His results have been reported separately.

Source:Rural true

20.04.12.Gibel fish in the Altai. Video


20.04.12.V Altai village Pavlovsk fish kills occurred. From what has happened mor? Vversii here highlight the most different. Fishermen with experience suggested that the winter under a thick layer of ice, the fish did not have enough air.

Ilya Gurevich, a resident s.Pavlovsk: "If drilled or cut at least 2-3 places, the fish would have died never."

But the fact of the matter is that the future catch winter trying to save as they could. Drilled wells, but did not help. Maybe the reason is the quality of water? It is now trying to find out fishing control

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2.05.12.Na Kherson inexplicably killed fish and insects


2.05.12.V Hola Prystan near the lakes garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz", resting over the weekend opened beach season.

The water temperature in these shallow lakes on the route Skadovskaya was above 20 degrees. Adults and children of the garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz" happy hours frolicking in the water.

However, before this, had to clear the shoals of thousands of dead carp and perch. The entire surface of the lake for several days covering the dead fish. Basically — it fries, no more than 5 cm impression that landed in the lake lightning and suddenly destroyed all the inhabitants.

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24.04.12.Gibel fish pond in Penza


24.04.12.Prichinoy mass death of fish in the pond in the village, "Solar", most likely, was the lack of oxygen caused by the weather and water pollution.

Such preliminary conclusion experts of natural resource management. Last Friday, the staff MP "plant improvement of forest management" cleared a pond of dead fish.

The water samples were sent for analysis to the regional management № 59 FMBA of Russia. Opinion on their compliance with sanitary standards and requirements will be made soon.


Built in Ukraine trawler came into operation

BMTR "General Troshev"

The first catch hoisted aboard a large freezer-trawler fishery "General Troshev" constructed Black Sea Shipyard (Nikolayev) for the Russian company "Transfiguration base trawl fleet."

This is the first of four trawlers, with whom we resume the construction of this type of vessels. The next ship will also be built for the base of the Transfiguration Russian trawler fleet. For the rest of the negotiations with potential customers, including Russian. We view this as a promising direction for shipbuilding CSY "- said General Director of the completion of the CSY Valery Kalashnikov.

The vessel

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Mass death of fish in the river Ob. Video


24.01.12.Sledy environmental emergency found in Lower Eltsovka and our crew. Eugene and Vladimir — fishermen with experience. But this time the wells drilled is not for production, but to demonstrate. There's a dead fish under the water. They say on the eve of a dead perch clung hook one by one. Such a freeze ice fishing enthusiasts will not remember. Vladimir Glazhenko, fisherman:

"The man was 15 and they were all in shock. No one had ever seen. Dead fish are biting. Well, do not bite, and the hook catches. "

The entire catch and remained on the

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02.04.12.Gibel fish in the Krasnoyarsk region. Video


2.04.12.Bolee 300 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. Lake White. Unique nature. Its area is more than 7000 hectares. The water is so pure that summer streaked with silver. A popular place for fishermen. But now no tears will not look at the body of water. Everywhere dead sorozhka, carp, pike.

A pond was once fishery value. In the 80's there was KATEK and the lake was shallow. Instead of five meters is the depth at most two. But even so there were always plenty of fish.

Frozen lake thoroughly. As well as in the neighboring village Kosogol. And things nobody,

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