17.04.12.Gibel fish in the Samara region. Video


17.04.12.Nepriyatnaya picture presented itself resting on the lakes near the bridge over the South Samarka. On one of the bodies of water, they found a dead fish — hundreds of carp, pike dozen.

The specialists of the Middle Territorial Department of the Federal Fisheries Agency sent the inspectors to find out what caused the death of aquatic creatures. One option — the lack of oxygen, it happens every year in places where there is no running water. Will be carried out the necessary tests.

Source: STRC "Samara"

In the Carpathian massive fish die. Video


27.09.11.V a river Carpathian people found hundreds of pounds of dead fish. According to witnesses, it was covered with surface water for 10 kilometers.

Some enterprising villagers did not panic, and collected carcasses bags. Experts suggest that the cause of death of fish were poisoned by sewage. They were thrown into the water, most likely, treatment plants or Ivano-Frankivsk local chemical plant. The extent of damage to determine the promise to the end of the week.

Source: TV details

Ulyanovsk region massively dying fish


Photo: http://www.epochtimes.ru

18.10.11. According to the villagers Mullovka Melekessky area from October 3 at a local pond fish die en masse.

According to unconfirmed reports, the cause could be released into the lake of industrial waste distillery, which is located nearby.

As the site "Vremena.ru" gosekokontrolya employees and experts of the regional ecological Chamber confirmed the death of the fish — reported the presence of many dead carp, carp, pike and other inhabitants of the pond.

Especially wary of the fact that the poisoned pond has access to the Kuibyshev reservoir, and fish kills can spread throughout the

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Netanya sea washed ashore many dead fish


Netanya Photo from wikimedia.org

11.09.11.Na last week at the beach "Poleg" in Netanya waves tossed the carcass of a dead dolphin. In this week nachel sea ashore Netanya many dead fish.

Area of detection of dead fish on the shore of Netanya closed to public access by the police. Ministry of Health experts are investigating the incident, trying to find the cause of the death of marine life off the coast of Netanya.

Source: Channel 7 Israel

Reference from Wikipedia:

Neta? Of (Also Netanya, IIA.????) — A city in Israel, the largest resort in the Mediterranean coast. Netanya

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In Georgia, in the Kura River killed fish


* 08/16/2011 * Tbilisi 8:38:49 in the Kura River in Tbilisi today, killing a large number of fish.

The water surface was covered completely pops the fish that fishermen and special services throughout the day before from the water. According to experts and fishermen, they can not remember such a case of mass death of fish in Kure.

Cause of death of fish has not been determined — it will be known after the appropriate laboratory testing. The Agency of Natural Resources of Georgia highlight two preliminary version — this poisoning of water or oxygen deficiency in the

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Geneticists have found a way to find out what they think of fish

February 1, 2013 20:24

On the example of zebrafish-renio researchers from Japan was the first to live to see the work of neurons in a living creature that moves freely (photo Current Biology, Muto et al.).

In order to understand how the brain perceives the external world, scientists need to acquire the ability to monitor the activity of neurons in real time during this same perception.

Japanese researchers have solved this problem by the example of the classical model organism — the zebrafish (Danio rerio). Because of its transparency of its embryos and larvae is the best suited

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Vinogradovschine to mass death of fish. Photo


* 8/14/11. * Last Saturday, near the village Fanchikovo in Little Tisza Tisza tributary fisheries inspectors discovered massive fish kills.

As they said at the scene there was a terrible, acrid stench, and the whole area was covered pond brown film. When looking at the terrible picture could not believe that a week ago, this place was a neat little water pond, where even children were swimming. Now it looks more like a swamp.

Besides the dead, because even the frogs do not have survived. Killed dozens of fish heads. The announcement came from the local residents, the scene

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I was a teenager in the light live fish

June 3, 2012 9:33

In India, the 12-year-old boy swallowed a fish, playing in the creek.

In India, the 12-year-old Anil Barela, playing in the creek, swallowed a live fish. 1news.az reports with reference to the Indian media, the child and before that had a habit of swallowing live fish.

But this time the fish instead of the stomach into the lungs of the child. Due to the constant movement of fish in barrels began difficulty in breathing, oxygen levels fall in the blood and the child was taken to the hospital, wrote gazeta.ua.

Following the discovery of X-rays

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In the river Kazanka fisherman caught a piranha. Photo


Photo: Portal ProKazan.ru

* 08/09/11 * Among other usual fishes, online fisherman Mansour Garayev got an unusual specimen — a fish with shiny scales and big teeth.

— I jokingly said to his companions, they say, look, it seems to have caught a piranha — says Mansour. — One of my friends, surprisingly, supported me, and confirmed that it is indeed a piranha.

Rare catch man drove to the pet store — to consult with experts. There Mansour confirmed that this pacu piranha and, most likely, in the water it produced some joker.

— I was told that

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11.05.12.Massovy fish kills on the Dniester


Chisinau, 11 May — Novosti-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. Fish kills, which occurs for a few days on the Dniester, experts tend to explain the abrupt change in temperature of the river.

"Melting snows in the Carpathians forces Dniester HPP resetting the great mass of cold water. In some areas measured in the area shown is about 8 degrees, and could cause sea, "- said Friday the correspondent of news agency Novosti-Moldova Head of Fisheries of the Ministry of Environment Iurie Ursu.

"Dead at carp and tostolob. And carp do not have time to spawn, did not have quite a

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